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Waiting for Twenty Twelve?

2012 image I have been eagerly watching the theme announcements while awaiting the introduction of the new default WordPress Twenty Twelve theme. Twenty Twelve, will be a part of the next major WordPress release, version 3.4. Primary development of 3.4 will likely begin around the 3rd week of JanuaryMatt Mullenweg will be overseeing a theme designer (via Lance) to ensure a theme that is “kind of different from before, generally palatable, and that Matt likes” will become the Twenty Twelve default theme for WordPress. Jane Wells highlighted a few areas that see in the new default theme.

  • single post/permalink view with post formats is needed
  • variable height header image
  • mobile version
  • default to static front page (will need a function in core to auto-choose)
  • editor styles the same as front end.
  • avoid clever things that aren’t super-useful (like ephemera widget)
  • start with 2011 as base for code (or 2010, which has gotten more updates and had more eyes on it)
  • no featured image in header
  • by default – no header image


I’m looking for a responsive width theme. I strongly prefer minimalist simple, clean themes. I’d love to have a theme with the options of (1) no header display and (2) the ability to vary the height of the header. I also want single post/permalink view with post formats. The ability to change the font color of links is also a feature I want.

How about you, readers? What do you think of the highlighted features above? Are you looking for any special features in the new Twenty Twelve theme? If so, which ones are they?


27 thoughts on “Waiting for Twenty Twelve?

  1. Well TimeThief, the latest thing that I need help with and wanted to post to the Forum was:


    I was wondering if anyone knew the Background Color # (Codes/Numbers/Whatever) for the Bueno theme, for the Color Schemes: Brown (especially this one), Grey, Blue, Green, Default, Red, Purple?

    I would like to change the background color to match whatever Color Scheme that I use, without the dots, to see how they look without the dots mixed with the background colors; here is an example of what I am trying to do of a blog using the Bueno theme that has a background without the dots:

    Thank you,
    -John Jr :)”

  2. You are welcome ShapeShifter 3, I had not heard about that theme before, thank you for sharing that link; and if I find out how we can use that theme, I will let you know, but I doubt that I will figure it out or that we can use it. :D

  3. Hello TimeThief, sorry to bother you again (I do not know how else to contact you), but I actually do need help with my problem of not being able to post at the Forums.

    Every time that I think that they have fixed it, I have been wrong, could you post my issue on the forums and/or can you share my problem support team?

    Your help would be much appreciated, and I would definitely owe you one; so if one day you need help with something, just let me know. ;)

    I made a post of this issue on my blog, so that you or anyone else can easily share this on the forums and/or with Support, since I can not post on the Forums it seems & the Support never responds when I report it:

    Thank you very much,
    -John Jr :)

    • Posting this on the peer support forums won’t lead to a resolution of your issue. Only Staff can figure out what’s happening and fix it. We can always use the Help link on the top right hand corner of our Admin page to contact Staff. We can contact them by using this link We can email When we create a support ticket by contacting Staff it’s important to understand they have a backlog. They deal with the support tickets with the earliest dates furst. So if we contact them more than once of the same issue the date moves forward and it takes longer to get help.

      • Thanks TimeThief, I contacted support last year using your first link once about several issues and I was asked to separate the issues separately; and so I did.

        After waiting a month or so, this issue was still not fixed, but the others seemed to be fixed or fixed themselves (I do not know which since Support did not let me know if the issues were fixed or not); and so I reported the unfixed issue again.

        Several months later I reported the issue again, and that was last year; I have not reported the issue this year, at least I do not think that I have.

        I know that they are busy, but I just have not heard anything and I have had this problem for a very long time; and Support has only ever responded once to any of my Support Requests ever, on anything that I have ever requested since I have been on (2007).

        I could wait another year until 2013 or 2014 or 2020 :D , but not being able to make any threads on the Forums for a year or years is annoying; and there is still no guarantee that they will ever respond or fix it.

        So what would you recommend TimeThief, should I keep waiting for another year or two, or should I email them this time? :D

        • I really don’t know what to advise. Posting to thw support forums for help from Volunteers is what the forums are for. What is it that you need help with?

  4. Hey TT! How have you been? I have a quick question about the 2011 wp theme. How do you get your homepage to show only previews of the posts, as opposed to the entire post? Is that a feature? Thanks

  5. Thanks for the info, I’ve also been trying to follow any twenty twelve-related news, even though it won’t come out for some time.

