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Twitter Acquistions Include BackType

backtypeBackType provides basic social media measurement free of charge and this information is a resource for brands, businesses and internet marketers.   The free product is used by thousands of people every single day; the TweetDeck API, which Twitter acquired in May, provides the same functionality to developers, and is also used heavily.

On Twitter you find real-time conversations and information about every subject imaginable from all over the world and Twitter has now acquired BackType, which illustrates two important trends at Twitter.  First, Twitter is continuing to collect under its direct control features that had been offered by third parties. …  Second, the move highlights the increasing value of measuring social influence. — Twitter buys influence with BackType acquisition

We’re thrilled to announce that BackType has been acquired by Twitter! We’ll be bringing our team and technology to Twitter’s platform team, where our focus will be developing tools for Twitter’s publisher partners.

Our vision at BackType has always been to help our customers understand the value of engagement on Twitter and other social platforms. We also created BackTweets to help publishers understand the reach of their tweets and content, who they are reaching, and how Tweets covert to web traffic, sales and other KPIs.

BackTweets will now be offered for free, but we will not be accepting new signups. The API will be discontinued.

BackType Comment Search Engine

I began using BackType in 2008 when it was a new service ie.  a search engine for comments and I use it to track mine. What I noticed is that the results included republishing full comments  and there was no opt out.    Many were extremely unhappy with the aggregation of duplicated content. BackType became the target of  webmasters for scraping and republishing full comments  but time passed and the BackType service continued to morph and evolve.

BackType Connect Plugin for WordPress

In 2009 the BackType Connect Plugin for WordPress self-hosted blogs. It provided the functionality of BackType Connect to the WordPress comment system, displaying comments from other blogs, Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, Reddit.


In 2010 the BackType Connect WordPress Plugin was retired and Disqus, powered by BackType could be used for the same functionality. The inclusion of Tweets in real-time search results and a new widget for BackTweets, resulted from extending BackType API to include more Twitter data by putting its influence algorithm to work on Twitter usernames.

BackType Today

twitter bird iconBackType provides the ability for brands and companies to  measure the social networking capabilities of individual Twitter users and track how Tweets travel through the network. BackType assists with understanding the business impact of social media by measuring impact on revenue, page views, sign ups, downloads and more.

Techcrunch reports BackType currently assists more than 100 companies with their social media analytics,  ranging from The New York Times to startups like Bitly, HubSpot, Hunch and SlideShare. What remains to be seen is how other startups that also provide social impact tracking like Klout proceed now that Twitter has BackType’s analytics capabilities.

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