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Facebook or Google Plus?

google plus iconIf you are a regular reader of this blog then you are well aware of my antipathy when it comes to Facebook. However, I have been considering joining Google Plus. For the last month I have been reading all I could find on both so I had some information upon which to make an informed decision. Below are excerpts from some articles I would like to share. What I’m looking for now is feedback from those readers who do have a Google Plus account.

With 800 million users, Facebook is where the action is.  The recent F8 upgrade means Facebook will collect and share a lot more information about its users, whether they like it or not. But by opening membership to everybody, Google+ not even a 10th of Facebook’s 800 million is getting the most important upgrade of all: a lot more members. Social one-upmanship

New data from Experian Hitwise suggests that Google+ has exploded since Google decided to open the social network to the public. … Last week, Google began allowing users to join Google+ without an invite. Google+ still seems to be dominated by what they describe as “influencers” and “early adopters.”
Google+ Traffic Grows 1269% After Ditching Invitations | WebProNews.

One major difference between Facebook’s set up  and Google Plus is the circle system. Google Plus divides your associates into circles (friends, acquaintances,family, etc.). You can customize what’s on your front page based on these circles and you can customize who sees what you post.

Facebook is gradually replacing the profile page format of every one of its hundreds of millions of users with the new Timeline. You can find out if your account has been converted simply by clicking on your name on the very top bar of your Facebook account. The new feature will showcase a plethora of your activity going all the way back to your very first Facebook post — meaning your entire social network identity needs to be spotless.   How to edit your Facebook Timeline before making it public

According to an article in the Daily Mail, the website’s practices were exposed by Australian technology blogger Nick Cubrilovic, and Facebook claims the issue has since been fixed.  So after the last round of updates in response to Google Plus going public Facebook now allows you to customize who sees what you post. Facebook Privacy? Really?

Did you know that you can add a Google Plus tab to your Facebook page? Those of you that already have a Google+ page, and would like to link it to your Facebook page, this is just another way to keep everything neat, organized & all in one spot on Facebook. How to Add a Google Plus Tab to Your Facebook Page

The fast-paced development of Google+ has become a force to be reckoned with. Social media marketers and community managers will undoubtedly feel the pressure to keep up. In this post are 20 tips and resources to help you keep learning about Google+ and ways to enhance your user experience. 20 Ways to Master Google+ – Summify.

Thanks +Matt Mastracci, a Google+ user who has been looking closely at the social network’s source code, we are now able to predict with some evidence whats coming next to Google+. 5 Major Upcoming Features Discovered Within The Google+ Source Code

  1. photos from posts;
  2. photos from Messenger;
  3. new profile privacy presets;
  4. Google+/Google Voice integration;
  5. Google Experts.


  •  Do you have a Facebook account? If so, is it for a fan page?
  •  Do you have a Google Plus account?
  •  If you do have a Google Plus account, would you like to share your experience?

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58 thoughts on “Facebook or Google Plus?

  1. I have both, but honestly I am growing tired of social networks. I find G+ a lot better though, there are no crappy game application invitations like there are on facebook. Well, yet.
    There is still not much movement on G+, though, but I think people will start gradually migrating from facebook to G+, because it’s just so more user friendly and visually attractive.

    Cool blog, by the way!

    • Hello there,
      While there may not be much activity at Google Plus when one compares what activities are going on at the datamining operation then IMHO one isn’t missing much.

  2. Thank you for this about Google+, I have been struggling to overcome the sheer dread of having to figure it out – your article and people’s comments have eased me into that and I know now what to look for and look out for.

    Facebook has been invaluable personally for helping me establish connections in a new trade and in a new country. Also we use it for the port wine brand for which I blog, it is a key strategy for us. But like several people above, I am profoundly annoyed by constant unexpected tinkering, and FB’s arrogance in assuming IT knows what I want to read – I have in fact lost sight of the people I want to follow, as they are less noisy than the ones FB promotes to top of list.

    I do now feel obliged to use these tools to stay connected professionally, but I am feeling a little exhausted by it all. The next thing I am going to do is forget about Google+ and read Sandra Pawula’s blog articles you linked to… I think I need them now. Thank you!

