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Google+ added to Google Social Search

google button Today, Google began adding Public Google+ Posts to Google Social Search.

Remember, to experience this updated feature, you’ll need to be on Google+ and also make sure that you’re logged into your Google Account when you search. In addition, only public posts on Google+ are visible in search results. Private posts on Google+ aren’t.

To learn more, check out our help center. May your searching be tasty!   The latest update to Google Social Search: Public Google+ Posts

Bottom line: Google Social Search continues to operate as before. Things shared socially at places like Twitter and Facebook by those you’re connected with may appear with annotations and rank better in results.  The main difference is, as Google’s post says, is that things you share on Google+ itself are now part of the mix. — Google+ Public Posts Coming To Google’s Social Search Results

Google+ has been on quite a ride in its first 6 weeks of existence. It obtained 10 million users in just two weeks and is now said to have over 20 million users. The overall reaction has been positive, but since the platform is currently invitation-only, the early adopters have mostly been the tech savvy crowd. Google+ Makes Splash in Social Sector, But Will It Last? Social media and search leaders react to Google+

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6 thoughts on “Google+ added to Google Social Search

  1. Hi timethief, you have a great site- it has been super helpful for me as I am trying to improve my blog and expand my reach. I made my blog searchable a while ago and am now getting hits from google. Do you have any articles or suggestions about how to increase traffic from search- I understand that there is something related to having links to your blog, but I’m not sure what that means. Do you have any recommendations as far as that goes?

    • I have lots of tips in this blog. Basically you have to learn basic SEO and it’s not hard. Scroll down to “SEO tips” on this Popular Posts page and you will find what you are looking for. It’s backlinks from other sites to your posts that are used by Google along with other factors to determine your blog’s popularity and pagerank.

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