7 Reasons Having a Twitter Feed in Your Sidebar is a Really Dumb Idea

You see, the sad reality is that too many people have drunk the Twitter Kool-Aid and grossly overestimate its value when it comes to web design and conversions. Here’s why via 7 Reasons Having a Twitter Feed in Your Sidebar is a Really Dumb Idea.

Every time Twitter slows down or fail whales, your site will have some issues loading because of that Twitter feed …

I’d definitely add that removing the Facebook like box with all the smiley faces … same thing … noise directing you away from your site … If the goal is to keep your readers on your site then why give incentives to click away?

8 thoughts on “7 Reasons Having a Twitter Feed in Your Sidebar is a Really Dumb Idea

  1. Took it off my blog once I had read this the other day and thought I had better pop over to say I just tweeted a link to this for a twitter friend, most useful! Thanks Timethief :)

  2. Well that all makes perfect sense so I will be removing mine and trying to figure out how to add the nifty little twitter button like you have here on your page. Live and Learn =)

  3. Always gratifying to learn that there are some mistakes I haven’t made!! : )

    1. Hey Mark,
      I felt the very same way. lol :D

  4. Very interesting article link. For one of my blogs, http://www.velo-city2012blog.com I removed the Twitter feed because we weren’t getting alot of different replies NOR did we have time to tweet from other sources.

    For another blog I look after, http://thirdwavecyclingblog.wordpress.com I kept the twitter feed because actually we do tweet more often than posted blog articles, so it gives some illusion of activity as well as the flag feedjit feed which I know isn’t the greatest, but shows there is some reading traffic activity on a daily basis.

    On my personal blog (under my name), no twitter feed. I just don’t have a tweet page linked to it and don’t feel much need.

    I just lack time to even feed different twitter pages often.

    When I use the twitter feed, I just see it like a list of useful related resources for people to read related to our blog’s niche areas.

    1. Dear Jean,
      I do love your detailed responses. They add so much perspective to the topics … some illusion of activity … lol :) I can see the usefulness of a twitter feed in the context of providing useful resource links though.

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