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power outages

Readers: I have not deserted my blog.

We have had several days now of gale force winds that were so bad ferry sailings were canceled. We have had rolling power blackouts and it seems no sooner that I’m online then the power goes out again.

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  1. I have had power back now for a day and the rolling blackouts disappeared this afternoon. What a mess. Branches everywhere from the gale that had to be dragged off the road. Stream and creek overflowing. We had to dig a second exit for pond water to escape in creek as it was overflowing. Lots of other clean-up but no broken windows or damaged buildings. I’m recovering tonight. Tomorrow I will have a post ready if all goes well tonight.

    • Thanks for caring enough to comment. We are almost back to normal. The driveway and road are now passable by car and delvery trucks. We are 4 days behind but now in our work but we can accept deliveries and send out shipments.We had so many large branches to remove from the driveway and road and cut up for firewood that we are exhausted. Hopefully, it will be a quiet weekend so we can get caught up on our work. :)

    • The wind was so wild that it was scary. Huge trees that stand over 100 feet tall and straight when bent and losing branches. It was impossible to sleep with all the racket of the wind blowing and branches falling and everything that wasn’t weighted down falling about. The rain just poured down in buckets and working on the clean up meant even in rain gear we were wet from sweat and miserable. We went through lots of clothes working outdoors. I still have two loads of laundry to catch up on now that the power is on and we have water and can use the washing machine. I got 4 days worth of dirty dishes and pots and pans washed and now I have floors to clean this weekend. What a winter this has been! I hope it’s over.

    • lol :D That would be a long walk on water as I live on an island. We didn’t need sandbags but we did need to dig another exit for the overflowing pond to expel water into the creek. That wasn’t a fun project in the wild wind with buckets of rain pelting down.

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