    • For me the key question is whether or not investing time in social networking achieves the purpose of attracting more readers. For others social networking may not be aimed at any purpose other than socializing online. I simply don’t fall into the latter group at all as I have no inclination towards spending my time on small talk. I have also noticed that not matter where I go the A List bloggers are dominant and the other “voices” are barely heard. Sandra’s articles are well worth reading. If I do join another social network it will be Google Plus.

  3. Google + for me any day. I am on Twitter and Linkedin too. The problem is all my friends and co-workers are on Facebook and they are yet to switch to Google +. I use a chrome extension to connect my facebook and twitter to Google + and post my updates to Twitter and FB using the extension.

    There is something creepy about Facebook. Every 3 months they change the privacy policy. But now being Google + around at least their is a good alternative.

  4. Neither. Believe it or not Blogging is still one of the best ways to create your own unique “digital identity”. Hope that helps.

  5. Time will certainly unveil which will be more used. Like every other Social-Networking website I’ve seen, a “certain” site (consider MySpace or Orkut) just stands in the “Cool” position for 3-4 years. People like to see new things after a while. So Google+ is here in the best time possible.

    Google is in the beneficial side as it has a huge user-base for its other apps. It might be that both share the amount of users and nobody gets a loss.

    • You’re right. I have seen Myspaces, Mybloglog, and Delicious rise and fall. I don’t expect that Google Plus will fall though. It will grow and that’s a good thing. No one I know wants Facebook to be the only big social network.

  6. I have used both Facebook as well as Google+, probably up until now not as it could be used. As far as “safe” is concerned, it is a small word but has large implications and I doubt that anything you put out on the public domain will be safe and that comes with the turf, if you want to get known there will always be the risk factor.

    But in answer to the question SO FAR with using Google+ I have found it more useful to connect with like minded persons albeit unknown. Facebook has been a place for any and everybody for years and so the ambiance tends to be, the dumber the post the more attention you tend to get.

    The circle feature has been nice in this aspect to be able to read what you would like to. I guess the list feature in FB is still getting ironed out because it has not been totally working on my profile.

    • Hi Rusty,
      Thanks for letting me know that Google Plus is going well for you. You are right about privacy, safety and security. Anyone who plans to become well known takes risks, and that’s really a matter of choice.

      I hope your FB timeline feature is functioning by now. You aren’t the first person who has told me that dumb stuff goes over well on Facebook … lol :D In any community of that size and diversity I guess that can be expected as the number of bored people hanging out there must be huge.

      Thanks for wading in here and sharing.

  7. Timethief,

    I find Google+ far more of an enjoyable experience than Facebook. A cleaner design, the mature realisation from the start that not all people in one’s social circle are “friends”, an easy way organise groups of contacts on what you want to share with them, etc.

    Facebook has also proven time and time again it simply cannot be trusted. The “Sword of Damocles” feeling that an obscure security tick box for current week’s UI change has been overlooked, the endless Zynga/Farmville game spam, poor chat functionality, apps with no purpose other than to vacuum your personal info – all are Facebook shortcomings that drove me to Google+. I haven’t looked back, and frankly have no desire to.

    My only Facebook posts now are automatically generated, due to my blogging efforts.


    • Hi Stephen,
      I appreciate receiving your breakdown. I started out all fired up about making a choice and leaning towards Google Plus. Now I’m less fired up but not because Google Plus sounds less appealing. On the contrary, it sounds much better than Facebook. The more comments I read the more introspective I became.

      The fact Google Plus has been based on original content rather than auto-generated content makes it more attractive to me. The rest of what comes with th territoy is appealing too. I may join Google Plus and it’s good to know that if I do you folks will be there.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. Hey there,

    Good resources. Thanks for the leads on the how to’s, etc.

    I’ve Been on Google+ for a couple months now, though I have been resisting the urge to get people over to it until I formed a firm opinion. I just have a few family and friends there so far.

    FaceBook works well for the most part, and in light of Google+ they are making changes that emulate the features of Google+. That said, I prefer the interface and the way the features are presented on Google+. I like the way the circles are created and controlled. So easy to have, say, a circle of family and close friends that you communicate with to the exclusion of all other circles.

