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themestrip Choosing a well designed theme is important because your image is important and a well designed, easy to navigate,  professional looking theme will create an immediate impact on  first-time visitors.   There are now over 130 very attractive themes to choose from in a wide range of styles.

This wide array of  themes available to us is due to the stellar performance of the Theme Team.  They are responsive to user needs and eager to introduce innovative designs to the community. Themes are added regularly based on user requests.

Artistic, ColorfulPlayfulClean, Conservative, Corporate,  Business, Fashion, JournalLifestream, , Craft, Photography, Travel, Design, Magazine, News, DesignPortfolio , Professional, Music, Real Estate, Scrapbooking, SportsTumblelog, Wedding

Many themes allow for custom image headers, custom backgrounds,  featured posts, featured images, post formats and other special features. The Themes Showcase live demo site search has feature filters to narrow your searching.

a collection of thumbnail images of themesSwitching themes is easy and nothing in your blog will be lost.  (All widgets currently in use will migrate into the Inactive Widgets box and you can replace them after the theme change.)

Locate a theme choice, click “preview” and see how it displays on your blog, then click “activate” if you like it.

You can further customize your blog’s look by using widgets.

You can also  purchase a custom design upgrade and customize the appearance of your blog theme.

In 2010’s Theme Team introduced 29 new themes and upgraded many existing themes. In January 2011 the Theme Team had 61 themes supporting Custom Menus  in their top navigation and provided custom menu widgets for themes that did not have top navigation.  Now 76 free themes support custom menus in their top navigation.  In Februray 2011’s Theme Team  began Introducing Premium Themes.

We have now surpassed the half way mark for the year 2011, and in that time 27  new themes have been introduced by’s Theme Team. themes – from oldest to newest themes – from most to least popular (July 2011)

I have changed the theme on my personal blog this time – this space to Chateau. I’m considering changing the theme on one cool site to Twenty Eleven.   Your  reader feedback on both will be welcomed.

Questions for readers:

  1. Which theme are you using?
  2. How well do you know your theme?
  3. Have you changed themes in 2010 or in 2011?
  4. If you did change your theme, which theme did you choose, and why did you choose it?
  5. If you didn’t change themes then why not?
  6. Are you on the lookout for a new theme?
  7. If so which features are you looking for?

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55 thoughts on “ Theme Team Stellar Performers

  1. Hi timethief, thanks for help with the username question. Here are my answers.

    1. Manifest
    2. Pretty well now, odd little things I can’t get right but they don’t matter. And you guys sorted out the IE problem.
    3. Not changed but I am thinking of starting a new blog with a theme similar to Maifest’s cleanliness but with sidebars.
    4. See above
    5. Manifest does what I wanted it for. Just words no distractions and a very quick load time.
    6. see #3
    7. see #3


  2. I really wish that Kojiki did explain abit about how s/he did her theme adjustments.

    Nevertheless I enjoy looking at how 1 theme (especially the ones I use and am quite familiar with their features) renders itself in different mutations under different bloggers.

    I’ve switched back to Duster theme from Twenty Eleven because the gallery feature still isn’t working for me. :(

  3. I am currently using Esquire because I love their post formats. But, I am pretty fickle when it comes to themes. So many great ones out there. I have changed themes many times this past year.

    Currently, I love Esquire, but am a little bothered by the lack of widget space and the not so great navigation, but I am not going to let it bother me for now.

    What is really important for me is good, readable fonts, and easy adaptability. For example, I loved Morning After, but it was such a pain to set up to get the look I wanted that I decided it was not worth it finally.

  4. I switched to Twenty Eleven now. It seems to be working ..they must have worked out the technical kinks.

    Kojiki (or anyone else): How do you join the featured image banner to the tagged subject posts? It’s clever and takes abit of planning.

  5. Hi

    You have a great blog here with lots of informations. My english is not all that but I want write this..I shall take time to read you blog as soon as possible. Very intresting..Thanks for all your work here….

