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Adding posting time to date-only themes « Forums

I just added the “time” parameter after the date parameter in the date format box (in the General settings). Of course, if I ever change to a theme that includes the time stamp by default, I’ll have to delete the time parameter from the date, but that’s in the future. (For how to format the time and date, click the link provided in the Date Format setting section.) Read the full entry here > Adding posting time to date-only themes « Forums.

6 thoughts on “Adding posting time to date-only themes « Forums

  1. Very good. Hoping to get some information on slideshows. Having issues with where to post
    [slideshow] in post or page to generate slideshow with already exciting photos.
    Had know idea that wordpress supported slideshows until I accidentally came across it just surfing around forum. So it might be good for other to know that this option is available.

    • Hello there Jean,
      I ccan’t feature the time of publication ever being important to my readers when it comes to my posts. However, some bloggers seem to think it is. I decided the news of this workaround was worth publishing for those who need it.

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