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StumbleUpon Eliminates Direct Links

headstonesWill StumbleUpon  become a graveyard with abandoned user pages like headstones marking what once was a vibrant community and is no more? Many previously active StumbleUpon users  abandoned their accounts due the last set of StumbleUpon changes.  Now users have less flexibility when viewing content through the iframe filter.

The newest SU update removes all direct links. Previously, once you were inside StumbleUpon, you could “X” out the page and go straight to the original site. Now if you’re logged in, you have to say in the iframed version of the site. There is one way to get out, but it’s super clunky.  — StumbleUpon Says Goodbye to Direct Links.

What is even more surprising is the lack of uprise from the tech industry and marketers on this recent change. When Digg did the same thing by launching their DiggBar, the tech industry was up in arms and the DiggBar even had an option to close, which StumbleUpon’s version does not.  — StumbleUpon Kills Direct Links, iFrames Everything

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I’ve been a StumbleUpon user for years now and none of the recent changes have had a positive impact on my use of the site. I didn’t think the last set of changes would have much effect all all but they lead to an exodus.

25 thoughts on “StumbleUpon Eliminates Direct Links

  1. I still use the old stumble-upon. And after reading this article I tried and successfully closed the stumble-bar. I think the new stumble-upon looks better than the last one but is not nearly as awesome as the old one. I can still view just videos of my interests, for example Videos/Physics whereas that option is not available in the new SU, to the best of my knowledge that is.

  2. That stumble upon frame slows down my computer to a crawl. Stumble upon is just not fun anymore, not like it was years ago. I don’t know what they are thinking with the new changes. What a shame.

  3. It is a shame really. Because there are still lot of interesting articles there waiting to be discovered. What I don’t like is that they removed a search function, so now one can only search content with tags.

  4. I’ve never really understood how StumbleUpon works. I just Stumble posts I like as a way to support bloggers. I don’t really get what the changes means. I don’t use Stumble upon actively, but I will continue to Stumble posts now and then as a way to support good writers.

    • Hi Sandra,
      I’ve been a member for a few years now and during that time I became aware of “ghost banning” and actaul banning and the reasons for them. Stumbleupon is meant to be used to discover and share new sites. It’s not meant to be used by groups of friends who keep giving thumbs up to every post that’s published on the same sites over and over again. It’s not meant to be used by yourself to promote your own site(s) either. Technically you can stumble your own posts from time to time but not frequently. If you start up doing this frequently you will risk being either ghost banned or actually banned. Likewise if you tend to stumble posts on the same sites repeatedly. All activity on the site and by use of the toolbar is tracked.

      • Hi Timethief,

        Goodness. I didn’t know that something like that will happen. A blog of mine was receiving some cool traffic in there, I got excited and was starting to stumble some of my excellent posts (those that already have seen good traffic from Google etc) there. Haha. Good thing I know of this ghost banning now.

  5. In Firefox and Chrome, and when I Stumble a site, the URL that I see is the URL of the site I am looking at, not something with an SU section at the beginning of the URL.

    It’s different in Safari. There, the sites I stumble have the SU prefix – and as you say – with no way to remove the prefix except to just cut it out of the URL.

    Prior to reading this article I was thinking that the behaviour in Firefox and Chrome are a step forward rather than a step back.

    So, am I missing something in my understanding?

    • I don’t comprehend why they have made these changes. Attempting to force us to remain in the iframe will not work. It’s stupid and doing this will result in sites getting less traffic because of this.

      • I used stumble upon ads. They must have been using the iframes because my multiple stat counters had problem recording the ad views. Also that most users just skip after 10 seconds. However if you are interested you are impaired. I use the stumble upon chrome extension and its better.

  6. I agree with anyboy above. I really haven’t seen stumble upon create any more traffic for me other than to at least narrow my search criteria. It has become more of an afterthought activity rather than a must do for me.

  7. I have always found the way Stumbleupon operates to be a mystery. In the 6 months that I have been blogging it has not generated much traffic for me – unlike Reddit which has been quite good.
    After the last set of changes my traffic has dropped to zero. I thought it must be me – but I understand that I am not alone.
    i assume the latest changes will simply make a bad situation worse. Whatever happened to “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

    • I don’t understand why these changes are undertaken. Perhaps it’s because they want to increase the traffic to “brands”. I don’t follow any brands. All I can say is that previously SU was a vibrant community and now it’s like a graveyard.

    • Hi there,
      Now that I have read more I can see that SU claims the focus is on making those who use the toolbar happy. Not only are they now iframing all content from the site, but if you are logged into StumbleUpon, they are not even offering a way to remove the iframed toolbar, leaving you in stuck in the iframed version of the site. If you are not logged in, then there is an option to click X in the right side of the toolbar to remove it. Oh right, and there are more changes coming.

    • Hi Kathryn,
      From what I can tell many users are not impressed with the changes. They simply don’t seem to be using the site now, though previously they were very active.

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