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A Handy SOPA Infographic | WebProNews

SOPA stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act. It is one of two bills being considered by congress today. The other is the Protect-IP Act.

Why have Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Mozilla, among others, banded together to speak out against the SOPA bill that’s currently undergoing hearings at Capitol Hill? via A Handy SOPA Infographic | WebProNews.

4 thoughts on “A Handy SOPA Infographic | WebProNews

  1. Do you mean i should continue blogging with patience?
    If the progress made by me is worst in two months? (4,205)
    Should i leave blogging?

  2. hi time thief, i’m following your blog for couple of week. i always act upon your cool tips but i’m not satisfied with my blog
    i’m blogging for three months and traffic on my site is just 4,095 views. can you suggest something extra ordinary to increase my blog traffic.

    • I cannot suggest anything extraordinary, as regardless of which niche the blog is in the steps we use to create traffic are the same.

      New blogs are being created every day by bloggers who assume “build it and they will come” and likewise assume “post it and they will come“. I’m sorry to say that isn’t the case. There are no shortcuts when it comes to creating a blog centered community by means of creating a flow of organic (unpaid) traffic to your site and encouraging commenting that results in regular readers/commenters/subscribers.

      Never lose site of the fact that it is content that attracts readers to your site and keeps them coming back – high quality, original content.

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