    Lots of smiles and have a sunny day!

  6. “I know Duster has been replaced by Twenty Eleven. I don’t know what you mean by a technical problem with Duster. It’s my understanding that if we previously used it we have access to it. If we have not previously used it then it does not appear here > Appearance > Themes. Isn’t that so in your case?”

    I’m quite afraid now if I swtich to Twenty Eleven, I won’t have access to Duster. Luckily I discovered my technical glitch before they removed Duster from Theme library.

    I just don’t have time now to do a massive fix with photo realignment etc., if I have to switch to another theme..for a personal blog.

  7. 1.Traction on one blog and The Journalist on the other

    2.I think I know both of them pretty well.

    3.I changed from Twenty Ten to Traction in 2011. I sometimes think I should have chosen Linen instead, as it is lighter.

    4.I chose Traction because of the slider, even though I have it turned off right now. And the font – I prefer sans serif fonts and few themes back when I changed were consistent with fonts.

    5.Not applicable

    6.I haven’t been looking because I’ve found changing can be difficult – photos may need resizing, for example. On the other hand, there are a few things I’d like, I just haven’t had time lately to review the new themes out there!

    7.I’d like the number of “Likes” and Comments to show either opposite the heading of each post, or under the date. I’d like featured images to ony display in the thumbnail and the slider, but not in the actual article itself. I’m looking for all themes to support font size choices, I find the current heading selections do not work well in Traction.

    You’ve prompted me to go look at the new themes out there!

    • Hi Robyn,
      Thanks for your comments about Traction. As it’s a premium theme I have zero experience with using it. I’m among those who find slider to be unappealing as they are directing, but many others like them. I’m not aware if the Traction theme has active excerpt boxes or not.

      As far as future themes supporting changes in font sizes, colors and styles IMHO that’s unlikely to present. TPTB are into monetizing and they do that via selling annually renewable upgrades. The TinyMCE editor could have been equipped with function to change fonts sizes and colors and styles as well as the ability to change background colors on all free themes. However, the choice was to eliminate the ability for all bloggers to use Typekit Fonts free of charge, and double the cost of the former CSS editing upgrade to include that ability only for those who purchase the annually rebewable custom design upgrade. is a free blog host but it’s also a business.

      Thanks for participating and for waiting so long for a reply.
      Love, TiTi

  8. @Patti: Image and page tabs in the header are are possible in Journalist (provided you’d be content with an image short enough to fit in the available area – you can’t change its height without the Custom Design upgrade). If you’re interested, let me know. But I’ll need to know details about the page tabs: how many, where exactly, what formatting.

  9. Absolutely great post TT and so rich for exploration. How to keep comment brief and to the point when there is so much to say on this? And so many different themes to choose from?

    At the moment I am using Journalist. I am happy with the way it combines text and the opportunity to have larger photographs if I wish. I do prefer a narrow side-bar. (I have been torn b/w wanting to have a separate photoblog – I have one on modularity lite which is good for pics but I don’t like the light on dark background text . . .)

    What I am missing from Journalist is a custom header and the opportunity to create pages up there rather than in the sidebar.

    I have moved from Twenty Ten to iNove, flirted with Vigilance, admired Morning After and thought about Structure. I love the look of Chateau and am seriously considering a makeover. One tiny reservation with Chateau, however, and one I need to explore further ie can this be changed, is that I don’t like the tags sitting along the side of the feature photographed. I want to dust them away, sit them in a neat row at the bottom of the post.

    Forgive me for not answering your questions in sequence, if at all, but, with all the wonderful comments above I am so far from the top!

    Popping over to admire the view from your Chateau!

    Thank you.

    • Hi Patti,
      I find the Modularity Lite theme to be among the dark ones that I have no liking for. The white text is readable but the combination with the black background and the bright blue links that sink into it hamper my reading experience, so I don’t spend much time in blogs that have that theme.

      I also dislike the offset tags in the Chateau theme. Unfortunately only iNove allows the theme option of suppressing the display of Categories and tags, which when clicked direct to the global tag pages.