    Those other circles might be one for a passionate interest and another for business, etc.. It is easy to keep them completely separate on Google+. Your business contacts will not be seeing your family discussions, and your family and close friends don’t have to be bored and overwhelmed with your communications about gaming or boat building that you engage in with your niche interest circle.

    Also “Sparks” is a cool way to meet others on Google+ that are within your niche interest areas. So I am going to slowly bring people in to my Google+ circles and keep faceBook going as a backup of sorts.


    • Hi John,
      So far everyone agrees agreement that when it comes to the Google Plus the interface is easy to use compared to Facebook’s set up. There’s also agreement that the circles concept is a superior feature. I haven’t heard much about Sparks is for organizing topical interests (categories) found via search, so thanks for bringing it into the discussion. Sparks is a news aggregation feature that allows you to create topics of interest and use them as source of information and then share it with various different groups.

      Google’s biggest challenge is to convince people to sign-up for yet another social platform, especially since more and more people are hooked into Facebook and Twitter.

  9. I’ve been on FB for several years, find it an excellent way to keep in touch with people – I work ski seasons and live outside my country of origin, which gives me a very scattered pool of friends/acquaintances. Since I started blogging I’ve also found it useful in promoting the blog and connecting with others.

    Recently though, I’ve found its constant tinkering with the user experience annoying and I feel the site is cumbersome and clunky. Set up on Google+ today and initial impressions are favourable. I like: clean uncluttered interface; circle system as an easy way to control with whom you share a post; ability to send private messages via e-mail direct from the news stream. Downside is that there are far fewer people using it at the moment, making it a less effective network. However, I think people who try it will prefer it to FB, and downloading the SGPlus browser extension (Firefox, Chrome and Safari) allows you to a) post automatically from G+ to FB and b) import your FB feeds into your G+ stream. So you can switch to G+ and still see network activity from friends without having to move manually between the two sites.

    G+ needs more users if it’s going to succeed, but if it gains the necessary momentum I think Facebook should be worried.

    • @misplacedperson
      It’s been so good to get feedback from readers who can provide comparisons. I appreciate the fact you took the time to tell us what your experience has been at Facebook and Google Plus.

      “Recently though, I’ve found its constant tinkering with the user experience annoying and I feel the site is cumbersome and clunky. Set up on Google+ today and initial impressions are favourable.”

      I thing Google Plus will continue to grow and it will be interesting to see what the number show a year from now. * Special thanks for the SGPlus browser extension tip.

  10. I’ve been on FB for about 5 years, since moving to France from England it was a simple way to keep in touch with the day to day of family and friends. I have however, become increasingly frustrated with the twiddling and fiddling that they (the unknown backroom boys and girls) keep foisting out to us unsuspecting users. I want stripped back clean easy controls, I want to see things in a timeline, not at the top because there are lots of comments. I have a google + account and with all the noise I think I will try it out, run the two in parallel for a while. Not that I don’t have misgivings about the size and scope of information that google already collects about us. In the whole internet domain there is too little information about data protection/personal information security for the layman and casual users.

    Like the header bar by the way,


    • Hi Jim,
      I hope you forgive my delayed response. When I published this post I was preparing to make a decision to spend more time social networking, probably by joining Google Plus. Now I’m not so inclined.

      I hear you when write of the geeky twiddling and fiddling that creates greater layers of complexity when it comes to use. I favor simplicity and that’s across the board in my online and offline life. I also hear you when it comes to Google and our data.

      Please do feel free to let my know how goes with running Facebook and Google Plus in parallel. I’m interested to hear what your experience is.

  11. This is off topic but have you come across something called Disqus? I left a comment on a blog and it said do you want to comment using your google account and then I said ok and it promptly put my full name on the comment. I then managed to edit it and create another username, but it doesn’t link automatically to my blog, when I looked at the settings to do this it asked for my wordpress user name and password…. I don’t think so… why are all these services hellbent on world domination?

    • Hi Joanna,
      Disqus is a commenting system. Like you I’m tired of the hell bent on world domination agendas. It’s not the software that builds community it’s the people and the time they dedicate to relationship building that results in community.

