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dead twitter bird Marketing Pilgrim reports data from Altimeter Group revealing that the average large company has 178 corporate-owned social media accounts.  And yes, the most accounts were on Twitter. via The Average Large Company Has 178 Social Media Accounts [Shocking Data].

On January 5, 2012 Altimeter Group released a new report that will undoubtedly be a valuable tool for companies managing enterprise social media programs. A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation


I joined Twitter to chat with friends but that was long ago. We no longer use it as 140 characters are not enough to communicate meaningfully. I assumed it would be a good place for promoting my blog posts too but it hasn’t proven to be the case. Without doubt Twitter has been flooded with interent marketers, and I’m tired of hearing that all businesses need multiple social networking accounts. I’m tired of receiving links to product reviews.  I’m tired of blocking business people, who are addicted to sending automated tweets aimed at stimulating 140 character pseudo-discussions”. I’m tired of being viewed as a consumer rather than as a person. In fact, I’m tired of Twitter.  Are you tired of Twitter too?

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  1. I joined Twitter several years ago but have never really used it. The format just doesn’t appeal to me. I have a friend, a fellow aphorist, who posts there regularly, and I visit once or twice a week to read her latest entries.

    1. I’m still hanging in there but it’s not what it used to be for me.

  2. I used to have a great group of people that I connected with on twitter. Then it was enjoyable to me. Yes, we did tweet each others posts too. But everything changes and people moved on and off and it’s not quite the same anymore. I’ve heard some of the bigger bloggers say that twitter has changed in some fundamental way so that the retweets are much fewer now. I don’t know who that would be the case technologically, but I know I no longer get the same response from it. I haven’t given it up, but it’s my least favorite social media tool. I do enjoy my facebook page, which is more like a mini-blog where I can share inspiration.

  3. Bout the most credible Tweet I’ve seen recently . . .

    Somebody — anybody — make some news, would ya? (OK, other than sports news.)
    28 Dec

    Digital Fatigue is the next stage

  4. For my personal blog, cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com , I don’t have twitter hooked up to it and don’t plan to. Less than 2% of blog posts are tweeted to my other 2 organization-based blogs. I can’t figure out what other things I would tweet to my twitter page other than my blog posts for a personal twitter page.

    Twitter for: thirdwavecyclingblog.wordpress.com & velo-city2012blog.com have limited to value to some followers. I do notice there are a few people who do click on just-tweeted blog posts that I have just published. The twitter tool is useful for organizations that have a bit of time (emphasis here) to retweet other current news items to inform their readers.

    1. I’m not the chatty type and I can’t figure out what to tweet aside from links either.

  5. YES! I’m not getting the marketing stuff, other than from authors, because I don’t follow companies much and perhaps I slip under the radar still.

    I do get a lot of those auto-tweets, which I hate. The spammers I report (no, I don’t need your site because I am not single and my bio clearly states that). Then I disocvered the other day that at least one of the on-line “Daily” things is auto-generated.

    I follow mostly politicians, bloggers and authors. Actually have conversations? A little – very little. Reader referrals? Nope, can’t say I’ve found it useful for that either, which is why I don’t like the fact WP has included Twitter followers in our total follower count.

    1. Nope, can’t say I’ve found it useful for that either, which is why I don’t like the fact WP has included Twitter followers in our total follower count.

      Now there’s a factor I hadn’t blogged. Hmmmmm …. Thanks for your comment.

  6. I’ve never really “gotten” Twitter. It has been a useful way for me to connect with other small Vermont bloggers (pretty much everything in VT is small). But this rapid stream of tweets is pointless. 99% is noise. Sure you can filter the noise if you put a ton of time into lists, custom searches and such. But it’s a lot of work for very little payoff.

    I keep my hand in there because I do get some marginal traffic (maybe 40 visits per week?) that makes it just barely worthwhile. But I never enjoy time spent on Twitter. Like cleaning the bathroom, it’s an unpleasant and necessary chore :P

    1. I found your last sentence to be hilarious. :D If you are getting 40 visits weekly to your blog from Twitter then good on you.

  7. I could never see the value in Twitter. Perhaps I just wasn’t looking carefully enough, but it seems to me that most people follow far too many people to actually be able to pay attention to.

    It seems to me that most Twitter users just try to get as many followers as possible, without regard to the quality of attention that those followers can provide them. How do you effectively follow 10,000 people?

    On our own blog we can create targeted traffic and convert it into something meaningful, but on Twitter? I guess it has its place, but I haven’t seen it yet.


