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Have you heard of Siri?

by Guest author Brad  of

Apple – Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S

Siri intro demo by Apple. Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, set reminders, place phone calls, and more.

What is Siri? Siri is Apple’s new killer feature for the iPhone 4s. For those who don’t know Siri was a standalone iOS app before Apple released it, so its nothing new, unfortunately Apple has decided to limit Siri to the iPhone 4s (original worked on any iOS device).

Siri is Apple’s answer to voice commands for Android. You can speak in a normal way to Siri, and Siri will reply. “What is the weather like in Edmonton?” Siri will reply (assuming you have a connection to the internet) “The weather is 1oC currently in Edmonton,
Alberta, Canada”.

The cool thing is Siri can make its self extremely useful. For example “Remind
me when I leave work that I need to buy some milk”. Siri will setup a “geofence” so when you leave work your iPhone 4s will remind you what you need to buy milk (so cool!).

Apple – iPhone 4S – TV Ad – Assistant

Here is the latest TV ad about Siri demonstrating it in action. You speak. Siri helps. Say hello to the most amazing iPhone yet.

I feel Siri is a killer feature for Apple, I really hope that they port it to iPad 2, iPhone 4/3GS and iPod…currently you can… if you jailbreak the device (not recommended).

Siri gets most of its responses from the site Wolfram Alpha or in the rare case from Apples iCloud server.

Free online access to the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine: Answer questions, do math, instantly get facts, create plots, calculators, unit conversions, scientific data and statistics, help with homework—and much more.

As such you need a internet connection to use Siri, and Siri replaces the old voice assistant..which use to work offline.

I think its going to change the world, because artificial intelligence is improving and Siri is demonstrating this.

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2 thoughts on “Have you heard of Siri?

  1. Hi Brad,
    Thanks so much for this informative article. Though I don’t own an iPhone what strikes me about this innovation is the accessibility factor. I believe there are those who will find Siri’s answer to voice commands for Android to be a useful tool for them and I’m in favor of all technology that increases accessibility.

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