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Brief Updates for Google Plus Watchers

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“Of course I know that it’s important not to waste your time. So the following list of things that you should be doing on Google+ will keep you both productive and effective, not just entertained.”  Read  10 Productive Tasks You Should Be Doing On Google+ Right Now.

“What if from the outset, Google+ was never supposed to simply be a competitor to Facebook? What if Google wasn’t bringing the fight to Palo Alto, swords drawn and ready to take them on. No no, Google’s vision was much, much bigger than that, and it comes down to one thing. Advertising.”  Read  Google+ Was Never a Facebook Competitor

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8 thoughts on “Brief Updates for Google Plus Watchers

  1. Thanks for the great site! I know you’re working hard to make blogging a better experience for all.

  2. Please note. If you use any Google services such as gmail, picassa, etc, if you join Goggle+ then decide to un-join use caution as you risk losing services during the deletion process. Also upon joining you will be integrated into a different Google account interface. You will need to re-orient yourself and get your bearings.. Be impeccable about the administrative end of things, take your time. You don’t want to find your gmail or photos or Google account vanished along with your Google+ account if you decide to delete it.

    • Thanks for sharing this good advice Stephen. I have read some articles that confirm what you say. you have to be careful about the option selection you make. Apparently there is a safe way of deleting a Google Plus account which deletes only the Google+ and not other Google services.

      Downgrade from Google+
      There are two options:
      – delete all google+ contents
      – delete entire profile google

      – delete all google+ contents <<< This will not delete your Google or Gmail account … it will just remove the Google+ related material.

      • Your welcome. Google has been aware of this and obviously working to make sure any glitches-bugs are handled. So in your Google+ account . . Dashboard you find this

        Delete profile and Google+ features Delete profile and remove associated Google+ features
        Delete entire Google account Close entire account and delete all services and info associated with it.

        Respect the above with care and senstitivty and you will be fine. About the only major thing to be aware of when joining Google+ is you will find your services being integrated automatically so you will be facing a new account dashboard. If this throws you off or annoys you there is the following.

        Looking for older account options and your Google Products?
        Visit the previous version of the Google accounts screen

        Thats about it

  3. Timethief,

    Good info. I also feel compelled to emphasize to other bloggers that they should get a Google+ page representing their blogs ASAP. I use Google+ to augment my blog and as an additional way to connect with my readers.

    I think this is important because a blog is essentially a brand, so if someone else other than the founder of a blog gets a Google+ page with the same name, it could potentially be confusing for readers. This dodgy practice also gives someone else a “free ride” based on the brand of the original website, business or org.

    Use this link to create a Google+ page for your blog, org. or business:

    Kindest regards,

    Obligatory Google+ link:

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