      When the category and tags links were do-follow links that passed page rank I was okay with this even though my blogs got next to no traffic from the global tag pages, but when they were changed to no-follow and selected category and tags were given prominent pages, I was peeved right off. I admit that I have been tempted to change both blogs to iNove as the direct to the global tag pages set up now does NOT benefit my blogs at all. Though I have not made a bunch of noise about this it’s among the major peeve offs I have with

      Provided you want to purchase an annually renewable custom design upgrade, you ought to take Panos up on his offer to help you. If you aren’t inclined to do that then I say be patient as more themes will be coming our way.

      I apologize for taking so long to reply. I do appreciate every comment I receive, but my work load is such that I’m always behind when it comes to blogging. Working produces and income for me but blogging doesn’t. I have to “steal” time away from work, gardening, and housework in order to blog at all.

      Best wishes,

      • TiTi,

        Thank you so much for this detail. I always appreciate the time you put into the whole WP process, you do it with such wonderful generosity!

        I have every intention of following through with Panos’ kind offer to help – I popped in to take a look and was amazed at the amount of information there!

        Enjoy your time in the garden and do hope the sun is shining where you are!

        All best,

        • Hi Patti,
          I’m happy to see you have returned and it’s always great to receive positive feedback. I’m enjoying my garden, the great weather, and the companionship of my company. I hope you have a wonderful summer.

  10. I just looked at my blog and see that I wrote the first post in January 2007.

    When I started, I trawled through the themes; settled on one, and kept it for ages.

    Then last November I bought the CSS upgrade. I think that is now called Custom Design.

    I bought the upgrade mostly so I could change the size of the fonts because in the theme I liked they seemed too small.

    Since then I have changed themes several times and am now using the ‘Chateau’ theme.

    I try out any new theme that seems interesting, and looking back I think the available themes are a lot better than they used to be.

    • Hi David,
      I have viewed the font change you have made to the Chateau theme. It’s my opinion that people are needlessly concerned about font sizes. That’s based on the fact that we can increase or decrease font sizes on any theme in a wink of an eye. As I’m visually challenged it’s a matter of course for me to do this. But that’s not to say that my preferences outrank anyone else’s when it comes to their blog. I think your blog looks very nice. Thanks for wading in and commenting. I appreciate it.
      Best wishes,

      • That assumes readers know these tricks. And then, I didn’t make the changes for my readers – I made them because I prefer a larger font.

  11. Hey TT! Here be my responses.

    1) I’m using 2010, I modified my site around it before I really knew wordpress, but I honestly don’t want to switch, I’m quite happy with what I’ve got.

    2) I think I’ve got it all figured out now. :)

    3) No ma’am.

    4) N.A.

    5) I haven’t found one that I like better, and I don’t want to go through the hassle of switching everything unless I find a theme I absolutely adore.

    6) I keep my eyes open.

    7) Mainly I want one where my header and tag line can both be displayed. I also like the plethora of widget placement options in 2010. I’m of German descent, we don’t really like change all that much. ;)

    • Hi there ,
      Thanks for participating. I guess saying you are happy with the Twenty Ten theme you have and not inclined towards changing it would be an accurate statement. However, I prefer Twenty Eleven to Twenty Ten. Who knows? One day you may find the features it has makes it appealing to switch to, or another themes that you adore may be introduced. Thanks for sharing your theme experiences with us.

  12. 1.Which theme are you using?
    2.How well do you know your theme?
    3.Have you changed themes in 2010 or in 2011?
    4.If you did change your theme, which theme did you choose, and why did you choose it?
    5.If you didn’t change themes then why not?
    6.Are you on the lookout for a new theme?
    7.If so which features are you looking for?

    1. I developed and look after 3 blogs. They each use: Misty Look, Duster and Twenty Eleven

    2. Misty Look- Most of all its features, Duster- Main features, haven’t used its asides, feature photo etc. and same for Twenty Eleven. I know Duster in that there’s something wrong that I can’t switch to the better enhanced version of Duster which is Twenty Twelve.

