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Google Search Changes and Search Approaches

Google search magnifying glassI use Google search almost every day and many times every day. I use it when I answer support forum questions. I use it when I’m doing research for my contracted work. I also use it when I’m researching material for blog posts I intend to create.

Have you noticed the new preview style on the Google search page and the new Google sticky search bar? I have and like both. What do you think? Is it helpful or not helpful?

The search bar on the results page is stuck to the top of the page, all the way down. Also, page preview is a little different – the button appears to the side of the result text preview instead of to the side of the result webpage name. The site also doesn’t pop up the preview when you simply click something inside the text, you have to hover over the magnifying glass icon.

New Google Homepage Design with Sticky Search Bar

Top 10 Alternative Ways to Search Google: There’s more than one way to use the leading search engine

Have you seen the excellent slide show By Jared Newman , PCWorld? If not then I recommend it.  You are bound to be surprised at some of the inclusions.


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19 thoughts on “Google Search Changes and Search Approaches

  1. Titi, thank you so much. I have a lot to catch up on. I think these changes is the reason I lost my home page, iGoogle, which is three pages long. Luckily, I was able to set it up again with a backup.

    I’m visually impaired; I really can’t see the tip of my nose. I was told years ago I’d go blind, and now with Diabetes Type I, chances have quadrupled. Point being that I am preparing myself. Chazz bought me a really big hdmi monitor.

    Val, with the accessibility issue, using the magnifying glass? You may want to try changing your cursor. I’ve made mine bigger, and it leaves small trails behind it, b/c I’m always losing it. New contacts from Canada are awaiting me in the Post Office, so I should be able to see more.

    I have one question: Do you have to set the Google Search page to your home page in order to customize in ShinySearch? Two questions: Did you make the videos? Is that your voice?

    One comment: Even though your focus seems to be on WordPress (I do have a blog there, but use it for storage,) most of what i see is helpful no matter what you are using. I find all your posts informative, and some are quite intriguing. I sometimes use my Google Reader with Google Buzz, and leave comments which are shared with people following my Reader, which is really cool when I find an anonymous Iranian student (not THAT anonymous!)

    Do you ever get those comments? I finally discovered some time ago that Google Friend Connect messages never arrive! In any case, your words go out to 30+ people and their friends.

    Thank you for all this work. You realy are an exceptional teacher! Ciao for Now, Linda

  2. I’ve heard that Google is blocking spammed domain extensions like, .cc, .info, .tk and more in their search results. This is really very very good.

    • The domain extensions you mention are ones that have harbored spam factories. Google has removed the sites you mention from their index. Removing removing all sites etc.. from the index reminds me that it’s time for Google to take a close look at their own sub-domains and clean house there, because a large number of the blogs on Blogger ie. blogspot subdomains are spam blogs and/or splogs.

  3. No complaints.. Google is in the midst of a redesign of a lot of their products right now several of which are MAJOR. Picasa – Blogger included. So far the final products such
    as search are going smooth with a few grumbles here and there but in general they obviously know what they are doing. As far as eye stress and fatigue I jwant to get a BIG monitor but it’s not in the budget yet. Doubtful it will be for a while. All my work is done on a laptop.

    Best Regards!

    • Yes Google staff do indeed know what they are doing and the work they do is smoothly done without disruption to users. The cleaner search page is a boon to people like me who have visual challenges to overcome. I would find it extremely difficult if I had to work on a small laptop screen. Mine’s not large it’s just average sized.

  4. I’ve been using the magnifying glass preview for a while now. Sometimes it’s very useful, but other times I find it annoying because accidental mouse-overs activates it and the previews get in the way of some of the search results. I’ve not seen the ‘stuck to the top’ search field yet. I expect that’ll arrive soon.

    My favourite thing is Google Image search, and being able to specify particular size or size range, and also specify particular colours or even black and white. It’s great! :)

    Thanks TT. :)

    • I love the little magnifying glass. I also like the image search but haven’t used the filters for sizes. Now I’ll give that a whirl. Thanks for commenting.

  5. I don’t see this implemented in my area. I know that Google is making lots of improvement on their search engine. Have you tried their latest search what do you love?, It is a nice search tool.

    • I do like the cleaner page Google has now. I’m visually challenged and found the previous one to be cluttered. This one is cleaner and more focused.

  6. Thanks for the heads-up. Still ol’ style in my neck of the woods, though.

    Oh, it should perhaps be said that the G+ Search Engine is in no way affiliated with Google, but is a private undertaking which seems to more aimed at reaping maximum revenue from advertising than actually being useful. Just my 2 cents.

  7. Hi tt!

    Haven’t experienced these new tweaks to the Google search results page yet. I went to and still have the old style of browsing the results page. Hopefully, these would be implemented to Google Philippines.

    I too, use Google as my primary search engine and I believe having the search bar and left side options as “sticky” make it easier to browse and narrow down search results. Kudos to Google! :D

    Thanks for the heads-up!

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