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Better Blogging: Powerful, Persuasive Writing

globe & computers Personal power is based on passion, confidence, and competence.  All writing is about clarity.  Better bloggers learn how to become powerful and persuasive writers. 

Powerful writing resonates with competence, vision, and service. Powerful writing  persuades readers to read and respond.  Developing power writing skills may take some time, but it will benefit your blog, business, and brand. The more you write, the more powerful and persuasive your writing will become.

Social Media Impacts

With the explosion of social media, business writing has taken on new meaning. In addition to the traditional business memos, reports and marketing, we now have blogging, microblogging and fan pages as new venues for business writing and promotion. — Poor Business Writing Costs Billions

Writing to Persuade

When you are writing to persuade you are aiming to convince people to agree with you and act. Do not assume the reader knows what you are talking about; spell it out. The headline should tell the reader what they’re about to read. Lead with a compelling opening statement.  Clearly state what you want readers to do and explain how it will benefit them. Communicate through simple, direct language.  Write with passion using the active voice wherever possible as strong nouns and verbs engage readers.

Powerful writing is readable, focused, concrete and well-suited for its audience. Powerful writing is  compelling and passionate.   Powerful writing develops gracefully. Powerful writing flows.– 8 Qualities of Powerful Writing

Repetition and Brevity

Repetition is  critical in persuasive writing, since a person can’t agree with you if they don’t truly get what you’re saying.  Make your points in several different ways. Ten Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques But remember that brevity must prevail as these days readers skim read.

Formatting for Reading Ease

The format of your content will determine how successfully it holds the reader’s attention.   Be concise and clear.  Use short sentences,  sub-headings and bulleted points. Insert relevant images. Conclude with a concise statement of the unique idea you have developed to address the issue,  followed by a call to action.

Inspiration for Powerful Writing

Some insipring quotes on powerful writing can be found in this PDF file  Powerful Writing In 30 Words Or Less ©Joanna Young 2008.  It’s presented in 7 different sections, based on the themes that emerged. Powerful writing… (1) hits the mark (2) moves us (3) comes from the source (4) follows intent (5) changes things (6) lingers (7) inspires us to write. Here are two examples of powerful writing in 30 words or less:

Powerful writing cuts through psychological noise and grips our attention. It becomes like a tuning fork for the reader. It enhances a pure tone that resonates with the reader.

Powerful writing can move the reader forward, almost as if they can’t resist; always moving in that direction you want them to go.

Writing for the Web Research on how users read on the Web and how authors should write their Web pages.


Readers,  would you like to express what powerful writing is to you in 30 words or less?

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56 thoughts on “Better Blogging: Powerful, Persuasive Writing

  1. Hi TimeThief, I want to thank you for the great info on persuasive writing and tell you that the link to Ten Timeless Persuasive… worked so well in my advanced english writing class…the tips have really helped my students develop their essays in a more profound way… :) Alexandra

  2. Hi TimeThief.
    “They” say mimicry is the highest form of flattery, and that said to set the tone _ would you have any objections to my replicating most of your Blog layout? I am new to Blogging… but I know enough about web design and development to know you have come very close to perfection for content dissemination and user ease. When I say ‘layout’ what I mean is the navigation and content management you have so skillfully put into play. Your mix of pages, categories, your post organization, link organization strategy, translation facility…. It all works so well!
    My content will be very different of course, and I can’t promise that my writing abilities will measure up to yours …. but I can promise no conflict, no embarrassments and no plagiarisms. (That said; please let me know if you are okay with me using a modified version of your Translation Page (it is in my drafts right now)… I would be happy to credit you with having provided the ways and means to make it possible)
    I’d also like to thank you for all the useful content at – There may not be quite as much information as there is over at … but whenever you post about issues normally covered in support or forums at yours is far more usable! You are making my learning curve a lot less painful.
    So thanks again and please let me know how you feel about having your ‘style’ replicated to some degree…and what your boundaries are on the subject.

