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“ rolled out many themes with a custom menu option that allows you to rearrange your pages and tabs and add links in those menus to outside websites.  I had already employed this so that my food blog and the ROW80 blog showed up in my menu up top, but Mail Chimp enabled me to link to the sign up form.   How did I do this?  … ”  Read the full post >   How To Put A Custom Sign Up Form on | Kait Nolan.

8 thoughts on “How To Put A Custom Sign Up Form on | Kait Nolan

  1. This was very helpful. Thank you timethief for posting it and Kait for writing it. timethief is right, I would never have found this post or you Kait if she hadn’t offered the link.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I believe this misunderstanding has now been sorted. My readers now have a link to a helpful brief explanatory tutorial that they can rely on and recommend to other bloggers too.

  2. It’s very rude to steal content.

    1. I have a blogging tips blog with a pagerank of 5. You are a Twitter follower who does not have a blogging tips blog. Your blog is unranked. I also follow you here on wordpress com. I did a Press This for you because you are a Twitter follower. I did this to promote your single post which is related to my blog content.

      If you want me to remove it, stop following your blog, stop following you on Twitter, and stop retweeting your Tweets then I’ll do that – no problem.

      1. I apologize. I looked at the whole thing totally uncaffeinated at 6:30 in the morning and thought it was a cut, not a link to my actual post. I’m not accustomed to the press this feature and am more used to people doing a mashup with just a link to posts rather than teasers.

        1. Hi Kait,
          Thanks you so much for reconsidering this. I was hurt and distressed by your accusation as I only intended to be helpful. Your own title and authorship are embedded in the post title and I included a quote to clarify why I was recommending your article, which I linked to – to my readers. I’m so sorry this misunderstanding arose between us. Best wishes with your blog.

    2. She isn’t stealing content. She’s 1) posted less then 3% of your content. 2) posted a link back to your blog. So that is pretty much promoting your content…maybe you should readjust your idea on what stealing is.

      1. Hi there,
        This is just a misunderstanding. I suspect Kait is new to blogging and does not have a clear understanding of what constitutes a copyright violation.

        As Kait reviews books she is aware that she can use quotes from the content in those books and correctly attribute them to their author and that’s not a copyright violation. The same copyright law that applies to print media also applies in cyberspace.

        I’m thinking that once Kait does some reading and thinks this through she will and become aware of copyright law, the realities of Press This and of Reblogging (which I do not use). Then she may return apologize for her comment here. To relieve her of answering me at all I have simply un-followed her on and on Twitter.

        As you know I’m extremely busy with my contracted reseach and writing work right now and I don’t have the time to instruct anyone in copyright issues. However, as I’m also a paralegal my blog also has posts on the subject of copyright that anyone can read.

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