    1. Hi John,
      It’s so good to hear from you. I’m dead bird when it comes to Twitter or prehaps more accurately an old bird on life support. lol :D I can’t abide the thought of joining the Facebook datamining operation. I’m strongly leaning joining Google Plus but I’m still undecided. Oh well …

  8. I prefer real birds.

    1. Hi Sara,
      So do I.I feed many birds on my deck and enjoy their symphonies very much. I’m even into Birdsong: Five Minute Nature Meditations They aren’t trying to sell me anything. ;)

  9. I tried Twitter but just don’t get it. Another way to waste time.

    1. I used to think I got it. At one point I was quite okay with it but now I feel like I am lost in a sea of auto-tweets.

  10. I don’t use Twitter primarily to promote my blog. I think Twitter is what you make it, and unless you write original tweets, in the same way as writing original content for your posts people don’t respond. It can be superficial, it can also be very reassuring and curiously quite touching. It was very opaque to me to start with, but I am genuinely fond of my everyday tweet friends. When we had those riots here in the Uk last year it was the only up to date source of good information. Blogs to me are like little citadels, twitter is in the marketplace, lots of tat for sale but there is a hum and a buzz that is less crafted and more relaxed than some of the other online social networks. I may change my mind of course, don’t hold me to this :)

    1. My problem is that I don’t have the gift of gab nor the inclination to invent 140 character small talk. I’m not good at small talk in person either. So social media and me aren’t connecting.

  11. Well… the challenge of 140 characters appeals to me in kind of juvenile way… : )

    Yes– but should my juvenile ways be encouraged?? : (

    I only follow a few dozen people on Twitter (most of them fellow designers and illustrators), and I only see a small fraction of tweets since I only check my Twitter feed once or twice a day. Still, I have found some valuable resources thru tweets (Photoshop brushes, textures, tutorials, etc), so I plan to stick with Twitter for awhile.

    Do I agree that 99% of social media is worthless noise? Yup. That’s why I hang out here at One Cool Site, where the good stuff is!! : )

    1. I used to be far more active on Twitter than I have been of late, but that could be said of my life right across the board in these last couple of months. I don’t feel strongly drawn to spending hours retweeting there as I have in bygone days because the followers I do have didn’t reciprocate. While it is true that I have located some good resources on Twitter, they were few in number and buried in the never-ending “noise”. I’m now considering how and where to spend my blog promotion time in 2012.

      1. But Timethief if you retweet other people for them to retweet you, you are devaluing the exercise. I retweet things I come across which please me so that my followers know that I like it. I dont do causes but if something is well put, or funny, or takes my fancy ,then I retweet.
        One of the nice things about Twitter is that it is egalitarian the well known can make a point and everyone can pile in with a response and you can have your say about the news too. My Twitter is for me, some of my work stuff pushes in, but really its me having my say in the playground.

        1. Hi Dixie,

          To me Twitter is a tool. I was an early adopter and there is no doubt in my mind that reciprocity is what all humans expect in all social engagement scenarios. Did I expect every post of mine to be retweeted – no. Did I primarily use Twitter to tweet and retweet links – yes!

          I have neither the time nor inclination to chat on Twitter in silly 140 character blurts. I prefer to invest that time into actual face to face relationships.

          I’m glad you enjoy using Twitter to socialize. I sincerely hope you continue to enjoy using it as an egalitarian playground where you can have your say within your group.

          My truth is that I have my say in my own community where I meet people face to face and can speak to them without a 140 character limit. In my egalitarian community I do affect the decision making process.

  12. Yes, I am so, so, so tired of twitter. I am one of the few who never used it at all and who has no plans whatsoever to use it ever in the future. I find twitter to be extremely annoying and ultra-over-hyped, but it really is just another media tool that we do not need in today’s glut of social media and marketing…ugh…give me a break! We are too over-saturated with social media anyhow nowadays, we do not need twitter at all! Count me out, permanently. And this is coming from a person whose generation is expected to be all over twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on…

    By the way, I am not on Facebook either, and I am proud of it. I can’t stand the over-saturation of social media that is taking over our lives! There are literally hundreds of social media websites, and they all do the same things and perform the same functions, and most have become clogged with spammers and weirdos and nut jobs who like to rant and rave and troll comments, and internet predators who take advantage of children and the naive, as well as online bullying and obscenity. Its all just too much. For my part, I just stick with WordPress; I also have a YouTube account as well, but only to watch and favorite other videos. Anything more than that is too much for me.

    1. @Scriptor Obscura
      The saturation of which you speak is getting me down too. Twitter is an over-hyped tool but I’m not ready to close my account as yet. We have something else in common as well. I’m not a Facebook member either.

      My friend Sandra has published a great free ebook titled A Step-by-Step Guide to Overcoming Digital Overwhelm

      … we weren’t put on this planet to live in digital frenzy. It might even be an act of compassion to reduce the presence of our own voice amidst the digital din. However, there’s no need to reject the digital world and all its wonders. Let’s just use it in a balanced and intelligent way.

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