  12. I joined G+ at the request of a friend, did nothing more, but am amused because I find people I do not know adding me and have no idea if that is a good or bad thing. I am on Twitter and LinkedIn for business purposes, Facebook for business but also connections with family, friends, and former students, I am also an active WPblogger. So I am pretty much out there. A bit curious as to why I am being added to people’s G+ lists. Too busy with other priorities to do more than wonder. Thought you might be interested and have some thoughts.

    • Hi Katherine,

      “I find people I do not know adding me and have no idea if that is a good or bad thing.”

      When I read that I laughed out loud and even snorted! :D Then I read on and realized how busy you must be. You also do LinkedIn. Goodness — you are everywhere. It’s good to meet you and thanks for commenting here.

      P.S. I just visited your blog and subscribed. You will find my personal blog here

  13. Let me get this comment out first: Wow, another blog theme header change. Great. I love it. More eye-catching!

    Really, I don’t want to fall into another FB like tool at this time in life. I don’t have an FB account. I fill my personal time cycling and blogging several different blogs. I mean please…. But maybe I should ensure GooglePlus button is another share button for readers to use.

    Ok, now I feel less guilty for ignoring yet another social media tool/toy.

    • Hi Jean,
      I took a brief break while I went into thinking mode instead of answering comments here. Thanks for the compliment on the header. I believe I have posted 3 new ones now so I’m not sure which one you liked. I switched to Twenty Eleven on both blogs as it resizes for those using mobiles to read my blogs. To my great disappointment using a background results in it loading last and sort of “hanging on” until one clicks a couple of times. I hate slow loading so I abandoned using backgrounds today.

      I’m all for providing social networking buttons for others to use but I’m no longer keen on joining another social network. I’m strongly leaning towards increasing the time I spend on creating content and commenting on other blogs in the self development niche.

      Beloved and I also have a new schedule whereby we are watching movies together a couple of nights a week or piecing jigsaw puzzles or just listening to music and chatting. We spent more time together this summer and that pattern is still with us, so I won’t be converting that time into social networking time.

      P.S. Don’t feel guilty. Remember that we own our blogs — they do not own us. ;)

  14. Hi timethief,

    All my good friends from around the world are on FB. I haven’t seen a big exodus to Google+ from my pool of friends. I don’t spend a lot of time on my personal profile page, but I enjoy having the connections with my friends from around the world there. I also have a FB fan page, which I enjoy immensely. I love posting quotes and positive thoughts there to encourage people as well as links to special posts and my own posts. I get some decent traffic from there and I feel like I am making a positive contribution to other people’s lives.

    I’m also on Google+ but aside from the first week or two I don’t feel much sense of traction there. Top bloggers like Leo Babauta, EV Bogue, and Gwen Bell are there. Some of them see it as very different than other social media and call it a gathering place. I’m not so sure it’s a gathering place as much as it’s a place for them to be the “star” so to speak and “thought leader”, which initiate conversations. They ask people to leave their blog comments on Google+ instead of on their blog. Now there’s probably some wise strategy there, but will it work for the new blogger? Both Gwen Bell and EV Bogue are completely off twitter now and only on Google+

    Here’s one link where Gwen Bell talks about Google+

    Google+ of course is far more intuitive to use than FB and has a more open and spacious feel. Everyone loves the circles, but it’s just like any other social media where people can include you but virtually ignore you. So what’s so good or different about that? I have people adding me to circles, but are they really interested in me or my work.

    I haven’t spent much time on Google+ in the last few weeks. I’ll need to get back in there and see if anything is really happening. I find it’s far less limiting than twitter but haven’t seen it’s full potential really.

    Thanks for this array of articles. I’m curious as to what your decision will be.

    Love your blog theme switch-over! Nice header. I’m always itching to do the same though I’m quite happy with Manifest. I love the themes with the one column blog post page.

    • Hi Sandra,
      As you know I spent the summer rearranging my life and spent less time online. Like you pointed to in your superb article I have been concerned about how much time I have spent on social networking. This fall I’m hoping to make some changes that result in spending less time and investing it where it’s most effective ie. where I’m most likely to connect with other body, mind and spirit bloggers as it’s my personal blog that I would like to increase readership of.