    • Hello there,
      I don’t know what you mean by replicating my style. To some degree imitation makes me feel uncomfortable. We have access to over 100 free themes and there are bound to be others who choose the same theme. I accept that . We can personalize our themes in several ways. I am using the Inuit Types theme and you will find it in the Themes Showcase live demo site at this link. I also have a custom menu and you can find the instructions for that in the support documentation at this link. If you modify my translation page do be sure you can the URL throughout the code to reflect yours.
      Thanks for your kind words about my content. I’m always pleased to hear what I publish is useful. Best wishes with your blog.

    • Thanks and please feel free to return and make a contribution to it by expressing what powerful writing is to you in under 30 words.

  3. Whoa, you sure know a lot about blogging and such! How long have you been a blogger? (I’m just wondering, because you seem like a pro).

  4. Words are escaping me in my attempt to express what powerful writing is – the telephone keeps ringing, the television is on, supper is cooking and I am reading so many wonderful comments to your fantastic post.

    Powerful writing is the silence which lets me know I am never alone and for which I shall always be so grateful.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you for the positive feedback on my blog and also for that inspiring contribution. :)

      P.S. Aren’t my readers cool. I love them bigtime. :)

  5. Harder than it seemed: But I’ve had a go…

    Powerful writing has such clarity that you don’t need to reread the text in order to understand it, though you may find yourself reading anew just to savour the words.

  6. What a fantastic post! I am a (very) new blogger – strictly cooking – but that’s my passion! Thank you for all the tips and I hope to put them to good use.

    You have a beautiful blog. I’ve discovered that, while I’m a proficient cook, I have MUCH to learn about blogging!

    • Hello there,
      It’s good to meet you. I have visted your blog a couple of times now and it’s coming along very nicely. You writing is personal and yet concise. It also has “style”. Thanks for your praise of my blog. I appreciate it. BTW – welcome to :)

      • Wow! I checked my e-mail and site this morning to make sure the blog was ready and found your reply. Thank you for your compliment – I’m deeply touched!

        Also, thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you like the recipes and come back and try a few! I have found the information you’ve put in your blog very helpful so far and plan on digging my way thru the archives! You’re a wordpress treasure!

  7. Hey tt, I was 3/4s of the way through writing my latest post at my PPP (Passion, Play and Purpose) blog when I read your latest post here. As it happens, my post is about writing too – sharing some uncommon tips about writing with impact :).

    Coincidence? Of course – the concurrence of incidents :).

    You’ve done a great job here!

  8. Hello Timethief

    I’ve only just come across this interesting post and really enjoyed the comments. Here’s my interpretation of powerful writing:

    Powerful writing touches all human emotions, pulls and shapes our psyche, extends our knowledge and creates our intellectual and spiritual understanding of our inner and outer worlds.

  9. “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed from one state to another.” Powerful writing transfers energy from writer to words to reader.

  10. It demands attention. It says “f_ what you think now, consider this”. It stains the fabric of opinion, leaving it tye-dyed with new insight. Powerful writing inspires empowered reading.

    [obscene word edited by timethief]

    • Hi AJ,
      I edited your word above as I do not post swear words in my blog, but that does not take away from what you have contributed. Thanks for accepting the challenge. :)

  11. Powerful writing is inspiration for both the heart and the head.
    Powerful writing feels like being with a best friend : )

    Enjoyed your post, TT!

  12. Words as walls to support others, words as windows to the world, words as a foundation for personal growth – the building blocks of powerful writing.

  13. very rational analysis. especially like “writing to persuade” , as persuading others is the same as persuading ourselves, it requires clarity of thinking.

    • Thanks you so much for the positive feedback on my post. I agree that persuasive blogging is powerful blogging and that clarity is key. :)

    • Thanks for chimimg in Meredith. It’s appreciated. :) Without doubt passionate writing touches our hearts as well as opening our minds.

