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8 Tips for Effective Blogging

eight It’s true that the best blogs are frequently updated. Publishing fresh content frequently helps a blogger to retain the readers/subscribers they have and to attract new readers/subscribers too.

It’s also true that publishing short “meaty” posts frequently and long posts occasionally is a successful blogging strategy.

According to Technorati’s index, a minority of bloggers are posting daily, or even weekly.  When looking at average posts per month and per day by Technorati Authority, bloggers in the Top 100 generate 36 times more content than the average blogger. We also see a higher use of tags as part of their arsenal of strategies to bring audiences to their content, with 92% of the Top 100 bloggers using tags. —  State of the Blogosphere 2011: Part 3

Readers today have little time and patience. When it comes to reading long, poorly constructed posts that wander all around the point without making it – forget it!

All writing is focused on clarity.  If you can say what you aim to say in a few sentences, do so. If you need more sentences, write them.  Regardless of post length, keep in mind these two points.

  • The worst blog posts leave readers wondering what the point was.
  • The best blog posts inspire readers to engage with the content and act on it.

To blog effectively:

  1. Create a writing schedule and stick to it.
  2. Take some time to decide what you want each post to accomplish and who your audience is.
  3. Focus on clarity and brevity.
  4. Don’t be afraid to use power words. “You”, “your”, “yours” create a direct connection between you, the blogger and your readers. By using them you can encourage reader feedback.
  5. Create an effective title that tells readers what to expect, and place a keyword or keyword phrase as close to the start of the title as possible.
  6. Use your opening to provide general information and context.
  7. Use a structure that delivers the message in as few words as possible.
  8. Conclude by summarizing and inviting questions.


I’m eager to hear reader feedback on this post and would like to know what tips you have on the subject of becoming a more effective blogger.

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20 thoughts on “8 Tips for Effective Blogging

  1. I am really enjoying this blog more and more. Very helpful, too the point, information. I know posting blogs with at least a picture or two gets more readers. My latest tweak has been drawing readers in with the title, and making sure to just use my typical brand of humor in whatever I write :) And you are right, blogging frequently (just like practicing ANYTHING) really clarifies and polishes your writing.

    • Images are eye catching and titles ought to be eye catching too. Thanks for the blog compliment. It’s great to hear approval for what I write. :)

  2. I discovered a heap of your answers in the WordPress Forum and wandered on over here to look at your blog. I’m so glad I did – I’m a long time reader of blogs here but never really thought about the process until I started my own recently. I’ve been reading a number of your posts and they’re infinitely helpful. Thank you!

    PS I too will aim for short meaty posts and some longer ones more occasionally. Personally I have a tendency to ramble on a bit which I will need to watch.

    • Hello there,
      I do answer a lot of questions on the forums and I’m so glad you found helpful articles in my blog. I also used to ramble but I have changed my approach to blogging now. Visitors simply don’t have the time to visit blogs every day and read lengthy posts.

  3. Hi Timethief,
    Thanks for being so helpful in the WordPress forum! It led me to this blog of yours and I must say thank you again! Your site is so cool and helpful! <3

    Much gratitude!

    PS-If you're ever in Southern California, please drop by our restaurant and let me know. Would love to treat you to some of our food to show you our appreciation :)

    • Thaks do much for the kind words. I love vegetarian food and if I’m ever down your way I will definitely look you up and take you up on that offer. :)

  4. Hi,
    I just started my blog. It’s meant to be a collection of doodles i do in class related to my major, Psychology. I feel like if I push myself to post regularly the doodles may be forced and will lose their awesome. But I’m also afraid of losing traffic. Dilemma.

  5. Hi Timethief,

    The last time we chatted over at the forum, I was considering a different tact with my writings. The short devotional style stories are working fine. I am finding it, a whole lot easier to write these. They take up to an hour. So far, I’m cranking out 5 or 6 posts per week. That’s about 21 posts since I started.

    I, also managed to get a longer one done; however I had trouble with getting a good title for it. “Overcoming God’s Way” doesn’t seem to work and it’s the only thing I could come up with. I agree with the tip about effective titles. But what do I do in the case I just mentioned. I had a good story but couldn’t come up with an effective title.

    Can I change the title to something else, later?

  6. I try to post two or three times a week. I have a certain set of standards I try to achieve, and I couldn’t meet those standards if I tried to post more often. I follow quite a few blogs, and the best of them don’t post every day, and they rarely write a post about how they can’t think of anything to write about!

    • Hi Margie,
      Your last sentence made me laugh out loud. How true that is. Nothing is more off-putting than reading a post focused on “I don’t know what to blog about”. I’ve never read more than a sentence or two when that’s the theme of a post.

      I have tried several approaches but have found what works best for me is to publish twice weekly and mix it up ie. publish a mix of shorter “meaty” posts and longer tutorial posts. My bottom line is I only blog if I feel I have something worth sharing that will benefit my readers.

  7. Hi TiTi,
    Excellent and well timed post, thank you! Recently I have had to let time go by in the blogworld but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about the all posts I want to write, read and comment on. What to do when time and circumstances brush aside good intentions and energy is left flagging? Thank you for the pep talk in the light of leaving my recent hibernation and trust all is well with you!


    • Hi Patti,
      Things are well with me now that my two broken teeth have been repaired and I have delivered my contracted work on time. I’m tired of feeling like I’m on a treadmill and have made the decision to cut back on the time I spend on social networking. I hope things are well with you too. :)

  8. timethief,

    This article is a perfect example of clarity and brevity. I’m amazed by the statistic that the top 100 bloggers publish 36 times more content than the average blogger. That must mean that the average blogger doesn’t post often and the top bloggers are publishing a few times a day.

    I like the idea of short meaty posts and occasional long posts. Lately, I’ve found that some bloggers are posting daily and the posts are very short but not especially meaty. It feels like a strategy to get more traffic and doesn’t leave me feeling very satisfied. I think a lot depends on whether the short posts really provide meat! On the other hand, I’ve gotten into a habit of writing long posts, and I’m not sure that is so effective in this fast-paced day and age.

    Thanks for stimulating my thought process on this topic!

    • Hi Sandra,
      The stats surprised me too. Some of the “top” blogging tips bloggers have teams of authors publishing content daily but most of the posts they publish hold little value for me.

      After a year or two of reading personal development blogs and noting that some are focused on selling either products or services I backed away from subscribing to them and reading them.

      In contrast I read and like both your short “meaty” and long pithy” posts because long or short your posts inspire me. The mix that you present is more balanced than what I have witnessed on many personal development blogs that fail to hold my interest at all.

      P.S. Thanks for the compliment on this post. I aim to present a mix of both short and long posts on both blogs in the upcoming year.

    • Hi Sunshine,
      That’s good to hear. I have been wondering why no one was commenting on this post. I just read and enjoyed “The Snow Queen and a Bluebird” on your blog. Happy blogging! :)

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