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bc power blogging promotion The experts advise us to  have a custom promotional strategy for every blog and to be prepared to pay for promotion. If you have a business blog or professional blog  then you may not hesitate to invest some money to make more.  But if you are a hobby blogger you may not be so inclined.

I’m a blogcatalog member and have two blogs registered in the Directory there. However, I have not registered for this program for two reasons.  I’m a hobby blogger and as I’m not in the income group that can afford to pay to have my blog promoted but maybe you are. If so, then the deadline for signing up for blogcatalog’s promotional program is just a couple of hours away. If you want to register then don’t waste any time signing up. As blogger initiated advertising is not allowed on blogs hosted by I have not linked to the site, but it can be easily found online.

11 thoughts on “Paid Blog Promotion

  1. Hi TT,

    I read the Email, watched the video, but still wasn’t convinced of the value of that program. The “hurry, time is running out!” aspect of the promotion was also a turnoff for me. Upon joining BC, I found that some of the forums were useful, but with the exception of a handful of people, most of the contacts that I made there were from folks who wanted visitors but rarely visited. I even tried their Plus program, but saw no benefit from it.

    I wish them well with their Power Blogger program, but I don’t think that it’s the right fit for me — especially at their price point.


    • Hello Ray,
      I’m sure the value is there for those who can afford it but I can’t. I hear you when it comes to the urgency factor in the marketing approach. It seems all advertising these days uses urgency as a tool to motivate but like you it turns me off. The deadline has passed but it’s still possible to register in the program. Though I can’t take part I do wish those who do well too.

    • I’m so glad I was able to help you on the forum. I’m also happy to hear you think my blog content will to useful to you. Welocme to the wonderful world of blogging. :)

  2. Hi Timethief! I wanted to stop in and return the favor, so to speak. I was delighted to see someone show up..*hoppin up and down delighted. :)

    Im new here, and that would probably make me a hobby blogger. Im a bit confused as to what everything is.. like.. blogcatalog member. In time I guess things will come into focus.
    again.. I thankyou for noticing!

    • Hello there and thank you for chiming in. Technorati’s state of the blogosphere results reveal the hobby bloggers (64% of respondents) are the majority, followed by Self-Employeds (21%), part-timers (13%), and corporate bloggers (1%).

      7,200 bloggers responded to our survey this year, our largest response ever. As with our report last year, we have chosen to display our results in terms of four different types of bloggers.

      Hobbyists – Hobbyists remain the backbone of the blogosphere, representing 64% of respondents. Hobbyists say they blog for fun, and do not report any income from their blog. It’s not surprising, therefore, that 51% say they blog to express their personal musings, and 74% say they measure the success of their blog according to their level of personal satisfaction. Read more:

      blogcatalog is a blog directory with a forum. You can submit your blog, become a member, and find other blogger who keep blogs that interest you there. If you do that then please locate me there. I use the same username everywhere so I’m not hard to find. :)

  3. I received this same promotion in my email. I think you made a very important point in your response to Mak. When considering paying for promotion, we MUST consider our goals. Like Mak, my blog is a form of catharsis (which I needed after going through an unexpected divorce). My goal, however, is to share, help others, and – as you so eloquently put it – to build a blog-centered community that will inspire thought.

    I have no plans to monetize my blog. I am a student (which also means poor) moving toward a doctorate in clinical psychology. My long-term goal is to not only become a practicing therapist, but I also wish to connect with others through my writing (books, etc.) and seminars. My blog is a medium for me to hone my writing skills, and it is my first attempt at sharing my thoughts with others. My blog is 10 months old and I’m really not in a rush for growth. My readership has been increasing organically, and I’m happy with it.

    @ Mak, I will look for you on BlogCatalog :-)

    • Hello there,
      I like your blog very much. Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad we found each other and Mak at bc and I connected with you at blogged too. :)

  4. I joined Blog Catalog within months of starting my blog. I think it’s a great resource for those who have the wherewithal to take advantage. But I’m also a hobby blogger who can’t afford to pay for promotion. Besides, since I consider my blog to be a form of “self therapy” where I just post what strikes my fancy for the moment, I don’t really have a “target audience” to focus a promotional campaign towards anyway.

    BTW, I “borrowed” (stole?) your language translation technique for my blog. That is so cool – once again my blog is better because of you! I wish everybody had one, as there are lots of posts I run across that I have to translate manually. :-D

    • Hi Mak,
      It’s good to see you. I enjoy reading your blog because it’s authentically personal and entertaining too. I didn’t know you were a BC member and now that I do I’ll follow you and your blog there too.

      There’s no way I could come up with the kind of money required to pay for blog promotion like this and I’m not convinced that the increased traffic is a benefit to a blogger who does not have a monetized blog and/or is not selling any of their own goods or services. An increase in traffic may be cool on a non-monetized but aside from bragging rights, we are aimed at community building through creating relationships, so an increase in traffic means a higher likelihood of attracting regular readers/commenters/subscribers and forming blog centered communities based on friendships.

      “Traffic” is what monetized blogs need. For example, in a PPC (pay per click) blog every click a visitor makes converts into income earned and high traffic in terms means more potential ad clickers. So when people speak of taking their blog to the next level that usually but not always means they want their blog to become popular and making an income is tied to that.

      This is not to say that business and professional bloggers don’t form relationships with customers and clients — they do. It is to say that the words “customer” and “clients” do not arise among hobby bloggers who do not monetize their blogs.

      I’m happy to hear you are using the translation widget. I was so pleased when I discovered it that I shared it right way because I knew at least some of my readers would want one.

      See you soon. :)

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