    I’ll echo other commenters in that I’d like to have a sidebar on/off option for single posts.

    Also, I love the idea of featured posts but it seems in most themes (except for ThemeMin, which executes the idea really well in my opinion (, if you have those ‘featured posts’ turned on, the remainder of the unfeatured posts on the homepage are reduced to excerpts.
    Personally I’d like the option to keep all the posts on the homepage in their full form, but also have featured posts at the top (much like ThemeMin actually…maybe I should just buy it…).

    – An optional ‘related posts’ section at the bottom of each post, with links to similar posts within the blog.

    – A ‘random’ post widget (I guess this isn’t really theme related but I might as well get it all out there) that shows a list of randomly-selected posts from the blog archives, perhaps with thumbnails.

  6. I disagree with there not being a header image on default, but the other ideas sound okay, here are some of mine:

    1. More Columns And Layouts (Especially three column layouts).

    2. Sidebar Option For Posts (To show sidebars for posts, pages, et cetera).

    3. More Header Options (To customize the header).

    4. More Font Options (To customize fonts).

    5. More Post/Page Formats/Templates (Links, Archives, About Me, Et Cetera).

    6. More Home Page Options (To customize the appearance of the home page & make it more functional).

    7. More Post Information Options (To make information about posts (Posted By, Posted When, Tags, Comments, Et cetera) easier to see).

    8. More Menu And Sidebar/Footer Widget Options (To customize their appearance & to make them easier to see)

    9. More Background Options (To customize the appearance & even have randomizing backgrounds).

    Does anyone have a rough estimate on how long development for the Twenty Twelve Theme might take?

    Thank you for the post TimeThief and thank you for your service to the WordPress Community. :)

    • John Jr.
      I humbly apologize for not answering your comment until now. It appears I approved several comments and did not reply to them. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and also for the kind words.

    • John Jr,

      I tend to agree with your concept of MORE OPTIONS…NOT LESS. I’m currently using Twenty Eleven and like the way that the sidebar is moved to the bottom of a Mobile Device. It would be nice if I had the option to choose the vertical placement of that sidebar’s content. I also like the Header Image availability and don’t want to see it disappear. I would rather have the option of rendering Header Images on desktop displays, but not download to some Mobile Devices. My dream would be to have a 3-column, WordPress default theme that automatically deprecates to 2-column for Tablets, and 1-column for smart phones AND allows the site administrator to choose which content displays on those devices, and which does not. If you have a lot of content on a 3-column site; and some of it is not excluded from downloading to a Mobile Device; it can take forever to display and might end up being a single column 12″ in height.

  7. It looks like the theme won’t be unveiled for awhile! I agree with all your request timethief, plus I’m not keen on the heavy black menu bars. I do love the full-page post display on the twenty-eleven theme. I also love the tumble-log version of that theme. I prefer having a sidebar option and bottom widgets as well. Elegant typography is important to me too. Can’t wait to see what will emerge.

    • Dear Sandra,
      I just found you unanswered comment and others as well. I’m so sorry. We have very similar taste in themes and preferred features as well. I’m glad you mnetioned footer widgets as I also like them, especially on responsive width themes.

  8. Hi there
    I’d like optional sidebars on posts, while keeping all of the cool features of Twenty Eleven, like featured or random changing headers and the images widget. And I know it’s not the point of a blog, but as well as sticky posts, I’d like to be able to set the order of them, like I can with my pages. Then everything would be perfect in my world:) Happy 2012!

  9. If I ever use a default theme again, I’d have the same request as Norma – to have the menu backgrounds lighter. I can’t stand the bold blacks. Also, TT – as you say, choice of link colours would be good. There are a few themes that offer that but usually at the cost of something else.

    • I’m with Norma and you when it comes to the menu bars – black is too harsh for me. The two responsive width themes that I like, Twenty Eleven and Reddle have black menu bars. I tried to work with it but would prefer a neutral color.

    • Hi Norma,
      Thanks for commenting and sharing the features you are looking for. Currently Enterprise has 2 top menus. I tried clicking your username but it’s linked to the grvatar site and not to your blog. Which theme are you using now?

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