Google Wave, Knol and five more getting axed

Google Bookmarks List, Google Friend Connect, Google Gears, Google Search Timeline, Google Wave, Google Knol,  Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal (RE<C) are going, going, gone.  via Google Wave, Knol and five more Google initiatives getting the axe | ZDNet.

Google intended Knol to meet Wikipedia’s collective editing strategy by enabling a network of experts to create a basis of solid, verified information. Unfortunately, Knol never on the way Google hoped. Google has worked with Solvitor and Crowd Favorite for Annotum, an open-source publishing platform with a similar design philosophy to the soon-defunct Knol.  Google Knols Move to WordPress: The Annotum Platform

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4 thoughts on “Google Wave, Knol and five more getting axed

  1. If it were anyone but Google chopping off these services, people would think the brand was on the skids.

    I always thought Wave’s real-time function was a testbed for introducing real-time analytics to Google Analytics.

    I don’t know what they expected of Knol – it was never going to be another Wikipedia while Wikipedia existed.

    I made a knol (always made me think of the ‘grassy knoll’ and President Kennedy’s assassination) and exported it via Annotum. But annotum is horrible (personal opinion of course) and I took the content and published it on Light Reading.

    It’s interesting that with all that firepower, Google hasn’t been a natural at finding other ways of grabbing the market.

    1. The Google empire and its projects are a never ending source of interest. ;)

  2. Try if you are looking for new service wich:
    is alternative Google Wave
    or gives you possibility to continue working with your waves without installation of your own wave server

    1. Thanks for thr tip and I apologize for not responding earlier.

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