      Thank you so much for your informative feedback.

      Top bloggers … ask people to leave their blog comments on Google+ instead of on their blog. I have people adding me to circles, but are they really interested in me or my work.

      As these comments were coming in and I was reading them I felt myself pulling back from the idea of adding another social network, so I took a breather from answering comments to think about this a little deeper and a little longer. I have read your article in it’s entirety again and today I’m not feeling decisive, but that’s not surprising given my introspective personality type. Hmmmm …

    • Hello again,
      I’m posting this second comment so you will know that I have also read your A Step-by-Step Guide to Overcoming Digital Overwhelm post again. Doing so made me want to compliment you again for all the work that went into it. The truth is I have felt compelled to engage in social media to promote my blogs, and I have focused more on promoting one than the other. Now I want to bring the two into balance. I also want to I spend more time on creating content and leaving comments on other blogs and answering the ones I receive. Adding another social network will not help me achieve those goals and I can see that now.

  15. Hi tt,

    I’m glad you brought up this subject, as I have been scratching my head over Google +. We seem to have so many options now, concerning social networking, and it can all seem too much to keep up with. I’ve learned a lot from the comments, and they will help me consider whether Google+ is for me or not. One problem I have had with my FB page is that it turned out to be a combination of personal contacts and blog contacts, something I did not anticipate when I began it. Perhaps Google+ is the solution, because I can control who receives which messages. It seems that the major drawback, mentioned by a previous poster, is that those without a Google (gmail) account are left out of the network.


    • Hi Kathleen,
      It’s my personal blog that I’d like to attract more readers to, and I failed to state that above. As you read on through my answers to comments you will find out how wishy-washy I feel about joining another social network. If I do it’s more likely to be Google Plus than Facebook, but now I’m wondering if I ought to forget adding another social network and instead just focus on commenting on more personal development and self improvement blogs I like reading.

  16. After spending about a year on FB, I closed my account two years ago. While mine is most assuredly the minority opinion, I find FB interaction extraordinarily superficial. It is also a time-sucking vortex, and I don’t have enough to waste any. It is voyeuristic – like peeping in windows – isn’t that usually illegal? It appeals to that unfortunate part of each one of us that feels that our comments, schedule or children’s activities are of great interest to the world at large; and that our opinions, often on things that we know nothing about, are truly important. I also got seriously annoyed when “friends” would somehow go onto my page, and tag my own photos for me, the nerve! Now, I read the occasional post or article about the serious invasion of privacy, and wonder why no one else seems to care. I’m grateful for you Timethief!

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I enjoyed reading your summary of your Facebook experience, (wicked laughter) as it was an entertaining read. And, you most certainly aren’t alone. I have some friends who left FB and speak the same way about it as you have done. Life is short and it makes sense to invest our time online and offline wisely.

  17. I have FB and two fan pages for Lafemmeroar and the Crazy Chicks Club. I’ve been contemplating the idea of joining Google Plus so thanks for this article. Informative and helpful as usual.

    • Setting up Facebook fan pages for your blogs make more sense to me than setting up a profile and fake farming does. lol :D Anyway, there’s first hand information in the comments on Google Plus that will help both of us make our decisions. Thanks for commenting.

  18. I am a FB user for quite a few years. I joined FB due to the “spam invitation mails” I keep receiving from friends; I just wanted to stop those emails from coming in. And years on, it becomes a platform where I can get in touch with friends; to see what they are up to. Yes, momfog, the recent changes are horrible! I can’t really stand it.

    For me, I have only heard about Google launching G+; didn’t know anything esle about it. After reading your post and the comments, I feel that G+ is just another social networking site. Right now, I don’t have the urge to join G+. Perhaps when my group of circle moves to that site, I would consider about it; group pressure definitely works on me.

    • Hello there,
      Thanks for telling us where you are at with this. Like Susan, you have been on FB for a long time, so what you say makes sense to me.

  19. FB has always irritated me. If G+ allows me to give and receive information without the clutter of farmville, astrological predictions and virtual bouquets etc then I will be seriously tempted.

