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Saying Good Bye to Summify

I’ve been using Summify,  a social networks summarizing tool. It connects to all of your feeds Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds and automatically summarizes which stories, news, and updates are the most important and relevant to you.  This was done by using an algorithm to automatically select the most important stories and deliver your personalized aggregated news to you via e-mail digest, on the web, or through an iPhone app. Originally founded in Romania, the Vancouver-based startup Summify has been acquired by Twitter. I suppose you could say I’m both happy and sad. I was preparing to publish a post about how much I liked Summify before the annoucnement was made.

You’ve probably noticed we’ve been quiet lately. Well, we’re extremely excited to announce that Summify has been acquired byTwitter! I know, right? We can hardly believe it ourselves! — Summify Joins The Flock At Twitter!

Are You Saying Good Bye to Summify?

Summify has stopped accepting new users and will remove some features. Summify’s existing service will be shut down in the coming weeks. They are moving down to San Francisco joining Twitter’s Growth team and will work out of the Twitter office. It will be interesting to find out what happens next because I liked Summify. I wonder what Summify and Twitter will come up with and how it will compare to what Summify users had.

What is Summify?

Summify Tour – Personal Profiles and Explore (Web)

A quick overview of your Summify profile and how to discover new people and summaries with Explore.

Summify Filters and The Like Button

No change is permanent. Any filters you create will be added to the Filters section of your settings, which can be undone at anytime. Filters are completely private and nobody will ever know if you’ve filtered them out from your summaries.

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How to use Summify’s random or customized auto-share messages to publish summaries to your social networks.

Using Instapaper and Read it Later within Summify (Web)

RSS Feeds For Summify Summaries

RSS format:

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