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Blogging through the Seasons

Do you blog under the North Star or the Southern Cross? Do you blog close to the equator? Or are you blogging far from it? How many seasons do you experience? What characterizes those seasons? How does your blog’s  appearance and content reflect what the seasons symbolize, and how your offline life changes with the seasons?


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I live in North America under the North Star, where I experience four distinct  seasons. Each season features holiday celebrations and a change in lifestyle for me.
Spring (East) is associated with

  • anticipation
  • awakening
  • budding
  • new beginnings
  • rebirth and birth
  • cutivation and planting
  • and a sense of perfect timing.

Summer (South) is associated with

  • fulfillment
  • warmth
  • growth
  • sunshine
  • flowering
  • ripening
  • productivity
  • and a sense of fullness of time.

Autumn (West) is associated with

  • transition
  • maturity
  • fruiting
  • harvest
  • preservation and storing
  • and a sense of running out of time.

Winter (North) is associated with

  • introspection
  • cold
  • death
  • barrenness
  • hibernation
  • taking stock
  • planning and organization
  • and a sense of time slowing down.

tree in 4 seasons

Life is a balancing act and it’s not easy to achieve balance with one foot offline and the other online in an environment that never sleeps. The Internet doesn’t stop, can’t stop, won’t stop, so they say. It’s this aspect of blogging that can become repetitive and disheartening. You create content, publish, promote, comment, discuss and the cycle continues. — 5 years at

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In the summer months I have far less time to blog and social network in than I do during the other months of the year. This is reflected by the number of posts I publish and the amount to time I invest in blog promotion.

Discussion: Personal bloggers  naturally incorporate the changes in climatic conditions heralding seasonal changes in their posts. In other blogging niches this may not be the case. In this blog my headers reflect the changing seasons and lifestyle. Occasionally my content reflects seasonal changes but not to the extent that my personal blog does, as posts in my personal blog incorporate my offline activity.

What characterizes the seasons where you live?

Does your blogging reflect seasonal changes?

27 thoughts on “Blogging through the Seasons

  1. Hi TT, I realize that though I am in the equator, passions come around colder months especially during seasons you’s consider as autumn and winter. I am always preoccupied in summers and springs either mending a broken heart or on a terrible crises. This is an interesting article that made me reflect my status in the world of online relationships..and offline s well.

    • Hi Baxter,
      Your description of living in a completely different climate zone and seasonal lifestyle changes are interesting. I hope you liked the seasonal word associations and may even consider them when you blog.

  2. How timely. Here in northern Portugal the weather is mostly glorious from March through October, and November to Feb are generally colder and soggier though you can still get days of blinding and warming sun.

    For my personal blog I was just thinking of changing the header – photo of a vineyard in late March – to a near identical shot taken in November, but I will wait till after harvest. The content there is not particularly tied to seasons, though a few individual articles might be unique to their time of year.

    For the commercial blog there is clear seasonality in content, as of course we follow and report on the cycle of the vineyard year closely, and I do incorporate lots of photos. But there is another seasonal change: during most of the year I aim for two to three posts a week, but during harvest – 3 to 4 weeks in Sept-Oct – that becomes two to three posts DAILY as we keep our readers in touch with the progress of the picking and winemaking, and general life of the vintage. It is incredibly intense, as I spend most days almost entirely in the vineyards and wineries, and jump on the laptop at lunch and dinner time and overnight to get the writing and blog admin done. And if I am really lucky, between dinner and midnight I might get the opportunity to tread grapes for a few hours. Exhausting but exhilarating, and the feedback from readers, both on and off line, makes it worth everything.

  3. Interesting and unusual post! I don’t think I’ve thought about this before…
    Like Ron, I live in the UK, though I’m in Wales, not England and I live in a rural area. To an extent I suppose the seasons must affect what I blog but apart from photos that I sometimes post (more in my nature blog though I’ve been a bit sporadic there for a while) and my occasional whinges about snow – which I loathe – I haven’t noticed it.

