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Stumbleupon Changes Coming Soon

stumbleupon iconIf you are a Stumbleupon member as I am, you will have received the email I have posted excerpts from below. In my case, it doesn’t look like the changes will impact me much if at all. I have never joined any Stumbleupon groups. As I did not spend time and effort on customizing my site there I don’t mind that my theme will be changed. I’m not clear on whether or not the Blog Posts/HTML Reviews change will affect me and I don’t have a photoblog but others may have a different read on this.

Here’s how these changes will take place:

  1. Groups: Groups will be visible until October 24th, then will be removed permanently from the site. You can manually copy anything you’d like to keep, or will be able to export group information. We are working on an export option and will send more specific details in a few weeks.
  2. Themes: Your current theme will remain up until October 24th. At that time all themes will be changed to a default theme that is a white background with black type. To see how your profile will look with the default theme, check your settings.
  3. Blog Posts/HTML Reviews: After October 24th we will no longer offer HTML/Blogging functionality, but you’ll still be able to access blog posts and reviews created before October 24th which will exist in plain text format. We are working on an export option and will send more specific details about this in a few weeks.

Your feedback and questions continue to be important to us as we make changes. You should expect to hear from us again in about a month, when we’ll have more details around export options. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us directly if you have questions, or go to our Help Center to learn more about these changes.


  1. Are you a Stumbleupon member?
  2. If so, then do you think these changes will create a better Stumbleupon experience for you or not?
  3. If not, are you interested in becoming a Stumbleupon member?

12 thoughts on “Stumbleupon Changes Coming Soon

  1. Hi, Timethief.

    I am actually a StumbleUpon member, although I don’t use it as frequently as I should. I belong to two or three groups, but haven’t participated, so the group changes won’t affect me. I must have missed their email since I didn’t know about the changes they were implementing. I also didn’t customize my theme too much, so I’m fine there as well. Wish the left in the option for HTML/blog post functionality however. That’s going to be difficult for lots of people. I wonder why they’re making all these adjustments.

    Thanks for staying on top of it and for letting us know about the changes.


    • From what I read SU is aimed to be a recommendation engine and not a blogging platform.

      When we refer to blogs in the context of StumbleUpon, we mean the ability to customize a web page review, by manually adding HTML elements such as rich text and photo-blogging. Users are also able to add “standalone” blog posts that are not associated with any URL reviews. … We are not trying to be a blogging platform, but we strive to be your #1 go-to-place for discovering great things from across the web. This is our mission and our promise to our users. …
      After October 24th, users with HTML blogs can expect to see only their reviews converted into the text portion of the visually-rich reviews they made, in plain text format. If users have made standalone blog posts, these will no longer be available on their Reviews page.
      Your existing reviews will remain as they are, but they will be transformed to plain text reviews without any customization such as font color, size, alignment or inclusion of images.

      Okay I have looked at the 3,738 Reviews I have done. The HTML is the title link to the site/article, the tags, and links to the profile pages. Are those “links” going to disappear? Is that what they are saying?

  2. Hi timethief, I’m enjoying StumbleUpon more now that they have the toolbar available on Chrome. When I tried the IE toolbar 2 years ago, for some reason I never got the hang of it. I may have joined a couple of groups but I can’t say that I’ll miss them at all. Also, I’m not clear on how removing themes will impact my profile, but it doesn’t appear that it will be an issue for me. One thing I’d like to see is the ability to follow more than 500 people since it’s not easy to unfollow users who are no longer active.

    • Hi there,
      I abandoned IE browser years ago and only use one if I’m helping others. I used Chrome way back when it first came out for awhile and then uninstalled it. I may use it again in the near future but I’m a longtime Firefox user and fan. You shaould make your followers suggestions to SU Staff. As for me I have never focised on acquiring followers at SU. I’m into discovering sites. :)

  3. When I read this, I thought it was a spoof. I never blogged on Stumbleupon and didn’t know it was possible. But then when I read the FAQs, I saw

    When we refer to blogs in the context of StumbleUpon, we mean the ability to customize a web page review, by manually adding HTML elements such as rich text and photo-blogging. Users are also able to add “standalone” blog posts that are not associated with any URL reviews.

    Any idea where I might find one of these standalone blog posts so that I can see what it is that we will soon no longer be able to see?

    Finally, I cannot let this opportunity to comment pass by without mentioning – you have changed your theme! Is it a ‘keeper’?

  4. I’m actually glad stumble upon is changing to be more simpler, even though I dont use the site anymore.

    Ever since I got my iPad a month ago I havnt been on the site cause I keep forgetting. I use to get traffic from the site but now I’m lucky if it’s ever.

    My blogs also being neglected…..busy life+new job+fiancé=no personal time.

    P.s. Nice choice of theme :).

  5. Hopefully I will be able to transfer my content to or Not to offer HTML/Blogging functionality having a default theme, and StumbleUpon shutting down photo blogs is devastating to bloggers like me. In my opinion wordpress is going in the wrong direction.
    Thanks for you great advice you always give.

    • I’m so sorry to hear the Stumbleupon changes are going to negatively you as a photoblogger. I don’t understand what you mean by the following as the changes at and Stumbleupon are not connected.

      In my opinion wordpress is going in the wrong direction.

      I have previously self hosted my blog on software for a couple of years or more, and chose to move it back to free hosting here at I found that I was paying for web hosting but using little more than what I could get here on free hosting.

  6. Hi timethief,

    I’m not a big StumbleUpon user – I’ve played with it to see if I could drive traffic to my site. On one weekend just by playing around I got 1500+ hits in a single day (that’s a huge number for me!) but no comments and my numbers returned to normal within a few days which made me wonder about the quality of the traffic.

    One thing I do like about StumbleUpon is you can very quickly check out a number of new sites. It seems that you have to spend a good bit of time refining your categories to improve the quality of hits it send you.


    (ps – I love the new look on your site)

    • Hi Susan,
      I have always liked stumbling great sites and articles I have found while surfing the internet. I haven’t been great at sharing on that platform but that’s because I have limited time. As far as getting a sudden influx of traffic it does result in a high bounce rate and I haven’t seen any impact in terms of new readers of subscribers due to posts being stumbled. Today I did refine my categories of interest at Stumbleupon. I’m now contemplating whether or not to download a file of my content from there or not.

      P.S. re: the theme switch
      Thanks for the positive feedback. I’ll be publishing a post later today to explain what’s behind it.

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