  14. I love the idea, but I’m not up for the 30 word challenge. I will offer one word though: “authentic.”

    I was struck by the quiet authenticity of Leo Babauta’s latest post, 38 Lessons I’ve Learned in 38 years on Zen Habits. A description of powerful writing would probably vary depending upon the genre or the niche. “Authentic” may not always apply. And even Leo says he’s still developing his writer’s voice!

    Great challenge and interesting article.

    • Hello Sandra,
      I believe the word “authentic” spans most niches. It will not of course apply to the realm of humor, especially satire but in most cases it does apply. In and earlier post we explored what we looked for in a blog. The discussion made it clear that we are looking for an authentic blogger who is both passionate and knowledgeable about their topic without being condescending or combative. NothingProfound’s contribution, which was well received was this:

      The character of the blogger is the most important thing to me. I like to feel there’s a real person behind the words reaching out to me, to move and touch me with their own unique experience and vision of life.

      Thank you so much for contributing to this discussion. :)

    • Dear NP,
      If there were a prize I predict that you would be a winner but that’s not surprising. In my books you are a winner every day because your aphorisms always speak to me and always make me think deeply. Thank you so much for your contribution.

  15. Powerful writing is like a timeless treasure that can reach across all dividing lines and speak to a person’s heart no matter who or what they are.

  16. I’m going to come back and read your references. Good tips!

    As for your 30 words or less question……….. me? Say anything in less than 30 words? *little puzzled face* I’ll try.

    Powerful writing catches the reader in the web of your words: they want to reach the centre. You do not need to drive them, they willingly submit.

    • Hello there.
      Thanks for the positive feedback on the post. Creating a balance between repetition and brevity is the most difficult challenge for me. I always have to fight the inclination to be too wordy. When I’m too wordy I sound like I’m preaching – yuck!

      I like your 30 words or less contribution very much. Thanks for making it. :)

      • Would have been better without the typos – “willingly” – you know I looked at it, thinking “something’s wrong with that”! Still missed it. Oh well.

        Yes, brevity and repetition – I had to think about that – I always try not to repeat myself – that was a bad thing back when I was at school. I guess times have changed – although it may be a cultural thing. I know we get really annoyed with traning courses and TV programs from the northern hemisphere that spend the first 3 minutes after a break repeating what was said before the break. Drives us nuts! We tend to think “Don’t you think I can remember what you said 5 minutes ago?”

        • I hear what you are saying about repetition. I have been on courses like that and have found myself grinding my teeth. However, based on answering forum questions in some posts on some subjects there may be a need for a little repetition. The skilful way to do that is to come at the subject from several angles and avoid using the same words. Ironically, this is in opposition to key word usage and SEO.

          Not to worry. I corrected the spelling error and will be expecting you to do the same for me in my comments on your blog too, please. One of the worst frustrations I have ever experienced is becoming visually challenged is witnessing my spelling errors and dyslexic typos. It has been a very long and tedious recovery from the head injury and the vision problem cannot be “fixed”. I have been so put off by witnessing the spelling errors I make and the dyslexic typos I make I have to compel myself to rise above this every day. My first response based on false pride was to quit blogging and never comment again.

        • I do keep my eyes out for typos in comments, especially yours because I am aware of your situation – problem is, I’m not that good either (my glasses have 3 focal lengths!) and these days I can’t work out whether I need my glasses on or off for the computer.

          I am glad you came back to blogging. We have to keep living even when we are thrown the challenges of life, which you most definitely were.

          • I didn’t realize you had vision issues as well. I am an extremely sensitive person. I have overcome many challenges and consider myself to be strong and determined. The meaning of my name in Latin is Strength or Valor. Unsurprisingly, my downfall is pride. :(

  17. Powerful writing transcends me from my reading chair to the place I am reading about, changes my thought processes and mindsets, and keeps me wanting more.

    • Hi K,
      Thanks so much for that contribution. It’s a good one and I appreciate the fact you rose to the challenge and made it. Best wishes for powerful blogging. :)

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