Mobile risk to Facebook’s growth

What’s the biggest risk facing Facebook? Hint: it may be in the palm of your hand. Half of the social network’s 845 million users now access the site through their cellphones, and that number is surging. Problem is Facebook currently receives virtually no display advertising revenue from small screens. The rapid shift to mobile Internet usage could be Mark Zuckerberg’s biggest threat – and he knows it.  via Analysis & Opinion | Reuters.

1 thought on “Mobile risk to Facebook’s growth

  1. The brain struggles and cringes at yet another, marketing message in minature form on the cellphone. Ugh.

    Nothing against Facebook accessed via mobile phone. I think that’s just great to be mobile.

    It’s Just the advertising piece. More future advertising popping through more pipelines, like worms or snakes weasling through.

    All more the reason why I don’t feel like having a Facebook account.

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