    3. I started blogging in late 2009. In 2011, I switched 2nd blog to Duster. Created brand-new 3rd blog in Twenty Eleven.

    4. I preferred to find where possible, a wider looking theme for text and photos/columns plus ability to have standard vs. gallery formatted posts, etc. Misty Look for lst blog is that way because the company owner that the blog supports, likes the look even though I have hinted and previewed to him some alternate themes.

    5. See above.

    6. I’m always interested in new themes. Preferably no cost.

    7. Features that allow blog design to still look clean/crisp and ability to mimic a semi-customized look by specific areas of the blog screen.

    July 27, 2011
    Additional comment for clarification:
    Sigh, I meant using Twenty Ten for 3rd blog. And inability to switch to Twenty Eleven from Duster for a 2nd blog because of a technical problem which I can’t solve nor did anyone from WP support attempt to solve it after asking. After all, Duster is no longer offered so I can’t experiment with Twenty Eleven now and go back to Duster..

    • Hi Jean,
      In the last year I have watched you as you have developed the three sites. You have been hard at work and your content is outstanding in all the blogs.

      Long ago when MistyLook was first introduced here at I used the theme simply because it had useful page templates. I strongly disliked the tabs for static pages. I witnessed many blogs that had so many tabs that the appearance was compromised by them. If one has a need for only a few page tabs or for a few tabs in a custom theme then MistyLook works for them.

      I know Duster has been replaced by Twenty Eleven. I don’t know what you mean by a technical problem with Duster. It’s my understanding that if we previously used it we have access to it. If we have not previously used it then it does not appear here > Appearance > Themes. Isn’t that so in your case?

      As far as being interested in new free themes that’s where I’m at as well. I don’t wish to pay for a theme, nor do I wish to pay for an annually renewable custom design upgrade. I’m also with you when it comes to features “that allow blog design to still look clean/crisp and ability to mimic a semi-customized look by specific areas of the blog screen.”

      Thanks for commenting.

  13. Hi TimeThief, great discussion indeed. Here’s my part.

    (1). Which theme are you using?
    (2). How well do you know your theme?
    (3). Have you changed themes in 2010 or in 2011?

    I’m using Piano Black (latest to this date), I believe I know it all ;) I had been using Twenty Ten, Titan and Pilcrow

    (4). If you did change your theme, which theme did you choose, and why did you choose it?
    I chose it because I was considering to make my blog more color full, stylish, happy with photos & tweets, and professional as well. In fact I was waiting for such a theme with elegant side bar and colors. I’m now making a very good use of full width pages and photos in posts.

    (5)Are you on the lookout for a new theme?
    I’m really very happy for now, shall keep it for four months or so. Then may be if any new will appeal, which I believe more fantastic themes on their way.

    (6) If so which features are you looking for?
    Just Creative, rest it’ll all take care of it.

    I often visit your online homes from my home in Pakistan. Your blog helps me blog more, and now I’m. Thank you.

    • Hello there,
      Apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m not into black themes but I do like everything about Piano Black aside from the dark background. I see you are using is very effectively. It showcases images very well and it’s such a clean theme. I like that about it too. I’m also confident more fabulous themes will be on the way. Thanks so much for participating here and best wishes with your blog.

  14. Phew, lotta questions!
    1 I’m currently using Chateau and .mostly love it. The bits of it I don’t love are the way the comment form when one replies to comments on the actual post page jumps to the bottom of the page: I like to have the comment to which I’m replying, in view all the time I’m typing. It must be a bummer for other people, too, particularly when there are a lot of comments that one has to scroll back up to! (When I’ve recovered from my computer woes, I may contact support about this, as it’s severely p-ing me off). (Oh sorry, you didn’t ask for grumbles, did you? Whoops! ;)

    2. Pretty well. I tend to obsess about things and rarely use stuff til I understand them. Bound to be some parts of it I don’t know, though. Thanks to you, I now know how to put images in the excerpts!

