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Milestone Widget for all blogs

milestone widgetSave The Date!

Forever also sports a custom design for a new widget we call Milestone. You can find it in your blog dashboard at Appearance → Widgets and it’s pretty easy to use. Just pick a title for your event, a date and time, and a special message for the big day, and you’re ready to go. Now you have a special save the date widget for your Wedding on every page of your blog. via Get Married With WordPress — Blog —

But wait there’s more in the comment section. The new Milestome widgets is available for every theme on 

13 thoughts on “Milestone Widget for all blogs

  1. Well, timethief, as you and I both know, IT DOESN’T WORK PROPERLY. Looks great, configures well, sits nicely in the sidebar. Just doesn’t work. And as WordPress forums seem full of whinges about it, don’t you think it’s time someone actually did something about it? And btw – as advised by you, I searched using Google rather than in the forums – and so here I am, as well!

  2. Argh – having a heck of a time getting this to display correctly. Must have something wrong in my general settings but i’ll be hosed if I can figure out what…

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