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5 years at

5 years buttonLife is a balancing act and it’s not easy to achieve balance with one foot offline and the other online in an environment that never sleeps. The Internet doesn’t stop, can’t stop, won’t stop, so they say. It’s this aspect of blogging that can become repetitive and disheartening. You create content, publish, promote, comment, discuss and the cycle continues.

Passion and Persistence

Blogging begins with a passion for something that matters. If you blog, you have a commitment to publish on a regular basis. When your idea bank is empty you question: why am I doing this? The answer is validation. Keep creating content regardless of how you may feel at that moment. Publish and you will receive that validation.


In-depth knowledge of the topic you are writing on will make your blogging easier. The more you know about your subject and the more invested you are in it, the more you have to write about. But regardless of how much you think you know, it’s important to research before you write. That’s when you will discover new material or come up with a new writing approach.


Compelling error-free content is what people expect when they visit a blog. Committing to a content creation and publishing schedule (a certain number of words, hours, or articles per day/week/month) will help you maintain momentum. Schedule your time in advance and research, write or edit for exactly that amount of time, whether it is going well or not.

Reading high-caliber blogs is one of the most effective ways to improve your writing.  What you read shapes how you write so learn from styles that differ from yours.  What’s more is that reading fuels your imagination and that, after all, is a writer’s best friend.


Initiating connection and discussion leads to building a blog centered community. Learning from reader feedback helps you grow and your blog evolve. Pay close attention to what your blogging friends publish so you can comment and backlink to related content in your new posts.  Network and be open to new ideas. Then when you write you are buoyed with the passion you had on the first day you began to blog.

I joined five years ago.  I have enjoyed exploring the ins and outs of blogging and I hope my readers have too.

When I first became a member I believe the WordPress version was 1.5 or so. In any event it lacked all the fancy features we have now. There was only 1 staff member in Support, 1 Moderator, and 1 FAQs thread at the head of the single support forum we had. There was no support documentation.

Every time I learned something new I answered forum questions and passed that knowledge on. I also blogged it in 2006 in  this blog which is now archived. That blog became the  forerunner to one cool site which now contains 551 published posts..

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  1. Congratulations tt! You must be thrilled with what you’ve accomplished! May the next 5 years be even greater and grander for you :)

  2. I take it as you have completed 5 years here in Blogging!

    Actually with better blogging for everyone! No matter what it is, I still use your site for reference and resolution.. :)

    Dear One, I wish you more success in whatever you are doing or wish to do.. Congratulations!!

    Sending you warm wishes n many hugs

  3. Thanks TT. Exactly what I needed. Answered in a couple of hours across different time zones. Now you know why I seek your advice :-)

  4. 5 years, yikes. Well done, you’re an inspiration to us newbies. I’ve picked up many tips from your site, luv it.

    I have a question, but I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask it.

    I have been running a community website/blog for a few months and am working on a new website/blog to target a specific age group. Much of the material on the community website is relevant on the new website. What is you opinion about repeating the same content on 2 different websites, albeit with different target markets. There are no copyright issues as we own them both.

    Are there any tips to and tricks to watch out for and are there any search engine issues, e.g. duplicate content ?

  5. In the short time that I’ve been blogging, your insights, experiences, and knowledge shared have been a beacon of enlightenment for me. Congrats on this milestone… and may there be many many more!

  6. Congratulations!
    I have been reading your blog since I started blogging. It has been such a help to me –many thanks to you TT!

    –I have never lost my Passion for creating art, –I hope I have the Persistence to keep blogging about it!

  7. Ciao TT! I really love this post and the ‘P’ I can relate the most to is Purpose. I started out with no real idea what to blog about, but over time it became clear and I want to take all my readers on a creative & imaginative adventure ^_^

    You are a source of knowledge to a lot of people! Thanks for being the kind person you are :)


  8. Hi TT,
    Well done, 5 years and still writing. I’ve been going for such a short time and still struggle with postaweek, but there is hope for us all.

    Ideas and inspiration are always hard to find and you seem to have plenty of both.


    • Thank you so much Cindy for your encouragement and support. It’s wonderful to have regular readers. It truly humbles me as well as motivating me to blog on.

  9. I wanted to say that out of all the people for and in the forums I have learned the most from you. I love your site, layout, colors, and the fact that you are a researcher and writer. You really “give answers” and “solutions” to the questions we all need to hear. I really like that. You are very intelligent. Congrats on FIVE year mark! You deserve more appreciation for what you do for all of us! Your fan Jackie Paulson

    • @Jackie,
      Thanks for this appreciative comment. I’m happy to help new bloggers and it’s great to receive positive feedback when I do.

      • I have removed the © from my blog. Thanks for letting me know. I learned a lesson I needed to know today. Jackie Paulson ~

  10. Five years is a long time in the world of blogging– congrats!

    I’ve been blogging since fall of 2006 with the second-hand decorating blog, and Spring 2008 with the humor blog. I use Blogger for both.

    The greatest challenge is continually finding quality material worth actually sharing with folks, so I don’t jump the shark. I overcome it by continually keeping on the alert, even when I’m not blogging, for possible ideas/material.

    I continue to blog because I enjoy it, love the folks who stop by, and I feel it’s good to have a presence online while I’m pitching my novel.

    • Thanks for the congrats and or sharing where you are at with blogging. I’ve been wondering how the novel is coming along and what stage you are at.

      When I first began I was told to post every day. Five years later I don’t publish unless I have high quality information to share. Usually that’s a couple of times weekly to both blogs. However, my time is limited and my personal blog is the last item on my priority list so it’s the one that lags behind when I’m busy.

      In the case of my blogging tips blogs I meet bloggers on the support forum who need help and I feel great when I have correct answers to their questions. Answering questions also provides me with lots of ideas for new posts. What motivates me is the comments and encouragement I receive from my readers. They are so dear to me.

    • Hello there,
      I’m so glad you liked the introduction. It’s always good to get to know new friends and their blogs. Thanks for the congrats and kind words too.

  11. Many congrats to you, TT!! I love how concise yet informative all your posts are. I agree with your 5Ps, definitely : )

    From the blogcatalog forum:
    Congratulations TT, and I enjoy all of your posts!!

    I am a rather beginner blogger (less than a year old into this)….I use blogspot and I have found it to serve my purpose well sofar. Blogging is only a hobby for me, so I try to have a good time sharing my thoughts. But I found your 5Ps to be very accurate reflections of requirements for a good blog. My greatest blogging challenge will have to be keeping the inspirations coming at a regular interval. Also in the beginning when I had hardly any traffic, my motivations would flag easily. Now I am quite thrilled with some of the regular visitors to my site and their comments : ) I enjoy sharing this blogging experience with fellow bloggers!!

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