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5 thoughts on “ adds .me domains

  1. The advantages are clear, but are there any downsides of changing from my present URL to the newer, better one? Wouldn’t I lose anyone who is on an RSS feed from my blog?

    Would one lose subscribers? I would think not, but… who knows?


    • When one changes the URL of their blog all the authority and the page rank that was earned under that URL is gone. It cannot be transferred. But within 4 – 6 months, all things considered, the new domain will usually earn it back again.

      When purchasing a domain we also purchase domain mapping and that provides a seamless transfer of our visitors between URLs. So when they they click on the old URLs they are directed immediately to the same content under the new domain URLs.

      If one informs their readers they are purchasing a domain URL for their content currently on a sub-domain then there’s no reason why subscribers should be lost.

      More information on .ne domains here >

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