    Our seasons don’t seem to have any ‘edges’ to them, spring slides into summer (when we actually get any summer) and summer slides into autumn, and so on…. here, it’s mostly cool and damp with some sudden bouts of extreme weather in summer. It’s a rather dull place climate-wise and I think for people living here, our moods often follow that. I’d hope that my blogging isn’t like the climate here, that would be awful! ;)

    Oh, and I love your header images in your personal blog. There was one set you had recently with turquoise and I longed to steal it! (But didn’t).

    • Dear Val,
      I love your comments and your posts and always find myself chuckling and smiling when I read them. I cannot imagine you sliding into dullness and grayness in your blog – ever! As you can tell I’m not an on the spot quick thinker who is great at conversation. Your posts are so unpredictably delightful and outgoing that I find myself mumbling and stammering without anything “witty” to post — typical introvert response. :(

      I’m glad to hear you like the dolphin dreaming header. It’s made from free wallpaper images. I spent some time online a couple of months ago scouting out free images and filed lots of them them away. Then I made some headers for my blogs. Some you haven’t seen yet are IMO more attractive than the ones you have seen but then attractiveness is subjective.

  4. 4 distinct seasons over here too. They are quite well celebrated in Japan.

    I like the idea of changing blog layout to match the current season… I never thought of that. Made me go, “Huh!” :)

    • Don’t stop with just the layout. Surely experiencing the seasons in Japan will give rise to images in posts and associated themes to blog about – no? ;)

  5. Love the image of the seasons…living in the mountains of the Mid-Atlantic area of the US, we get all 4 seasons. This summer has been a challenge to post regularly because along with more time outside, much time is also spent on trips, having friends and family visit, and other work interruptions! But, I guess it all evens out during the colder winter months…

  6. I experience the four seasons, too. Sometimes I’ll write a post with references to the weather/seasons/holiday of the time. Other times the way I write might be reflective of the season. I have SAD, so during the winter months my temperment is a little different. I tend to be more subdued and introspective. Though I try to keep a fresh face when I blog, I’m not sure if I slip sometimes.

    • Hi Janene,
      I think most of us do refelect in some way or another our very close associations with the seasons and what they hlod. This may be occasional or even unconsciously sone but I think we are strongly influenced by the seasons. Like you I suffer from SAD and I have a light that helps with the symptoms. Your humor and wit shine through your writing — fresh face ha! ha!

  7. I love how you described the word/season associations. Since I find so much solace, inspiration, energy and happiness from the out-of-doors, the seasons are reflected in the photos and, to some extent, the writing of my blog. Funny you should bring this up as I was contemplating a soon-to-be-done post related to the coming of fall.

    • @winsomebella
      I really enjoy your writing and the themes you develop in it. Your photos also feature nature and I’m a nature-lover too. It’s cool that you like the seaosnal word association groupings. I put considerable thought into them. It would be great if publish an autumn post and use or develop the words associations in it. In fact the more I think about it the more I wish I had constructed this post differently and invited my readers to develop those themes in posts of their own. Hmmm …

  8. Hey there! I live in the Southern US. It’s considered the Deep South. We pretty much have 8 months of summer, 2 weeks of fall, 3 months of winter and 2 weeks of spring. I love it – I enjoy the heat, humidity….everything! I don’t care for cold weather – despite the prettiness of snow.

    I like that your Summer list starts with “Fulfillment”. That pretty much describes me….I AM fulfilled!

    • Hi Ann,
      Wow! I think I’d like to experience 8 months of summer. I’m no longer enamored with snow. That fascination left me years ago though it is magical on the coast as we rarely experience it. I’ve never been as far south as the deep south but who knows what the future may hold?

      I’m sure your recipes do have seasonal themes if you think about it. The availability of fresh local veggies and fruits provides the best ingredients of all for mouth-watering dishes and what we make become recipes we can share.

  9. Living in an area with an unstable oceanic climate – England – it’s all too possible to experience all 4 seasons in one day at certain times of the year. However, having been housebound for the past year or so I’m finding myself pretty much immune to the vagaries of the seasons, which are normally marked by the position of the heating thermostat.

