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2011: Thanks for the Memories

2011 This past year has been an excellent one in many respects. I am so grateful for the wonderful guest bloggers whose writing enhanced the value of the content in my blog in 2011, and initiated some very interesting discussions.  From the feedback received I was able to isolate some topics that readers were focused on and blog further on those topics.

My thanks to all the guest authors of 2011 including:

Cynthia of  Wine, Woman and Travel who shared How a Dream Blogging Job Found Me. Cynthia resolved to pursue a career in the wine trade and the way her dream job found her gave rise to a very lively discussion exchange.

Susan Wright-Boucher of Leading with Passion who published 4 Things My Blog Taught Me. That post contained some basic lessons for new bloggers that resonated for me and for those who commented as well. We all agreed to “appreciate our inner geek”.

XanthusKidd was also a guest author in 2011 and his introduction to Google Plus in Google + The Next Big Thing in Social Networking was also well received. His concluding sentence line was a prophetic one: “Hold on Facebook, you’re in for a fight; there’s a new kid on the block, and he’s cool.”

Brad  of introduced us to the most amazing iPhone yet in Have you heard of Siri? 

Guest Author Team Oyeniyi of  Love versus Goliath is writing a book about the bureaucracy involved in an immigration process and she’s also sharing in her blog. In What did a new blogger learn in 12 months?  she and commenters exchanged the lessons they had learned in their first year of blogging.

Jean of  Cycle, Write, Blog was this year’s most active commenter and her comments enriched so many posts that saying thank you seems like it’s not enough. She also published a guest post on her two hobbies  Blogging and Cycling: It’s like a Drug.

Guest author Melissa Crossman, who blogs on behalf of American InterContinental University explained how students can begin to further their their careers, prior to graduation and after by blogging in The Before, During and After of a Professional Blog

My goals for this blog in 2011 were:

  1. improving the design of the blog;
  2. posting more frequently;
  3. posting more authoritative ‘pillar posts’ as branding evolves;
  4. interacting with more bloggers within my niche;
  5. increasing participation in social media and social networks;
  6. increasing the number of comments;
  7. increasing the number of regular readers and subscribers.

I achieved some of those goals but not all of them.  In particular, I found that I lacked the time to interact with bloggers in my niche and increase my social networking.

Thanks to every subscriber for choosing to follow my blog. When I look at that number I feel humble and somehat worried about “feeding” you all in 2012.  If you have topics you want to read what I have to say about please use a comment box on my latest post to let me know what they are.

Last, but most certainly not least special thanks to the most active commenters in 2011: Jean, Val Erde, David, Joanna @ Zeb Bakes, and Mark Armstrong.

Best wishes to all of you bloggers for a happy and productive 2012.

crunchy numbers

Crunchy numbers – Your Annual Report from for

London Olympic Stadium holds 80,000 people. This blog was viewed about 370,000 times in 2011. If it were competing at London Olympic Stadium, it would take about 5 sold-out events for that many people to see it.

In 2011, there were 127 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 647 posts. There were 229 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 20mb. That’s about 4 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was August 14th with 2,411 views. The most popular post that day was Google+ added to Google Social Search.

Most visitors came from The United States. The United Kingdom & Canada were not far behind.

The most commented on post in 2011 was 5 years at

Some of your most popular posts were written before 2011. Your writing has staying power! Consider writing about those topics again.

42 thoughts on “2011: Thanks for the Memories

    • Thanks so much Sergio. You and the other Volunteers are doing a great job of educationg me every day on the support forums. :) I had planned a Volunteer appreciation post but then the power went out – again. Now it will be delayed but it is upcoming.

  1. Congratulations, TT, on having such a banner year. Your blogs have all the ingredients that add up to success: good content, good writing, and a great heart and intelligence behind them.

  2. Just wanted to say: Thank you for being here, for what you do and for being you. The blog is an amazing resource. You overwhelms us with your kindness and generosity. I wish you the best in 2012.
    You want to be a better, organized blogger in 2012? Yes, I’d seen and read all the previous posts on organization and I thought you were speaking to me directly :). I need help in that area badly! So I’m pleased that it will be your focus this year. All the best.

    • Hi Kinna,
      Your lovely words make me feel so humble. When it comes to being more organized and more effective I was speaking to myself as well as to you readers. We will have to support each others efforts in 2012 and all get by with a little help from friends. Best wishes for a fabulous New year.

    • Hi Janene,
      It’s always good to hear from you and thanks for waiting for my reply. The storm finally broke and the power lines were restored. I wish a wonderful 2012 for you and yours.

