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Ups and Downs on Klout

An easy way to gauge  your own or another’s personal influence on Twitter or Facebook, or other social media sites is to check the Klout score.  It’s a numerical rating of  social media influence, based on activity and that includes everything from comments to shares to number of followers.

woo hoo Not long ago I joined Klout and my score was increasing nicely, until I became involved in a two month long major project with my husband. Working with him severely cut into my blogging and social networking time, and my Klout score descended accordingly.  I expected it would and it didn’t disturb me at all that it did because I’m not  a marketer.


Klout announced a new algorithm awhile back that had a dramatic negative affect on scores of thousands of members. Some were shocked to find that Klout collects user data from social media users on Facebook and Google Plus, even if they never opted into that data collection on Klout. The rush to delete Klout accounts followed.

If you haven’t yet read Rich Becker’s take on this I do recommend it.

 You all know the story, because it’s all very true — there are plenty of marketers who dream of the day that they can give us all scores. It would make their lives easy, terribly easy you see: if they could base who gets what for which price or what fee.  —  Copywrite, Ink.: Scoring Social: The Rise And Fall Of Klout.

If you haven’t read what Lize Strauss has to say I recommend her article as well:

Klout, My Story & Why Opting Out Was My Only Choice

Danny Sullivan published: How To Get Your Profile And Data Completely Disconnected From Klout

4 thoughts on “Ups and Downs on Klout

  1. Klout is cute. I’ve not completely given up on it – I’ll give things a few years to start making sense. Last I checked Klout thinks I am influential about sore throats. Handy tip: if weird “influential topics” show up that you don’t want people to see or don’t want clogging your profile, you can turn them off via your topics page.

    I’m confused about people getting upset that Klout collects data from them without explicit permission. Isn’t this data out on the web for any bot to measure and collect?

  2. Hey TiTi,

    I love Rich Becker’s take on Klout and look forward to exploring Lize Strauss’. As for Klout, the last time I checked my klout (ages ago), the bad news was that it had dropped but dropped to a higher score than I had ever known it to be before! Oh, and if you must know, I am influential on matters concerning Barack Obama. Well, last time I looked. Hope Obama appreciates my Klout if nothing else. Best wishes to you and your husband on your major project. Now that’s what I call true clout!

  3. Yes and yes! The one thing I thought Klout did do sell was give bloggers a way to give each other a little love in the form of +K. Mommy bloggers often bog down their site with badges which often serve as a way to thank each other, show recognition, relationship, etc. I thought the +K ways would be a great way to do that without all the badgy clutter.

    But sadly the downside to Klout outweighs the +K. Haven’t deleted my account yet but it’s on my list of things to do.

    • Hi there,
      I did delete my account. It’s my aim to reduce the amount of time I spend on social networking in the upcoming year.It’s my opinion that data collection on the behalf of avertisers and marketers has gone way overboard. The Klout claim that Klout scores are the standard blew me away. I was appalled to discover that those of my friends who were not Klout members were folks that Klout created accounts for and began tracking without their permission.

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