    A strange experience as I spent as much of my life as possible, before I became disabled, outdoors – hiking, cycling and backpacking.

    Still, at least I have my blog, and if it doesn’t take me out of my flat, at least I can write about things beyond these walls, which provides a welcome distraction. And if that sound a tad bitter, it’s really not intended to, but it’s pretty late here and rational thought gets hard to come by at two in the morning. ;~)

    • Hi Ron,
      Though it’s a different coast in a different country, I know what you mean about living on the coast. I’m always conscious of time and tides and weather and waves. You don’t sound bitter to me. My own life which was previously very physical and outdoorsy has been limited by health issues. Currently, I’m enjoying every bit of summer I canm and I don’t feel guilty at all about not publishing practical “how-to” blog posts. There will time to do that when the summer’s gone. Blogs provide wonderful opportunities for self expression, creativity, and connecting with others. Best wishes with yours.

  10. Love the word groupings around the seasons — I usually have lived in places without much change in seasons, so they tend to have little impact on me.

    • Hi zumpoems,
      I’m glad you appreciate the word groupings. I gave some thought to them.

      It would be cool if my readers picked up on any of them and backlinked to this post so I knew they had done that.

  11. Oops I meant I will publishing lst day next month, about a seasonal fruit. I’ll let folks guess…

    But for another blog that promotes a conference and travel to Vancouver, I do have to consciously think about the right time to publish some guest bloggers’ posts…ie. for cycling in wine region in Canada (ie. Okanagan Valley), then any time EXCEPT for winter, makes most sense.

  12. Admittedly I don’t consciously write for any particular season…

    However, since my personal blog tends to include cycling, travel and food tends to focus on these areas, I may be inspired by what I see and take photos. The experience and photos in turn might occasionally result in a blog post.

    So yes, my blog does include some posts and pics, here and there about: cycling under cherry tree blossoms, snowshoeing in the mountains, summer cycling-vacationing or food that is butternut squash coincides with early fall. I do have a blog post that is based on a seasonal fruit from our region.

    I did actually get ecopressed for another blog that I have about cycling in the winter (which I seldom do with snow and ice.) I was inspired by seeing a bike parked in a snowbank! People loved the photo. I also did a poll survey asking people if they cycled in the winter. Yes, we ended up summarizing our results.

    While living in under the North Star is abit annoying at times, to experience very cold temperatures (ie. -25 to -30 degrees C), it does add tremendous variety and inspiration for the Muse.

    • Hi Jean,
      Depsite the fact you are not doing so consciously, I love the way you do incorporate the seasons in your photographs and content too. In fact yours was one of the blogs I was thinking about when I created this post. :)

  13. My part of Canada experiences all four seasons, with each season being vastly different than the other three. My blogging reflects the seasons because I post a lot of nature photos. But my blogging and the seasons will not entirely coincide – I think my summer flower photos will show up in the depths of winter – there are only so many ways to make snow look like fun…

    • Hi Margie,
      Thanks for commenting because I located your blog and now I’m following you. Your photos are fabulous and you write so well. It’s good to meet you.

      I’ve lived in the north (both territories) and on the prairies (all 3 provinces) and I clearly recall what 40 below for 40 days in a row is like. Been there – done that. I’m a Gulf Islander living on the west coast in the mildest climatic zone in Canada. Our winters feature every kind of rain imaginable and only occasionally snow.

      Like most Canadians we tend to be more active outdoors in the warmer months and more inclined to be indoors in the cold season. Summer means there’s gardening, canning, and other seasonal yard work to do. Living on a forested island surrounded by with lovely beaches also means our business gets a boost from tourists. And we get summer company because this is the spot my friends want to vacation in.

      Of all the different kinds of blogs there are I think photography blogs and personal blogs are naturally reflective of the seasons and also of the themes associated with them. Blogging tips blogs — not so much. lol ;)

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