  3. The only bad thing about your blog is the inane comments by Mark Armstrong. You really must try to do a better job of moderating his foolishness… : )

    Congrats on the great stats (no surprise there) and thanks for being The Most Helpful Person In Blogdom. Relax, be yourself, blog on, wishing you good health and a light heart throughout the coming year!

  4. TiTi, what to say that hasn’t already been said! Honestly, if not for your cool guiding hand with wonderful advice throughout the year I should have done what I always do – let it slide away into oblivion. I am surprised at how much I have enjoyed the tech aspects along with those moments of light and inspiration you so generously offer. Thank you so much and all best wishes to you for another fabulous year!

    • Hi Patti,
      Thanks you for being a regular reader and commenter too. I appreciate all the support this blog gets. It inspires me to do even more and to do it better in 2012. I hope your New Year is a fbaluous one too.

    • Hello Jennifer,
      You inspire me. Your ability to work with the gallery is amazing. I find those functions perplexing and rely strongly on your Not the Official Gallery FAQ blog to figure out the how to’s. I have also learned so much from you and the other Volunteers who answer support questions in 211 and over the years too. What a great crew of people and how fortunate I am to be part of that team. All my best to you in 2012.

  5. Congratulations and thank you for all you work, here and in the Forums. Your advice is always spot on!

    Thank you for inviting me to a guest spot, I really enjoyed it!

    Best wishes for a great 2012!

    • Hello there,
      Thanks so much for the thanks and best wishes to you for an excellent 2012. Do know that I’d be delighted to have any of my guest bloggers submit new posts for publication in the upcoming year. I really enjoy reading them and all the discussions they give rise to.

  6. Thank you time thief for continuing to be a superlative blogging mentor. I value all the information, advice, tips, and tricks that you regularly offer to us. And, I especially appreciate your unique, engaging, and authentic style. May 2012 be your best year yet!

    • Hi Sandra,
      It’s been such a pleasure watching you develop your blog and that’s not to mention how much inspiration and wisdom I find in it. May 2012 hold many happy surprises and much success for you.

  7. Thanks for all of your hard work. Your site is one where I know I can always visit to get accurate and informative information, written clearly and with panache! All the best in 2012.

  8. I add my thanks to everyone elses to you for having such a great blog and doing so well in it. As for things I’d like to read in the future? I’d love to read about how you got into blogging yourself and how blogging has changed you over the years. :) Hugs to you TiTi.

    • Hi Val,
      I have been online longer than I have been a blogger. My how I got into blogging story is on my About page. Blogging has not changed me a great deal. I have always been a writer and this interactive format has helped my grow from reader feedback. I have made friends online I would not have otherwise made. However, I recognized in 2010 that I was spending to much time online and not investing enough time into my offline relationships. In 2011 I gradually adjusted that with an aim to bring the two into better balance, though without doubt, my offline life trumps my online life when it comes to being short of time and it always will. I have struggled to find the time for social networking and I’m not inclined to increase the amount to time I spend online in 2012. So there you have — “that’s all she wrote”.

      Thank you for your contributions to my blog in 2011. Very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012.

    • Hi Margie,
      That day blew me away and believe me when I say those numbers are not a common experience. Google+ added to Google Social Search turned out to be a very popular post.

      I have a new series of posts focused on those who are beginner bloggers on the back burner. I also have more posts under developemnt for the Better Blogging series.

      For this blog I have a single blogging goal for 2012 and that’s to become a more organized blogger. :) I thought my readers might have guessed that based on a couple of my more recent posts.

      Happy New Year!

    • Hi Joanna,
      It’s subscribers, commenters and guest authors that make blogging so rewarding and you have made such fine contributions to my blog. Thank you. I hope you have a Happy New Year and many more thereafter too.

  9. One thing for certain, your statistical data report for this blog must be stronger motivator for you. With best wishes for a good 2012! Thanks for being a guiding light for us in blogasphere

    • Hi Jean,
      I was chuffed to find my blog was included among those who received annual reports from The annual report did not didn’t surprise me. I am very pleased to see how my subscribers numbers have grown. Thank you so much for being such an informative commenter. I truly appreciate your contributions to my blog and hope you experience a super 2012.

    • Thanks for the thanks. I like helping people learn how to blog. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have this blog or answer support forum questions. :) You are doing very well and I look forward to seeing you develop your blog in 2012. I hope you have a great blogging year. :)

    • Hi Chuck,
      Happy New Year to you and thanks for the thanks. I’ve been providing blogging tips in this blog since 2007 and even before that in its predecessor in 2006. I’m still passionate about what I am doing and there’s no danger of me quitting this blog any time soon.

  10. Congratulations on a fine year TT, and thanks for continuing to be a great resource both here and on the forums. I wish you a very Happy New Year! :D

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