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5 Ways To Avoid The Ill Effects Of Blogging

By Guest Author Ishan Sharma
Blogging With Success

Blogging is a disease. A highly dangerous disease.
It can make you fat, it can weaken your eyes, it can make you sick.
OK, I am over reacting but blogging is harmful!

Here are some ways in which blogging can affect your health:

  1. Eyes: Blogging involves looking at the monitor for a long time. This can easily weaken your eye sight. If you keep writing, editing and commenting for long hours, you will get spectacles or contact lenses soon.
  2. Weight: Another thing for blogging is that it can make you fat. If you spend a lot of time sitting in front of your computer, you will soon find yourself eating more junk food and drinking less water.
  3. Addiction: Internet itself is highly addictive. And so is blogging. If not controlled, blogging can become addictive and affect your offline work and worst, accelerate above effects.

5 Ways To Avoid The Ill Effects Of Blogging

  1. Take 20-2 breaks: You can take care of your eyes by 20-2 breaks. This is nothing special. After looking at the screen for 20 minutes, take 2 minutes off and look at something far away. This helps in keeping eyes in shape.
  2. Keep Water Bottle Nearby: One thing I find amazing about us is that we can stand! Aren’t we 70% water? We are supposed to be flowing around like water, not standing like a tree. OK, enough of water and trees, main point is 70% water. This shows how much water is important for us. However, most of us are in bad of habit of sitting in front of working long hours and in these long hours, we forget about water. The best way to avoid this is to keep a water bottle nearby and regularly drink water.
  3. Eat Away From Computer Table: When I started blogging, one of the worst habits I picked up was eating with my computer. Although I did not offer it food, computer table became my favorite eating spot. Result? First, I picked up some extra weight and second, I did not find much time for family. However, I am lucky to have learned the lesson quickly. Whatever you do, just keep food away from computer table. When eating, prefer eating with whole family.
  4. Do Not Blog Overnight: Blogging is important. But not more than sleep! If you prefer to stay awake overnight for blogging, this is bad. Yes, one or two nights per month for important things is fine but anything like 3-4 days a week is overkill. And guess what, by not sleeping, you are harming your own blog. If you do not sleep properly, you will lose productivity and feel tired. And this will have ill effects on your blog posts.
  5. Avoid Addiction: Addiction of anything is bad. So is the case with blogging. If you are addicted to blogging, you will find it enjoyable in starting, but it will ruin your blog by burning your productivity out and your personal life by taking you away from relatives. The best way to avoid addiction is by taking small bit sized breaks. Schedule a few posts, take a one or two-week break and do not touch your blog(I’d recommend whole internet) during that period. I recently spent 5 days without my laptop(so, naturally I couldn’t blog or access internet) and results were awesome. After coming back, I found my mind refreshed and full of new ideas.

Over To You

Readers, now it is your turn. Tell me what you think.

  • Is blogging harmful?
  • What other bad effects can blogging cause?
  • Any tips for avoiding side-effects of blogging?

If you need any questions related to this post or anything related to blogging, just leave comment here or visit my blog.

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30 thoughts on “5 Ways To Avoid The Ill Effects Of Blogging

  1. It can be abused just like anything else. Make time in your day to exercise. (What would you expect me to say? My blog is about good health and exercise : – ) so as long as you’ve gotten in your exercise for the day you will be OK in my book!

  2. Hi, I’ve found it useful to turn the brightness back a little, if I’m expecting to be staring at the screen too long.

  3. Hey Ishan, I like that you use yourself as an example in this article, brings it close to home! All excellent points that can apply to other activities that consume the better part of our day or our quality home time.

    A key is to section your time (publishing posts versus social networking and ‘getting lost’ in threads and articles..) — treat it like a 9 to 5 job with breaks. It helps to have a spouse or partner who brings you to reality when you’re late for dinner, check your email during tv commercial breaks or while making breakfast [oh, that may be too revealing.. lol]…

    I can attest to your creative re-birth after your extended time away from blogging (seemed like an eternity to me). Maybe I should try that, but I may need 6 weeks to clear out the internet cobwebs.

    • Hi Shirley,
      Thanks for the comment. Well, treating it like a job is surely a good option. However, I am in college between these hours, so blogging is part time job for me! :)
      Yes, you need a break. Take it anytime you want.
      Thanks for comment.