    3. Yep.

    4. Originally I had a theme with two side panels and a middle posting area. The space between the side panels was fine for me but the theme didn’t have a custom header which annoyed me as I wanted a bit of my own artwork there. I loved the spatial elements of the theme but hated the dullness of it. So I switched to Coraline with the same layout of middle posts and one side panel at each site. Coraline was great in some respects but I found the side panels were too wide, and the middle too narrow. My brain won’t get to grips with CSS so there was no point going that route, so I just waited for a better theme to come along.

    6. If one arrives that is better than Chateau, then I’ll change, but oh boy, the amount of work needed with all my image posts… probably not immediately!

    7. My main need is for a theme with a wide middle post area, narrow side panels (one each side), custom header, and now I’m quite liking the excerpts, but it would be brilliant if the images were there by default and didn’t need to be put there manually. I have over 300 posts, the majority of them with images, and not thumbnail size either… so you can imagine the work all that entails! I also need a theme that doesn’t have fancy or gimmicky features as that detracts from my own curious style!


    Great post, TiTi, and not just because you asked questions that I could answer, lol!

    • Hi Val,
      Re: 1
      I agree with you. As you know, I’m visually challenged and dag-nabbit! I also want the comment I’m typing a reply to on Chateau to be visible while i”m typing my reply just as it is here on Inuit Types. But I am pleased that theme staff provided the navigation links we requested.

      Re: 2
      I think we both know the Chateau theme pretty well now. Here’s something interesting I have observed. There appear to be 2 different kinds of bloggers. Type 1 sets up a test blog and uses it. They torture through themes and have their aha! moments when they discover how to use them. Type 2 may have a test blog but still wants forum Volunteers to do the testing for them and provide answers. :S

      Re: 6
      Did you notice that after I helped everyone with Chateau I removed all those images and excerpts. I’m good to go – don’t you know? lol :D

      Re: 7
      I read your feature list and don’t think it’s unlike what many expect. Your are an artist and as I’m a subscriber I understand what you mean by the formidable undertaking it would be to have to resize images in over 300 posts.

      Thanks for your patience while waiting for me to answer you.

      Love ya,

        • I may add them back again. At this point in time the HTML and CSS do not validate on the theme and Staff are working to update them for all themes, so they are compliant with the new standards. After that is done I may add the thumbnails and brief excerpts back by using the excerpt box.

  15. My answers:

    1. Vigilance
    2. Not completely but well enough
    3. no, started blog with Vigilance and have stuck with it, happily.
    4. n/A
    5. I go through stages where I want to change the theme. But I find Vigilance suits my needs the best. I like its minimalism, the optional two right-sided widget area, the font, the block quote appearance – this is crucial as I review books as well as blog on poems, so how the block quote appears is important. But, I wish Vigilance supported drop-down menus, and also a widget area at the bottom of the page.
    6. If one comes along that improves upon Vigilance, then yes.
    7. Custom header, good readable font and block quote, right side and bottom area widgets, custom backgrounds, multiple custom menus, ability to change link colors

    • Hi Kinna,
      Thanks for being so patient waiting for a reply. I have had a very busy work week which will not be over until Saturday night. I work for my husband, 2 small business, and I also do contracted work. I can’t wait for Satruday night. :)

      Thanks so much for participating. I used the Vigilance theme before I changed to Inuit TYpes and know it well. In case you are interested I can posit you to a helpful post:
      Vigilance: further color changes

      I agree that the appearance of block quotes is important and I nodded my head when I read your desured features list.

      Vigilance does support drop downs from Pages to sub-pages and from categories to sub-categories in a custom menu. Staff have provided help for those who want to structure their blog like a website. >

      A custom menu allows you to display Categories and sub-categories in tabs along the horizontal navigation where normally only Pages tabs are displayed. If you wish you can also include sub- pages and custom links in your custom menu as well.
      These are the how-to instructions:
      How to create Pages >
      How to create a custom menu.

