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Why About Pages are Essential

outstretchehand Static pages are not a requirement for blogs I do recommend having an About page.  I always amazed when I visit a blog and don’t find one because it’s natural for visitors to  want to know a bit about who you are and why you are blogging.

Creating an About page is a way to introduce yourself and let visitors know what kind of content to expect to read in your blog.   A concise  blog description on your About page will inform visitors what they can expect to find in the content and when it will be published.

An About page exists:

  • to provide visitors with essential facts need to interact with you (and/or your company),
  • to give visitors context for the information found elsewhere on the site,
  • to differentiate your blog (and/or your company)  from others like it, and
  • to give visitors a reason (several reasons, ideally) for doing whatever it is you want them to do
  • to provide contact information.

Who are you and what’s the blog about?

Your About page could be as simple as a brief description of who you are and what your purpose for the blog is.  It’s up to you to decide  how much personal information you want to share, and whether or not to post a photo of yourself, but don’t forget to let your personality shine through the text on your About page.  It’s the blogger’s ability to promote their content that creates traffic flow, and it’s their community building ability that determines the blog’s success. Write in an engaging style so visitors know you want

  • to be heard;
  • to connect;
  • to receive comments;
  • to enter into discussion;
  • to form relationships;
  • to build a blog centered community.

Optimize About Page Content

Now let’s consider building and promoting your online presence. Does your blog promotion strategy include a strong web presence? It should. Google is known to make up to 400 algorithm changes annually so having some basic knowledge of the major changes will inform a discussion about a site’s presence and ranking on the web.

You can expect to be ‘googled’. When your name (brand, key words and phrases) are is googled, you want links to your blog to that the reader sees in the SERPS (search engine page results). What will searching reveal? Or not reveal?

When creating a blog description and expressing what the purpose for the blog optimize your About page text to include  relevant keywords and phrases that you want search engines like Google to index.  Consider  other details you may want to include that will target long-tail keyword phrases on About page. For example, you may want to include geographic and demographic information  on your About page aimed at having it appear in local search results.


I believe the time you spend and the care you take when creating your About page and keeping it updated is a good investment.  Do you agree?

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79 thoughts on “Why About Pages are Essential

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  2. Hello timethief,

    Another super-helpful post, thank you!

    Coupled with your “Widgets: Less is More” post, I think my next blog task will be transferring some of my “About Me/About My Hats” info from my sidebar widgets and putting them onto my About page.

    You’ve written so much helpful stuff here, you’re a real treasure.

    Thank you!

  3. What was the question… ? Have to check the top of this very long page again.. wait…
    Yes, I agree :-) Im new to blogging, so there is a lot to learn. I believe your advices very good, but I will have to try them before I know. Please please fell free to visit my blog and comment it; structure, about me, blog content and so on.
    Thanks for some great advice!


    • Hello there,
      Learning to blog does involve a learning curve. For some the curve is more steep than for others. However, one thing that’s true of readers is they want to know a little about who the blogger is and what their purpose for the blog is.

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