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Have you heard about Pinterest?

pinterestPinterest is a cool new social bookmarking tool inspired by scrapbooking and social network sharing. Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests.

I became aware of Pinterest while answering questions on the support forums.  I had a couple of interests in mind when I visited the site and I got carried away when viewing pinboards there as they gave rise to even more ideas.  So, you guessed it, I requested a Pinterest invitation and I’m currently  twiddling my fingers on “the waiting list”.

In some ways Pinterest is like Tumblr but where it differs is in the pinboard board structure.  You create themes and categorize according to them.

What is a pin (anatomy of a good pin)?A pin is an image added to Pinterest. A pin can be added from a website using our bookmarklet or you can upload images from your computer. Each pin added using the bookmarklet links back to the site it came from.

How to sign up for Pinterest

  • Pinterest is currently invite-only. You can request an invite from us or you can be invited by someone who is already a part of Pinterest.
  • When you receive an invite, you can register via Facebook Connect or connect through Twitter.

Follow Me on Pinterest

Do note that as the “Pin It” Button code for Websites is a JavaScript widget it cannot be used on free hosted blogs.

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46 thoughts on “Have you heard about Pinterest?

  1. I was wondering if anyone would mind “inviting” me to pinterest. I’ve been on the waiting list for two weeks now with no luck. Thanks

  2. I had no trouble at all getting a hold of a pinterest invite, but I’m not sure I see the value in what is for the most part Another Picture Blogging site. I frankly question whether the cute “pin it” icon will make pinterest as compelling as some of my early adopter friends say it will be.

      • Hi, I would love a pin interest invite as well, waiting for the site has taken quite awhile! I’d really appreciate an invite! Thanks!

  3. I would appreciate an invite to Pinterst. I’ve been collecting ideas and inspirations (and things that just look cool) from magazines and websites in a binder for years now…it’ll be wonderful to have the ability to do it electronically with just a few clicks of the mouse :)

    • I have not had the time to set up a pinboard as yet and probably will not have the time to do so until the new year. If you go to the pinterest site and request an inviatation using the form there as I did and click the red button you will be placed on thw witing list and a couple of weeks later you will get an account.

  4. I would love if someone sent a pinterest invite my way, I’ve been on the waitlist for quite some time now ! Thanks so very much !! :)

  5. I have been waiting for months to get an invite. Love Pinterest – very good description of it. Would love an invite if you have one.

  6. Sorry, forgot to mention that I agree with an earlier comment that Pinterest seems overloaded and appears to be having trouble with its servers right now. It’s sometimes very very slow and often does not accomplish the pinning. But I assume they’ll get that fixed.

  7. Wow, I had no idea there was such a backlog of people waiting for invites to Pinterest. I’ve been a member since early summer and find it a great place for personal info — to store ideas, keep track of projects, and most important file my eye candy! I also find it very helpful to store inspirations for my WPress blogs.

    BTW, you don’t have to be on Twitter or Facebook to join or log in. I just use my email.

  8. I found out about Pinterest a few days ago and would love to join, but still have not been able to get an invite.
    Could you please send me one to [email address removed by timethief] That would be so awesome! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  9. This might be particularily useful for a small collective of bloggers to share 1 pinterest board on a niche topic/passion.

    Of if a person has blog-written with their own photos, across multiple blogs. One might want to highlight their favourite photos to lead to some interesting blog posts through 1 pinterest board.

    That would be interesting if a pinterest worked as a visual link collage through an image widget.

    • Hi Jean,
      I agree. I think it may be a great way for a team to plan an event or to share a niche topic/passion. Both of your ideas in your second and third paragraphs are ones that I like.

  10. Very interesting. Thank you for the information. I’ll do more research on this and then see if I want to join or not. Good job summing this up.

    Cheers. xx

    • Hi TheChronicR,
      Thanks for the visit, read and comment. Maybe you will join and if you do you can look us all up and connect with us at Pinterest. :)

  11. So does that mean that if one doesn’t use Twitter or Facebook one can’t register? I’ve looked at Pininterest and wondered about joining it (I know someone who’s got an account and has offered invitations) but I’m not willing to join Twitter or rejoin Facebook just to do so! :)

    • I don’t see anything barring anyone without a Twitter of Facebook account from becoming a Pinterest member on that site. The fact that folks who do have those accounts can share what they pin and what they find pinned via Twitter and Facebook is simply a convenience.

  12. Hi TT,
    Yes, Pinterest is interesting. Not sure how social it is, but I have a Pinterest Board at

    I have found it quite buggy recently. I would ‘pin’ something using the bookmarklet and it would not ‘take’.

    And today looking at my board I can see a couple of thumbnails that are not rendering, but which show correctly in the full version when I click on the little blue question mark.

    I haven’t followed up on how to make Pinterest social. I guess I just don’t have the (p)interest. :-)

    • Hello David,
      I visited your pinboard and had I know you had an account I would have requested and invitation from you. :) The site is very small and BETA so I suppose the bugginess is to be expected and reported. I’m into my second month of working with my husband on his project and I have simply lacked the time to keep up with the minimal social networking I had going. I do have a couple pf intests in mind that I would like to create pinboards for in the future.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I wish I had know you had a Pinterest account. If I had I would have requested an invitation. Mine is currently pending. Would you please post a link to your pinterest profile so I can locate you when I’m accepted? :)

      • Once I actually have some content to share, I’d be most happy to do so. About your invite, mine arrived quite quickly after I requested one, so check your spam folder. :D

        • Hi Jennifer,
          I received an email very soon after I requested an invite. In part it states: “Thanks for joining the Pinterest waiting list. We’ll be sure to send you an invite soon.”

  13. yes and i’ve been using it for quite some time now. cool site. you just download the pinit thing for your favorites bar and you can pin the blog link and image you want to share. i’m in there as tessilu.

    • Hi there,
      Thank you so much for sharing that information. My Pinterest membership request is in the waiting list. When it’s accepted I’ll be sure to look you up there. :)

  14. Someone offered me an invite today by coincidence, shall I join up and then send you one? I was wondering how it worked viz copyright? But I guess we won’t know till someone goes and sees how it works.

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