  16. 1. I’m using Vertigo, ChaoticSoul, and Structure–I have 3 blogs I’m developing
    2. Just learning
    3. Haven’t changed–yet
    4. I’m thinking about changing the Vertigo considering who is likely to be reading the blog and what will best show off the images I will be posting.
    5. I may just switch the Vertigo and Structure themes. I really want to learn these themes and figure out how to personalize my pages completely. If I keep changing I will remain a ChaoticSoul!
    6. Yeah, keep those themes coming!
    7. Simplicity and something that will allow for my blog to be totally different from everyone else’s.

    • Hi Julie,
      Wow! Three blogs. I can barely keep up with two. I’m impressed. When it comes to Structure you must read this article > Veritgo is interestinga and when used with the right content aimed at the right demographic group I think it could be an great choice. I’m with you when it comes to the keep this themes coming sentiment. And I’m with you when it comes to your last sentence too:

      “Simplicity and something that will allow for my blog to be totally different from everyone else’s.”


  17. Yes I personally would like it very much if you changed the theme for this blog into chateau as well. It is the best theme I have seen after twenty ten.
    Your answers:-
    1. Twenty ten
    2. Almost completely, because whenever I finish a new feature is added :)
    3. I recently changed my blog theme.
    4. I chose it because it suits the blog pretty well
    6. Not right now maybe in distant future.

    • Hello Arnab,
      I see you are using Twenty Ten quite effectively on your blog. Good job. I wouldn’t be inclined to use Chateau on this blog too. I like Inuit Types, Twenty Twelve and The Mornaing After for this blog. There will nebe other new themes too, so I’m not in a hurry to change just yet. Best wishes and thanking for chiming in.

  18. I’ve just been changing over to Chateau having never changed theme since I started. What fun! I’ve been a faithful 2010 person since I started. I like the smaller font of Chateau for the body text and I like the way it does archives and categories too. I need more time to explore the options and some of the posts are a bit wonky, mostly where the photos and alignments haven’t transferred over too well, but I can fix those as I go through old posts. Good housecleaning prompt too! Lovely to have a change, thanks so much for the prompt and making such a beautiful use of the Chateau theme on your personal development blog, I am afraid I thought it looked so lovely I wanted it too…..

    • Hi Joanna,
      I like it on your blog too. Your header images is a really nice choice that suits the blog content so well. I expect we will both be fiddling with out new theme choice for a while to come. Thanks for the comment and best wishes with the blog reno.

  19. I should update my site’s theme. Do some experimenting. I like the theme for your “this time this space” blog. It’s very pleasing and really complements the content of that site.

    • Hi Cathy,
      If you are okay with what you have don’t change it. My taste isn’t necesarily yours but I’d like to see a different header with some color in it — just a suggestion. Thanks for the feedback on Chateau. It’s not exactly what I want but I do like it.
      Have agreat rest of the week,

  20. I’m still using Vigilance as a blog-portfolio. I’ve looked at the so-called ‘portfolio’ themes, but most of them are very dark. Modularity Lite offers a homepage slideshow feature which is tempting, but I don’t like reading light text on dark backgrounds, and I’ve often seen that cited as something to avoid in a blog; it’s just not reader-friendly.

    Many thanks for the category lists– these will come in very handy for any future theme research. Great summary!

    • Hi Mark,
      I agree with what you say about light text on dark backgrounds. t’s defintely not reader freindly at all. Worst for me is the Chaotic Soul theme. I refuse to struggle to read blogs that are wearing it. Modularity Lite has the white font on the dark background and bright blue links that sink into the darkness. MEH

      Vigilance works for you blog and I used it for a long time before I switched to Inuit Types.

      The list I posted the links to are in Panos’s blog and I highly recommend it. He has created and excellent community resource focused on themes in his blog and if you do contemplate a change in the future go there first to get the details.

