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Download your Quantcast Data

stats1 Earlier this year I visited Quantcast and saw that data I wanted access to was not available to me. I knew that as all hosted blogs are monetized and that they were also Quantified, as the Quantcast HTML code is inserted into our blogs by Staff. I emailed Quantcast and officially requested that my site be Quantified and the data be displayed. 

A week later that was done and while visiting my page I noticed an offer. As I wanted to  stay in the loop on Quantcast news and updates I accepted the offer by signing up for the monthly newsletter and I’m glad I did.

Quantcast is a free media measurement, web analytics service that allows users to view audience traffic for millions of sites the world over.   Every month Quantcast directly measures more than 200 billion requests for Internet content. — Blogging Metrics: Getting Quantified

Today I received a Quantcast newsletter that contained some interesting news:

quantcastDownload your Data!

You can now download audience data for your web properties in CSV format. This includes all report information you see when you sign into Quantcast, including traffic, traffic frequency, demographics, geo, business and affinities. To start, sign into Quantcast and click the Download button to choose the data you want.

Every month, millions of people use Quantcast reports to get crucial measurement insights into web audiences. Quantcast reports differ a bit from traditional web analytics, as they focus on audience composition (though you can view traffic data as well).

Getting Quantified Overview

*Note that bloggers cannot and do not need to insert the HTML tags referred to in the video below.  They have already been inserted into the pages of our blogs by Automattic’s Staff.

8 thoughts on “Download your Quantcast Data

  1. You said that we cannot and do not have to paste the HTML tag in our wordpress blog but quantcast sent me an email saying “Quantcast could not find a properly implemented tag on the following site(s):”…”it could be that the Quantcast tag was not properly implemented”
    Maybe I missed a trick. Please advice.


  2. Hi, timethief
    I really like Quantcast data but after I got my own domain (redirecting from I’m blind. My blog’s link shows zero hits since then and if I try to add my domain it asks to paste the tag in every page…
    What should I do?
    Thank you very much for your help
    Manu Mitre

    • We bloggers cannot access the required file to embed the code on this multiuser blogging platform and I believe I made that clear in my article. I believe I also made clear the fact that as runs advertising on the blogs they free host, Staff have already embedded the code. All we bloggers have to do is use the contact link for quantcast Staff, and request that our site be quanitified, while providing the root sub-domain URL and the domain URL. It took about a week for my site to be quantified after I contacted them.

  3. I spent a quarter of an hour on Quantcast and I couldn’t figure out how to download my data.

    Could you be a bit specific?

    P.S. – I already have a Quantcast account.

  4. But I wonder how on earth they can measure the demographics of an audience beyond just the geographic location. .edu extension doesn’t mean it is young people under age 30.

    I’m not sure, but one of the tools even guesses at gender.

    Really, one how that inference is even made. If one didn’t take statistical analysis, it’s so easy to get sucked into those statistics without really knowing how they came to certain conclusions.

    • These days the amount of personal information we provide online is phenomenal. We provide personal data wherever we go and some people provide lots of it particularly through social networks. I believe the Quancast traffic stats and blog metrics are accurate. The code that’s inserted into our blogs is where that data is derived from. If you click the link you will be able to see exactly what is being measured and how.

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