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dolphinsAugust is a sunshine month where I live. Sunshine produces serotin and elevates human spirits and activity levels. It rectifies the imbalance in winter month serotonin levels that influence mood in a way that leads to winter depression.

Sunshine fuels photosynthesis in plants that leads to growth and production. In August our gardens and orchards are burgeoning with food and fruit.

Short cool nights and the long warm days are what this  month features. August days are long and evenings are a time to play and socialize with friends and families outdoors. The ocean is warm and swimming is delightful and it’s the only month of the year we witness phosphorescence on the water. It’s a great month for boating and fishing too.

In August my friends and their kids come to visit and I enjoy their company all month  long until they leave on Labor Day weekend.

August is my birth month and that also makes it a special month for me. I’m taking a brief blogging break to enjoy my favorite month of the year.

Best wishes to you!

38 thoughts on “Blogging Break

  1. Hooray! You have a great month enjoying the last of summer. We’ll all be here when you get back, so don’t worry about that.

    • Hi Jean,
      Yes I did prepare a couple of short posts ahead of time. I don’t know what I’ll blog about next but I’m not stressed out about that. When I’m ready I sit at the keyboard and an idea will arise and I will pursue it. I love summer – bigtime! I don’t ache during the hot and dry weather and I don’t usually experience fibro flare-ups either. The fact that I don’t have any pain to cope with changes my attitude towards everything.

    • You’re welcome and thanks for the kind words. I’ve still been answering forum questions just not as many as usual. I’m enjoying the rest I’m getting.

    • Hi Susan,
      The first year I blogged I was worried that a blogging break would result in losing readers. Now I know that if I don’t take blogging breaks I don’t recharge my batteries and the enjoyment I experience from blogging is diminshed. Thanks for being a faithful reader.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy the end of summer…thanks for your visit to my site and subscribing. I follow your post through Google Reader. Happy August/Birthday! joni

    • Thanks for the Birthday wishes and for choosing to follow as well. The beach beckons so as soon as I’m done here I’m be headed to the shoreline again.

  3. And may you enjoy many more happy birthdays! This time for you is a treasure, store & use on those less-sunny days coming up.
    Best wishes,
    from a fellow leo…

    • Hey fellow Leo I hope your birthday a was a great one and your upcoming year will be full of health and happiness. Thanks for your best wishes.

  4. Enjoy yourself, get some rest or be refreshed (or both) and we’ll see you back here when we see you back here. :)

    • I’ve been popping into my blogs when I have the time to but I’m still focused on experiencing as much summer sunshine and fun with my friends as I can before they leave.

    • Hi Anne,
      I will finally have to time to finish reading your book which I’m enjoying. I can identify with Elie in some ways but the lifestyle you depict is so very different from mine here in the Canadian backwoods. That’s why it’s so fascinating to read. Thanks so much for the birthday well wishes. I love this month. My joints don’t ache when it’s hot and dry and I rarely experience a fibro flare in that kind of weather so It’s never hot enough or dry enough for me. I’m fully mobile in this month and I’m dancing in the moonlight under the shooting stars. Be well and happy too.

  5. Now we all want you to enjoy your break. Go out there and have fun! Do not– repeat, not— think about all of us, your loyal fans, sitting in front of their computers, experiencing the terrible agony of Time Thief Withdrawal… : )

    Just teasing– have a great time!

    • @Mark,
      As if I will spend even a moment of my blogging break thinking … hmmm that’s blog fodder. ;) Enjoy withdrawing from my blog for a few days. I won’t be gone for long and I will definitely be enjoying my holiday.

    • Thanks Gaurav. Nah I’m not leaving blogging. I’m just recharging my blogging batteries so to speak. I also think the boxes my husband has been carrying into the storage room may contain some new hardware and computer parts I’ve been longing for. He’s suspiciously eager for me to get off the computer and go to the beach. :D

    • Thanks Ann. My blogging break begins as soon as I have answered all the questions on both blogs. It’s good to hear you will be here when I get back.

    • Aha! Another Leo. That’s means you know exactly where I’m coming from. I need to get out into the sunshine and away from this keyboard and monitor. Happy birthday to you too.

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