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9 thoughts on “Bing Users Are From Internet Explorer; Google Users From Firefox, Chrome & Safari

  1. Hi TT, this has nothing to do with your post, but wanted to say thank you. I had a problem with my blog, went to the forums, found an answer you’d posted to a similar problem, tried it and now I’m happy. You know your stuff!

  2. I use Opera as my main web browser, I really love it. I do run into a few compatibility issues here and there though – then I just switch to FireFox or Chrome. I use Google as my main search engine, because it’s simply the best.

    I think the main reason people who use IE also use Bing is because that’s what the default for IE is. If someone is using IE as a main web browser, they’re probably either corporate users or users who aren’t extremely tech savvy. Either one of those people are going to usually stick with the defaults, thus: Bing.

    • Opera is a reliable browser with some great add-ons that I have used in the past and may use again in the future. Currently, I prefer using Firefox. Yes, I agree that those IE users who use Bing tend to do that simply because it’s the default for IE. Overall I find IE browsers do not hold a candle to Firefox and Opera.

    • I used FireFox for quite a while, then it gradually became heavier and slower. It’s definitely lightened up quite a bit, version 5 is very nice. I have grown to love the shortcuts and add-ons in Opera though, so I’ll stick with that for a while.

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