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State of the Blogosphere 2011: Introduction and Methodology – Technorati Blogging

Hobbyist: The backbone of the blogosphere, and representing 60% of the respondents to this survey, Hobbyists say that they “blog for fun” and do not report any income. Half of hobbyists prefer to express their “personal musings” when blogging. 60% indicate they spend less than three hours a week blogging, yet half of hobbyists respond individually to comments from readers. Because 72% blog to speak their minds, their main success metric is personal satisfaction (61%).

via State of the Blogosphere 2011: Introduction and Methodology – Technorati Blogging.

8 thoughts on “State of the Blogosphere 2011: Introduction and Methodology – Technorati Blogging

  1. Thank you. I usually come here on intuition, and there it is right in front of me when I need it. I guess then I’m in the 5% . . although my approach to the art is kind of less is more. Part of that is I am a terrible writer. LOL . . glad to get a heads up on this otherwise I might have missed it and spaced it out completely. Every tool helps.

  2. I appreciate this article link, TiTi. Such articles causes some of us to reflect how we fit into the whole big picture of blogsphere which is getting pretty crowded and huge. I enjoy learning of global trends, how other people use blogging or why they blog.

    By the way, I have something for you. Something we have to chat up. ;D Yea, it’s an early Christmas surprise…

    Will: I’m not a music fan of any sort except for classical baroque music. So I’m not any help. You might want to try to include in your blog another secondary subject niche area that naturallly evolves from your music interest.

    • @Jean,
      I have been participating in the Technorati State of the Blogosphere Survey for years now. I always find the results to be thought provoking and validating lol :D.

      Something for me — how cool. We’ll have to chat by email. Today is Eelection Day and we are very busy. I’m sneaking some time in to anwer questions and comments but afte the weekend is done I will finally be able to get back on track. :)

  3. On the subject of Technorati, I got accepted to write their and for its sister site, blogcritics. Do you have any thoughts about writing for those sites as a way of increasing exposure. I have made headway in page views, but I am struggling to create a dedicated readership (lots more page views would be nice too =). Also, I have had trouble finding groups of people who share my blogging interests… everyone seems pretty much on their own. Do you have any recommendations as far as that goes?

    • Hi Will,
      I think writing for BlogCritics will increase the number of people who are aware of you and your site. As far as online music groups go I don’t belong to any and I’m sorry I can’t help with that. What I have noticed is that the advent of Twitter, Facebook and now Google+ has resulted in what seems to me to be fewer online groups and forums that one can join. Perhaps that’s just my impression and it’s not accurate. I do wish you well.

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