    • @Ishan
      I agree with SBA. The first lesson that I have learned from doing my contracted work and multitasking with blogging is how to subdivide large, tough tasks into smaller, easily accomplished smaller “chunks” so it seems less insurmountable. Doing that lifts my spirit and increases my energy level.

      Once I’ve decided what my “A” priority tasks are and subdivided projects into smaller chunks, I spend about 40 – 45 minutes on an “A” priority task. Then switch for about 15 minutes to one of the chunks of a larger task. By scheduling time for both, I can make sure that what needs to be done gets done without feeling overwhelmed.

      The second lesson was harder one to learn. I was a perfectionist who used to work until I dropped. I had to learn to take periodic breaks. I can take a brief 15 minute walk around my property with my dog and return energized or I can do my yoga exercises. I can also just flop into a deck chair and enjoy a 20 minute green tea break that will also result in an energy boost. And, once every day I have a quiet hour for meditation. Even though it sometimes requires will power to pull myself away from my work I’m always glad I did.

  4. I have the bad habit of blog-binge-ing. I get frustrated with not always having the time to read through the blogs that I follow. Then I’ll finally get some time, get into a groove, and spend way too long in a single stretch. I sit there, nourished by only the words and thoughts that unfold between me and the monitor. No food. No drink. the day or night suddenly slipped by. Sigh.

    • Well, try to limit the number of blogs. Once you read them, you will realize that real nuggets come far and in between. To be honest, most of the “popular” blogs spoon-feed same things over and over with just new tactics.

  5. You bore all your friends who don’t happen to be as enamoured with the virtual world as you are! You become depressed and isolated, you turn more and more to your online contacts and eventually you actually turn into a Gravatar!

  6. It’s a great idea to take regular brakes, but I often completely lose track of time. It is not just the blogging itself, it’s all the follow up, social medias, commenting, etc. I actually try to spend more time on writing posts and less on checking comments and stats.

    Also I always keep a water bottle by my side and take brakes from my computer for eating! Great tips.

    • Hi Nicone,
      Well, that’s one important thing to learn as a blogger. Most of the time has to be spent on writing.
      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Talking too much about self on blog…is a disease too. :) Very bad.

    To keep my blog relevant…I have to do what I write about. :) Which means hopping onto a bike.

  8. for you questions,
    yes, i think being addicted in any activities that require sitting in front of computer too long is harmful. i used to work as computer artist and sitting in front of computer at least 8 hours a day. and that was the time my health decline rapidly. of course, exercises would help.

    for me, very bad thing of sitting too long is slow down blood circulation. it hurts my health the most because it messes up my heart function.

    exercise is the only things i could think of for those who have to sit for hours daily.

    • Well, exercises are definitely great. I know many bloggers who have great health even after blogging full time because they train 1-2 hours per day.

  9. Good tips TT! I am actually doing better now by keeping myself away from computer as much as I could. I need more physical activities than sitting still – also I am glad I could engage in more physical activities make me feel alive.

    • Hi Yun Yi,
      This time, it was not TT! ;) Well, staying away from computers is a good thing and it’s good to know you are engaged in physical exercise.
      Thanks for comment.

  10. I agree with all of the above! I also feel an exchange between social interaction in person versus on line. As a blogger, I have to make a point to get up out of the chair and get out there. It’s good to get my butt moving, too. When it’s freezing outside, it’s easy to choose a soft, cushy seat infront of a laptop vs. exercise. I’ve really got to work on that part!

    • Hi Janene,
      Sometimes, skipping exercise is fine. But better not make it a habit! :)
      Thanks for commenting.

  11. All so true! I am great about water and taking breaks to eat away from the keyboard, because I think it’s important to have that mental time away. I do almost everything on the PC and my blog is only one body of writing I must commit to… I’m not as good about resting my eyes though, and really have to fight to remember that….

    • Hi Pillownaut,
      Now that are good habits that can avoid lot of problem. It is hard to take eyes of the monitor once you are doing something important but just take 5 minutes every hour. That is enough. But you don’t need much because you already take breaks away from computer and that is enough time for eyes to get refreshed.
      Thanks for commenting.

  12. I have been less active lately, partly due to blogging and partly the weather. So I have gained some weight, but skinny as I am it’s hardly a concern. Is blogging harmful? I don’t know. I tend not to notice the negatives of things, just the positives. I’ll keep doing it as long as I enjoy it.

    • Hello there,
      Well. This little weight may seem less harmful but it is much more dangerous! Good that you enjoy blogging. That’s how great posts and results are produced.
      Thanks for commenting.

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