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Facebook and eBay Social Shopping Experiences

online mallToday the executive of eBay, the world’s largest internet marketplace, and the executive of Facebook, the world’s largest social-networking platform, unveiled a new partnership.  Facebook, is tapping eBay’s commerce platform to create new social shopping experiences for hundreds of millions of consumers.

Weaving Facebook features into e-commerce products has the potential to make online shopping a more personalized experience, by displaying people’s thoughts about products on the virtual store shelves. — UPDATE 1-eBay and Facebook unveil e-commerce partnership

Recent changes to Facebook’s platform mean that users don’t have to “like” a song to listen to music or share it with friends anymore. The same will be true for products … users will soon be able to “buy,” “own,” “want,” “recommend” or “review” products and share them with friends and family.   —  Facebook, eBay unveil plans to drive future of commerce
This partnership is designed to create a new crop of e-commerce applications with social networking features. Two apps,  were released  at the X.commerce Innovate Conference in San Francisco.  Fanpage Toolkit’s two newest f-commerce innovations One-Click Sync for eBay Stores and One-Click Sync for Magento’s E-Commerce Platform.

facebayeBay Store One-Click Sync – instantly duplicate an eBay store on Facebook and choose to have transactions complete either within the Facebook ecosystem or eBay. Fanpage Toolkit performs f-commerce at the store level, which allows merchants to have multiple Facebook f-commerce stores mapped to one eBay store catalog. A great option allowing for “in” versus “out” of Facebook ecosystem transaction testing and to have the ability to break-up an eBay product catalog over multiple Facebook f-commerce stores.

Magento One-Click Sync app allows users to instantly duplicate a Magento store on Facebook and choose to complete transactions either within the Facebook ecosystem or Magento. All other eBay features are also supported with the Magento app; and with Fanpage Toolkit’s commitment to open source, you can expect equal support to all mainstream open E-Commerce platforms in the very near future. — Press Release

Shopping online is now among the most popular ways to purchase products during the holiday seasons. Millions shop for gifts at the last-minute and  online shopping can remove stress from this last-minute shopping habit. Since 2006 Thanksgiving has slowly given way to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as the day after Thanksgiving has long been the most lucrative shopping day of all.

Many shoppers will start their holiday shopping  when they log-in to Facebook.  How many will be using eBay Store One-Click Sync and/or Magento One-Click Sync e-commerce applications with social networking features?

4 thoughts on “Facebook and eBay Social Shopping Experiences

  1. For major purchases ..a vehicle, furniture that may be quite useful. For instance in the cycling community there are opinions sought on certain types of bikes, etc. But it just feeds another addiction within FB –more shopping, more consumer hunger and curiosity.

    The world doesn’t need yet one more attention on social interaction based on shopping.

    Just buying online over the Internet web sites is good enough for most folks’ needs.

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