      Thanks for the chat. :)

  21. Small clarification: all themes except Monotone support custom menus. When you say “61 themes supporting Custom Menus” (by now they’re 76 – not counting premium ones), you mean top nav custom menus.

    Answers of this reader:

    1. Morning After.

    2. You don’t expect me to answer this, do you? :)

    3. Had been using Garland for years; switched a month ago.

    4. I had chosen Garland because I needed two sidebars, and because at the time it was one of the very few themes that allowed some color customizing. But I grew tired of the “traditional” blog format, plus I needed a top nav menu too (wouldn’t use one in Garland because its tabs was the one thing I hated in this theme). So I was on the lookout for a more visually interesting theme, with two sidebars, a decent top menu, and supporting bg color so I could retain the same basic color scheme. Maybe Morning After wouldn’t have been the only candidate if you counted these alone: another decisive factor was that I also want to personalize the theme I’m using, and MA allows much customization without the Custom Design upgrade (you’ve probably seen that the look of my front page isn’t the standard look of the theme: header image placed elsewhere, search box and header links replaced by the blurbs I’ve written, no metadata under the Latest post excerpt, Featured posts my way, widgets under them).

    6. A month after I changed? Veeeery out of the question! I don’t really like changing themes anyway. (Not to mention that most of my posts are HTML-heavy and I had a hell of a time updating them to fit the new theme.) I feel that the overall appearance of your blog should be something like a trademark, so I wouldn’t easily change again, and definitely not to a theme with a completely different look. For example, I’ve set up two blogs for two friends and colleagues of mine; we chose Modularity Lite for the one, Fusion for the other: I like both of these themes, but I would never use them for my tips blog.

    (By the way, when we set up the second one, I saw that my rather pedantic theme surveys can be useful too: my friend was quite certain about a few things he did or didn’t want, so with the help of my surveys we narrowed down the list of possible themes to a mere four in less than half an hour – while when I started my first blog some five years ago I spent two days trying themes…)

    PS Can I vote for worst themes too, can I?

    • @Panos,
      Thanks for the clarification. I acted on it.

      I like the way you have done up The Morning After. The customization of the header area is very appealing and informative. The other customizations you have done are fuzzy to me because I have only had this theme up on my test blog a few times and didn’t have enough time to really explore it. It’s so easy for me to find what I want in your blog and as I’m in it daily I can say that with confidence. To me you theme is clean, visually appealing and extremely well-organized. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

      The Morning After does appeal to me but I’m not quite convinced that I want to change themes on one cool site at this point.

      “Can I vote for worst themes too, can I?”

      Of course, but there is a proviso. You have to do that in the form of a guest post and back it up with detail. Don’t leave out a tiny bit of how really feel about the worst and why … lol :D Despite the fact I made myself laugh, that’s a sincere request.

      Thanks for the visit and informative comment too.

      • You’re welcome – I saw you took care of that detail.

        Thanks for the compliments on my blog. I also think the new arrangement is better – but if it’s always “so easy for you to find what you want in my blog”, then you’re better than me: I sometimes get lost…

        And despite your good words, I know (based on an older post of yours) that you’re missing one thing in my blog: an About page!

        Bad proviso, bad proviso! I don’t want to put so much emphasis on this, and I feel that if I really wrote in detail about the themes I’m thinking of I would in essence be offending the several hundred thousand bloggers that are using them. So if I made you laugh that’s enough! (Maybe you could do a simple post asking your readers which themes they don’t like and why: that would be a lot more interesting to me than me saying which themes I consider bad.)

  22. Darling Titi,
    Its good to be back to blogging and commenting after nearly 3 weeks of shifting and moving into my new home. Thank you for all your love while i was offline.

    I just saw your theme on this time this space and am instantly in love with it. I’m itching to try it myself….who knows i just might ;)
    But for now, I have taken the css upgrade and have fine tuned my Vigilance theme to my almost perfect satisfaction. I look for neat, readable, easily navigatable in a theme from the readers point of view. Plus a dash of happy color always helps na :)

    I tried using twenty ten for a while and loved the sidebar, but wasnt too happy with the font. I didnt have css then though. With css the fine tuning is fun!

