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Google Search Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review

google magnifying glass See how the World Searched with Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist.  What mattered in 2011? Find out what other events made search history on Google in 2011.  Zeitgeist sorted billions of Google searches to capture the year’s 10 fastest-rising global queries and the rest of the spirit of 2011.

Music: “Sooner or Later” by Mat Kearney
Produced by Whirled Creative with Director Scott Chan

“Soldier surprises mom” clip courtesy of the National Geographic Channel, Siskell/Jacobs Productions and Joseph Desira.

Our Year-End Zeitgeist is just a small sampling of the queries and search trends that we found interesting this year. If you want to go beyond what we’ve shared here, try using these tools to discover more about global and regional search terms over time (in some cases, as far back as 2004).

  • Google Trends – For a broad look at search query data, enter up to five search terms to see relative popularity over time. You can use Trends to compare terms in any language from any country—the interface is currently available in U.S. English, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Trends for Websites – Google Trends for website traffic data. Type in a website address to see visitors by region and related sites visited. Currently available in U.S. English only.
  • Insights for Search – A closer look at search query data for power users. Create your own lists of “most popular” and “fastest rising” queries for different geographic regions over time and by topic. Insights for Search is available in 40 languages.
  • Hot Trends (India, Japan, Singapore and U.S. only) – The top 40 fastest-rising search queries right now, updated continuously throughout the day.

17 thoughts on “Google Search Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review

  1. That was just wonderful to watch. Lives just come & go day in day out, our own rolls on – but there’s revolutions out there, hearts swollen, change, and the awful natural disasters. This is just a brilliant composition of the year.

    I’m posting soon. Would you mind if I did a pingback to here? I’m actually not 100% sure what pingbacks are, but as I understand it, if when I do my post I do a pingback to you, then people will be led to your page – is that right? Or should I mention in my next post (I’m talking, I’m going to be posting within an hour from now, so I’m sorry if we’re not on line same time – could always do it next post) – or should I mention this is a great video to view and “check out the pingback link below”?

    Sorry to ask your tech advice, but I’d love to link you to my next post (which is actually another chapter of my novel I’m doing in draft on the blog – got nothing to do with 2011 in review; and my next upload is me reading the next chapter; ie video) – & vice versa.

    Anyway, up to you.

    Cheers – GREAT video & Happy New Year :)

  2. Perhaps 2012 will be the year that the top searches are for all the wonderful things that happened as a result of the turmoil of 2011…

  3. In the past month I have shifted away from looking for followers and to looking for people of like mind. I would rather have 5 of those who are on the same journey than 500 who clicked follow and never read another post.

    I am still astounded about how much time I spend reading and managing – the writing part is almost the easy part.

    Your posts have made it so much easier. Thank you and have a great Christmas.

    • New bloggers tend to obesses about stats. They have little content and only 1 out of every 700 – 800 visits produces a comment. They learn that they must initiate connections by practicing the golden rule — give, give, give comments to get comments. Then they begin social networking and find they and devote almost as much time to commenting and social netowrking as they do to content creation. In their second year of blogging they comprehend that blogging is both a competitve and cooperative undertaking and that social networking is a huge time suck.

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