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Dynamic View templates for Blogger Blogs

blogger iconHave you noticed the new and improved appearance of Blogger (blogspot) blogs? I noticed the interactive layouts on blogs I visit  have resulted in faster page loading times. I likewise noticed the new dynamic templates made blogs look fresh again, so I did some research to see what had changed. I began by logging into my long since abandoned Blogger blog and discovered the dashboard changes. 

Welcome to Blogger’s new look

A quick tour through Blogger’s brand new user interface.

Blogger Dynamic Views

Adding a Dynamic View to your blog is as easy as changing your template. Log in to Blogger, click on the Template tab on your dashboard, and select whichever view you want to set as your default. Note that readers can still choose to navigate your blog in a different view by selecting from the pulldown in the upper left of the screen.  Read more: Dynamic Views: seven new ways to share your blog with the world

Dynamic Views is the latest view style by Blogger. It works on HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3. You can think of Dynamic Views as Themes. They are like different ‘Cameras’ To a blog. You can look at a blog with one Camera, or from the other one. Read more: Dynamic View templates for Blogger

An overview of the seven new dynamic views in Blogger that use to customize your blog.


I enjoyed playing with these new features on my old Blogger blog. Now I’m wondering how many of my readers have Blogger blogs, and what they think of the new interface and template changes.

21 thoughts on “Dynamic View templates for Blogger Blogs

  1. I have a Blogger blog and I dislike the new interface so intensely that I am seriously considering moving to WordPress. Six months after you wrote this post the new interface still has so many problems that many bloggers, like me, are steadfastly refusing to move across to it and won’t go until they are pushed. The main reason I (as a novice blogger in my 60s) chose Blogger over WordPress was that the old Blogger interface is simple, intuitive, easy to read, very functional and (in my experience) stable. The new one is none of these things and I really don’t want to have to work with it.

    I’ve tried out Dynamic Views on my blog but didn’t implement it because I don’t like the grinding gears and also the fact there is no sidebar and the few widgets allowed have to be ‘fetched’ by hovering over the righthand side of the page.

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback here. When I first began blogging on WordPress software it was easy to use but it has become increasing more sophisticated and complex.

  2. Hi!
    Does anyone know how to edit or add posts in the Dynamic View? I think I dug my own grave when I clicked on “Apply to blog” and now I feel as though I am locked outside my own blog! Please help! I see no tabs or options that say “Edit” or anything similar.

  3. Dynamic views are a good change, but i think its not for professionals, as they want to add widgets on sidebars, so this new view is bot good for all, may be for some bloggers….

  4. I have to remind myself that Blogger is, after all, a free service.

    I wonder whether Google would make Blogger today if it had never done so before?

    I suspect it would rather that users micro-blogged straight onto G+

  5. Thanks I appreciate that. Been back at work on my WordPress blog now, enjoying it, but the Matrix caught up with me last night. LOL good one!

    Take care!

  6. With all due respect, quite honestly in my opinion the new Blogger interface (back end) is horrible. The blogger in draft interface as it is now is confusing, fatiguing to work with, and really seriously has a lot of room for improvement.

    On that, who’s overseeing the overhaul? If they feel the work is bad, or isn’t ready, say so. Tell the truth, kindly and constructively to the design team.

    Also be aware if you use blogger, and join Google+ and don’t like it, if you delete your Google+ account you risk “accidently” losing some of your other services. People have lost their picassa pics attached to their blogs for example. So I advise proceeding with caution during this transition.

    Expect bugs and glitches, and backup your blog and templates! Blogger is a high quality product but I fear the current integration and creative destruction of it, and the rebuild may just chase many loyalists away from it. Please to keep the current original back end in place so you have options are being ignored. The writings on the wall.

    • Hi Steve,
      I really value your comment. As I menitioned above I abandoned my Blogger blogs years ago and they are private blogs I only “play” int from time to time.

      • Kind of tacky for Google to just pull the rug out from under people like this. Actually I think they are trying to copy WordPress. LOL . . . good luck with that. Googles is good at many things, but the reality is Google support is very poor if you need it.

  7. I have one… I reviewed the good/bad/ugly on my blog after giving it a spin for a day. Its cool, but needs some more tweakings to make it work for me… :P

  8. Hi TT,
    I have a Blogger blog that I write to from time to time. I like how easy it is to send posts by email by writing to from your registered email address.

    I tried dynamic views and didn’t like them at first – especially with the little grinding gears prefacing the change from static to dynamic.

    I’ve got used to dynamic views now and like them.

    • Hi David,
      I don’t care much for the grinding gears graphic eaither. However, I adapted to dunmic biews quite quickly and do like the ability of the viewer to choose the view they prefer.

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