    I might try chateau soon….just as soon as I have all my online work in order :)
    Missed you.
    Lots of love and hugs,

    • Dear Zeenat,
      I missed you too. I hope the move went well for you., though I imagine truly settling in will take some time.

      “I look for neat, readable, easily navigatable in a theme from the readers point of view. Plus a dash of happy color always helps na :)”

      I’m smiling in response to that as I do agree. If you are itching to try Chateau then try it in your test blog first so your can use various features and see what you like and don’t like. Then if you decide you like the theme, as you have a custom design upgrade you can make adjustments.

      Lots of love,

  23. There are now over 130 hundred very attractive themes to choose from in a wide range of styles.

    A tiny typo.

    1. Twenty Ten
    2. Completely
    3. Yes! Several Times
    4. Manifest – Chose Because of Good Fonts, Excellent in Print, Book Type Theme – Leaved because of a Gallery Issue.
    Twenty Eleven – I was waiting for it for one years :-) -Leaved because of LaTeX problem
    5. :-)
    6. Yes!
    7. A combination of features of Twenty Ten, Manifest, Twenty Eleven and Inuit Type.

  24. Every now and then, the urge for change comes over me, but I keep coming back to either Mystique [as right now] or Clean Home. I know those two inside out and they have great room for flexibility/personal customization.

    I always check out the new ones though — Chateau is nice too.

    • Hi Rebekah,
      I like the white background you have behind Mystique and I like Clean Home too for the same reasons. I’m a minimalist and I’m visually challenged. Colors evoke emotions and unless one has a photo or graphic blog I don’t feel like hanging out on a blog that’s either visually busy or dark.

      Size of fonts is incidental as we can all make the font size increase or decrease on any site, but if the background behind the font is busy or if there is so little contrast between the backhround color and font color that I have to strain to read — I’m history — a bounce!

      I have test blogs and I test out all the new free themes. I quite like many of the features the newer themes have and there are new ones happening frequently

      Thanks for the chat.

      • Hi Time Thief,

        I found your blog as I was searching for a way to increase the font size on my blog, which uses the Vigilance Theme. You mention in your reply that it is possible to do on any site.

        Does it require knowledge of CSS? I’m not familiar with it, but I’m willing to learn. If you know of a website that lays it out step by step, please let me know.

        Thanks for your help.

        • (1) A few themes allow for changing font colors of the Blog Title and/or optional tagline and/or links but not the font size.

          (2) In a blog wearing any theme, free of charge, we can change font families, colors and size in text in posts or pages either post by post or page by page by coding into the HTML editor.

          (3) In a blog wearing any theme, free of charge, we can change font colors in text in posts or pages either post by post or page by page using the #4 icon (Select text color – change the text color) in Row 2 the Visual editor.

          (4) With the exception of the few themes I mentioned above in (2) wherein we can change font color in Blog Titles, optional Taglines and/or links, any font changes to font families, colors and size in the blog title, tagline, post titles, page titles, categories and tags, widget headings, comments, and links in most themes cannot be done without CSS editing.

          Changing all font families, colors and sizes throughout the whole blog by purchasing an annually renewable Custom Design upgrade and using Typekit Fonts with Staff support. There are no tutorials avaialble that specifically address CSS editing of free hosted blogs. Here at all CSS editing is theme specific. You will find CSS resources here >

          (5) If you do purchase the annually renewable custom design upgrade please port to the CSS Forum when you need help.

          (6) Lastly, if all you are concerned about is the size of the font, then do be aware that everyone on the internet can either increase or decrease the font size on any site they visit by using keyboard shortcuts

          You are using the Vigilance theme on the blog linked to your username and I’m visually challenged. I don’t have to increase the font size to read it. I’m comfortable with the existing font size and if it were increased I would use a keyboard shortcut to reduce the size.

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