    As for the anonymity . . . what a mess. My whole ID needs a complete overhaul. When I started blogging I never expected to become as “connected” as I have, nor to enjoy it as much as I do! What seemed like a good idea at the time was seen in isolation.

    • I love your opening paragraph. It’s so snarky and that’s how I feel about Facebook too. I snorted! ;)

      Sandra said above that there are other people using their pseudonyms on Google+ but I know people, including raincoaster, who were kicked off for using a pseudonym. She did get back in and I’m not clear on the details but there have been others as well. Worse still, they were locked out of all Google services.

      Wham Bam Google Ban: No Pseudonyms on Google Plus Profiles

  20. I like the idea of choosing who sees what posts. I’ve been on Facebook for years and I really only joined to keep in touch with friends and family after I moved, but I do have a page for my blog. I don’t really spend a lot of time posting there, though. What I hate about Facebook are the sudden changes and the fact that they always seem to make things more complicated. The latest changes are HORRIBLE.

    I have a Google+ account but haven’t had time to figure out how it works. Given my disgust with facebook, I think I’ll make the time. I agree about the branding issue. Bloggers spend a great deal of time building a following for ther blogging names and this could pose a problem for attracting followers on Google+. Not to mention the surrendering of our relative anonymity.

    • I like that Google plus feature too. For example, I don’t think all body, mind, and spirit bloggers would necessarily want to recieve posts on blogging tips, science, poetry, etc. So in these days where we are flooded with information I think the ability to select who reads what makes sense.

      The complexities of being a Facebook user don’t attract me at all. The fact one’s activities and preferences are being siphoned is creepy.

      What’s more? Surprise! Everything has changed, it’s harder to use, and privacy settings are affected. Don’t you just love it?

  21. I’ll be following this. Right now I’m on FB, mainly for my business page but as a social connection as well. I’ve been hesitant about Google + but many people I know have created accounts there after the changes this week.
    For me, right now, FB works for my business. With the significantly higher membership it’s allowing me much greater exposure.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for weighing in and sharing your experience. I’m glad that being on Facebook works for your business. Best wishes with it.

  22. I have had Google + more or less since it came out because I have a high tech son. I love the circles, and the way you can choose to simply have your posts go to certain circles, or to individuals if you want to make sure particular people see it. It’s still not a habit with me, because I forget to post regularly, although I repost stuff there from blogs etc. One drawback: there are plenty of people who don’t have a Google account, and are simply confused when they get something from me. But I think it’s going to be good.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know what it’s like from the inside. I’m short on time as my moniker suggests and I like the ability to be selective. There are privacy controls. I wonder though if I will feel lost or not. I’ve spent 6 years blogging under this pseudonym and it’s what identifies me on the internet. Google has my real name and home email address as well as all whosis information. I feel like I may lost if I join up as there’s nothing that will connect me to either my blogging tips blog or my personal blog.

      • timethief,

        I’ve seen other people using their pseudonyms on Google+ so I don’t really see what would stop you. You can mention your blogs (author of xyz blog) in the spot right below you name and have links to them on your about page. So there are ways to connect you with your blogs. Hope that helps a bit.

        • Hi Sandra,
          Thanks it does. I’m hoping that if I do join those who may know me as timethief and who know my blogs will be able to locate me, despite the fact I haven’t been using my actual name(s) online.

          My first and last names are extremely common in Canada and there are several other Canadian women online who share them. When I first began to blog others, including a stalker with a record for sexual assaults, insisted I was one of the others by the same name ie. his ex. I went crazy as I was flooded with emails from people I didn’t know, and having then to explain I was not the person they thought I was. The stalker showing up in this remote location was the final straw for me. I took the advice of the officers and when I became a blogger I chose to use this pseudonym.

  23. Hi Timethief,

    I’ve been on FB for many years. I’ll probably never leave it as it’s the preferred meeting ground for my young nieces and nephews, therefore a great place for me to stay in touch with them. However it feels clunky and resistant now that I’m on Google+.

    Google+ is 100 times easier to use when it comes to deciding exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it. I’m connected to twice as many people on G+ even though I’ve only been a member for a few months.


