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WordPress Fly Out Menus Coming Soon

WordPress 3.3 Beta 2 has been released  and that means more changes to WordPress user dashboards are coming soon. Expand and collapse menus will be replaced by fly out menus.

Update! They have arrived.  Drag & Drop Media Uploader & Flyout Dashboard Menus

expanded menucollapsed menuCurrently we can have our left dashboard menu sections simultaneously expanded in as many sections as we wish. (See the image on the far left. )

That ability to leave the menu sections I used frequently expanded allowed for ease of navigation back and forth and it’s the way I’ve been operating.  That  won’t be possible with flyout menus.

The sub-menu items still appear when you click the main item but in another box. (see the last image).

Only the active menu item opens up to reveal the sub-item and we will not be able to have more than one sub-menu open at a time.

I love the flyout menus when a menu is collapsed. However, I hate that I can’t have multiple menus expanded at once. It makes working in the admin extremely slow. That’s really my only gripe. — Justin Tadlock

The issue for some will be that the option to keep menu items of our choice open will disappear. I’m preparing in advance by operating with only one sub-menu item at a time and I’m not liking it.  See also: Admin menu doesn’t expand/collapse in 3.3 beta 1. Why? (78 posts)
fly-out menu

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19 thoughts on “WordPress Fly Out Menus Coming Soon

  1. Thanks for the heads up, TimeThief. I’m so spoiled by the expandable/collapsible menus in WordPress and not too thrilled about the fly-out menus to come. It’ll take some getting used to, but I’m sure I’ll survive.


    • Hi Allyson,
      You’re welcome. Like most folks I’m resistant to change, but I’m also resilient and will adapt to whatever is coming next down the pipe. What peeves me off most of all is the chnages that are made without any prior warning. I don’t accept the argument that members don’t require prior notice of change being made to their dashboards and Admin bars.

      • I think there are enough of us to justify prior notice. I’ve noticed the subtotals of post read per author, recently introduced and which we liked, have recently disappeared!

        The last round of changes I have just gotten used to – not sure I like them still, but I have gotten used to them. It is never ending, it seems.

  2. I’m smiling here. Not because I like the changes because I don’t, I hate them. I’m smiling because I went away from my blog for a break expecting to come back and see changes I wouldn’t like. The only one I saw, instantly, was a wordpress button-ad on my admin bar suggesting that I ‘upgrade to pro’, and now of course I see what’s coming next via your (excellent) post and it really doesn’t surprise me.

    The newish menus that they put in the admin bar recently, on the left and right have fly-out menus, so I presume eventually everything will be the same – til they get onto the next upgrade that’s destined for the folks on I shall never forget we’re just guinea pigs here on

    I found something recently that gave me an indication of the fly-out menus before they happened (though it was still a shock when they did): via core.trak, about flyout menus.

    • Hey there,
      And how did I know in advance what your response would be? When the links we used on the Admin bar were removed raincoaster posted into a thread wondering why that “real estate” that wasn’t being used due to the fly outs from the Admin bar installation and pondered what they would put there. Now we know the Admin bar has become an advertising bar. We also have advertsting on our dashboards — even in private blogs. Buy a domain – buy a premium theme blah, blah, blah …

      Boo yeah! is monetizing and don’t forget it – they want your money honey … and they are making sure that you know that. lol :D

      You and I fall into the demographic who HATE in your face advertsising. Those young snapper whippers don’t object as they have been raised on fast food in front of the boobtube. They are the demographic that just can’t wait to share their personal information online and they LOVE brand ads — oh yeah – they find them “enertaining”. (rolling eyes skyward)

      Re: the trac ticket – I read it previously.

      • One of the reasons I moved To WordPress from my previous blog on LiveJournal was because LJ was so much into monetising and moving with the ‘put everything out there on display’ crowd. Now I realise there isn’t actually anywhere online (that’s free, anyway) where this isn’t going to happen. I do feel a tinge of ‘just you wait’ toward the self-hosters, though… they probably don’t even have an inkling of what they’re eventually going to get apropos flyouts and so on.

        And yep, you and I… a dislike of the ‘in yer face’. Definitely.

        • I’ve accepted the reality that ongoing change is the status quo when it comes to blogging software. I have self hosted and don’t want to do that again at this point. I guess I’m just a curmdgeon … lol :D

  3. If they’re going to make it only fly-out menus in the web Dashboard, then I hope they include a notifier for both comments and feedback. Right now in the expanded menu you can immediately see if a comment is waiting for moderation, but not when the Dashboard menu is collapsed.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I noticed that too and winder what accomodation will be made for it. IMHO some kind of notification of pending comments and feedbacks on the dashboard will be needed. I’m not into notification by email. I’m flooded with email for my contracted work and for my husband’s work. That’s I have opted out of almost everything that requires email notification.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      My experience with fly out menus is limited but using my menu now with only one section open at a time is extremely limiting. I’m not impressed.

  4. No please!! Drop-down is better than Fly-out navigation for those who access dashboard with mobile handsets (like me). :| I think, this improvement would be another step to eliminate older browsers (like IE6) out of use.

    • Too late — fly out menus are definitely on the way. So maybe you want to do as I’m doing and stop leaving sections expanded. I believe this is a hover or scroll choice. The developers believe fly out menus reduce scrolling so the ability to expand and collapse has been eliminated.

      P.S. IE6 is no longer supported by Microsoft or Did you see what Jane Wells said in May? Scroll down to Goodbye IE6

    • @Gaurav, has some excellent mobile apps. I’m using the Android one and the interface is entirely optimized for mobile. You should try it if you aren’t.

      • Flyout Menus are not bad on mobile. ;) Dashboard looks optimised for smaller screens and it’s stunning to see such a dynamic menus.
        @Jennifer I use WordPress for Nokia, that is not as good as other WP apps but workable.

    • As far as I can tell we have the same access we always did. When all the menu sections are collapsed there’s no need to scroll. What’s eliminated is the ability to have more than one menu section open at a time. I don’t like that because I have been accustomed to working with more than a single menu section open. Others may feel differently based on how they work. Another factor maybe what you are using to access your blog and work in it. For example, those who work on teeny tiny screens on hand-held devices may have a different experience than I do working on my desk top.

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