    • Hi Susan,
      Now that’s useful information. You and Dave are pointing to the same things — Google Plus is easy to use and feels smooth compared to the clunkiness of Facebook. Frankly I would expect that, as Google people are specialists when it comes to information indexing, location, and retrieval. The ease of using those functions are key to me enjoying my experience, as due to the head injury, my sight is problematic and my dyslexia is becoming more pronounced.

      I have family members and friends who have been on Facebook for years and others who left over privacy issues. We already have lines of communication between us that are private and those who remain at FB know better than to try and get me to join.

      As I said to David above it’s good to know if I do decide to give Google Plus a try that you two are members. Thanks for commenting.

  24. I’m not on either Facebook or Google+, but I’d certainly like to learn more re others’ experience with both. Thanks for broaching the subject, TT, I shall look forward to reading others’ comments.

    • Hi Mark,
      Aha! You are another blogger like myself — a non-groupie hence far. I’ve been reading these comments and celebrating the fact I have such great readers who are willing to share their experiences with us.

  25. Let’s see:

    In some ways I do not think one person can say what the differences are between FB and G+, because each person’s experience can be so different.

    We have a Facebook Fan page for our brand. I also interact on Facebook as ‘me’ and because of the people I know, I tend to share environmental concerns, gripes about political policies, humour, and science.

    No celebrity gossip, no animated gifs of a donkey kicking a man over a fence, no cute cats. But yes, some cute animals if they are very, very cute.

    I am also on G+ and have been for a while. It has a different feel to it compared to Facebook. Much more geeky and ahead of the curve. No branding allowed, of course. Lots of coders and photographers on G+ and I know one person who uses G+ as his blog.

    Of course conversations are threaded and for the most part, open, and topics are searchable.

    So lots of people can and do join in. Compared to FBook it feels much more open.

    However, I think the single biggest difference is that the people behind Facebook feel very distant.

    They create and we use.

    I have no idea who they are (apart from Mark Zuckerberg).

    My circles on G+ on the other hand include people who work for Google doing the coding for G+.

    They do not distance themselves – on the contrary, they are ‘people just like the rest of us’.

    However, I have always thought that one person’s Facebook experience will not be the same as another person’s experience because they will inhabit different social circles.

    A group of scientists who met at university will probably have a quite different experience of FBook compared to a group of childhood friends.

    One last thing, the Facebook ‘rules’ seem very complex and almost designed to keep people on their toes (I may not be far wide of the mark, there.)

    Google+ on the other hand feels completely intuitive, and what is not intuitive is just a question away (or use the search bar).

    Bottom line – try G+ because there is nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain. It would be great to see you there.

    This is me on G+

    • Hi David,
      I appreciate your thoughtful response. I’m aware that Google Plus began with a “geeky” core of early adopters who were predominantly male. I think that was probably a good thing as they certainly know their way around the internet.

      You are in agreement with others I have asked about both the variations in individual experience re: circles and the feeling of openness at Google plus.

      I think you know me well enough now to apprehend that I am never bored and have zero interest in games, fake farming, etc. By now you and all my other readers have discerned I have little patience with anyone singing the “make a million online” line song. I’m not focused on branding or flogging goods or services to anyone. I have many interests such as art, literature, environmentalism, music, meditation, writing, poetry, self improvement, etc. I’m wondering if I would find circles that will include me there, or if I will feel like I’m standing the hallway waiting for an invitation. ;)

      I’m happy to hear that Google plus is intuitive and easy to use, as accessibility and ease of use are of major concern to me. It’s also good to know that if I do try Google Plus you will be there. Thanks again for your comment and for sharing that link.

      • If you decide you want to find out more about who is saying what on G+, you can do it without committing to anything.

        Just go to google and you should see a ‘You+’ tab at the far left of the navigation bar.

        Click on that and type in a search term.

        I should do it more myself, but there are not enough hours in the day.


    • Concordo que a decisão é um passo importante. Eu tenho tão pouco tempo para se dedicar ao trabalho em rede social, e eu gostaria de fazer uma boa escolha. Estou interessado em ouvir o que meus leitores possam ter para compartilhar antes de me decidir.

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