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A Dozen Free Ebooks for Bloggers

ebook stackFor writers who are taking up blogging there’s a lot to learn. For those who don’t  possess strong writing skills there’s a larger learning curve.

As I’m getting more and more questions from those who are new to blogging,  and especially from business bloggers who are just getting started,  in this post I’m sharing links to free ebook resources for bloggers in all niches. There are many free  ebooks available that contain and great deal of useful information on the topics I list briefly below and more.

  • Getting Started
  • Choosing a Niche
  • Domain Names
  • Blogging Platforms
  • Themes and Organization
  • Pages, Posts and Widgets
  • Images and Media
  • Comments and Discussion
  • Headlines and Content Creation
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Post Length and Posting Frequency
  • Blog promotion, Social Media, Social Networking
  • Guest Blogging

Free ebooks on blogging for bloggers

I began researching and reading ebooks in preparation for creating and publishing this post two weeks ago.  I was aiming to have it ready for publication by  Wednesday or Thursday of this week but Mother Nature interfered on Tuesday night. A snow storm knocked out our power for 2 days.   I’m pleased to say that I finally completed the project and am publishing it as the week comes to an end.

  1. Personal Branding for the Business Professional (PDF format). Chris Brogan compiled 15 pages (including the cover) and contains everything from strategy advice to some considerations to over 100 tactics and ideas on what to do next.
  2. (a) Killer Flagship Content is a guide to arranging enjoyable and profitable joint ventures, how we all need the help of other people, and everyone has something to offer.Chris Garrett’s  free ebook introduces the concept of Flagship Content and provides all the information you need to create, package and promote compelling resources that attract more attention to your blog. (b) Authority Alliances is a guide to arranging enjoyable and profitable joint ventures, how we all need the help of other people, and everyone has something to offer. You can download both free of charge just by subscribing.
  3. Beginner’s Guide to SEO – Freshly updated by seomoz  for 2010, the Beginner’s Guide is the most popular SEO learning resource on the web. More than 1 million users have read or downloaded this beautifully illustrated, value-packed, free resource.
  4. WordPress SEO guide for beginners (PDF format) – The Blog Oh! Blog way. It can be considered as a crash course for all the people who are struggling to get better search engine results with their WordPress blogs. In this e-book, I will guide you how to rapidly configure your WordPress blog with maximum SEO benefits.
  5. How to Start a Business Blog (Scribd format) is a step by step workbook with exercises to help you plan, set up and create content for a business blog. Michael wrote a huge 12-part series of posts on how to start a business blog and expanded on them in the form of an ebook.
  6. Who’s There (PDF format) is not an ebook about how to write better or how to follow the traditional conventions about formatting and building a blog. It’s not designed to sell you one service instead of another, either.  Instead, Seth Godin divides the blog world into three groups and turn my attention to one. And in particular, I try to sell you hard on how building a blog asset can have a spectacular impact on you, your career, your organization and your ideas.
  7. Content by Cory Doctrow is among the most important books in social media. Read this ebook and get the straight goods on copyright.
  8. The Art of Community (PDF format) by Jono Bacon. A solid guide to building, energizing and enabling pro-active, productive and enjoyable communities, covering community leadership, and best practices.
  9. Geeks Guide To Promoting Yourself With Twitter An ebook containing tips, tools and resources for  using Twitter for promotion purposes.
  10. The Zen of Blogging (PDF format) This is the story of an aspiring blogger who sets out on a journey to discover the secrets of blogging. What will he find at the top of Mount Blogmore? Will he learn how to become a great blogger, or will he get his head cut off? You’ll have to read to find out!
  11. Focus – A simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction (PDF format) is Leo Babauta’s free ebook.  Leo Babauta is a very popular blogger whose blog Zen Habits   educates people on leading a simple, stress free life.

For those bloggers who are exploring free and/or low cost methods of printing their blog posts, or creating ebooks, or publishing a book please see Bloggers: Publish your book, ebook, or your blog. See also Promoting Your Writing or Poetry Blog.


Have you read any free ebooks on blogging topics that don’t appear here? If so, how many have you read? And, which ones  would you recommend?

41 thoughts on “A Dozen Free Ebooks for Bloggers

  1. Good Day, I was led to this post through my Google webmaster tools/links to my site, not realizing that it was you until I arrived. I do not expect you to include this reply but if you do then I say, “good for you”. Again, this is about the 13 links to one page on one of my blogs that you created. Will you honestly tell me what your motives are? I assumed from your PS. comment last time that you do not like me, my beliefs or my posts. That is true, yes? Now back to the links, Why? What are your motives and which page in particular is it?
    Best Regards,

  2. Hello good afternoon. You can send me the translation of HTML codes of the blog, even in English? I had already posted on his blog a call for help, I think I forgot.
    I tried this but do not know what went wrong, it’s all there is more to reality not translate anything.
    Warm hug from Brazil.

  3. Hi TimeThief,

    I was just thinking about you, this morning. It’s because of a post I wrote, yesterday. It’s not about blogging; rather “A Life Without Limitation”.

    I came across your post about the free ebooks on blogging. I’ll definitely get into them, later. I, only glanced at the collection but is there a book pertaining to “Writer’s block and dealing with the issues causing them: bad habits, personal fears and etc?”

    • Thanks so much for letting me know I made this error. I’m so sorry I inconvenienced you. I have now edited and posted the correct link. Thanks again for telling me this and best wishes with your blogging. :)

  4. Wow! Looks like some wonderful books up there. The ‘simplicity manifesto’ looks like something I could really use, and I do need to learn more about SEO. Still not sure about Twitter, though. Maybe that book will change my mind!

    • Leo’s ebook had a strong influence on my planning for 2011. I lead a simple life but as I read his advice I realized more simplification was in order. Thanks for commenting and best wishes with your blogging. :)

  5. Just what I need – more reading on the computer! LOL

    It does look like a great list though. And definitely a few worthy of a long look that I will have to make time for. Thanks for the list.

  6. I read large chunks of seth godin’s e-book. Useful reminders. As for me ever making an e-book out of the blogs I due, I dunno. I don’t think an e-book could replicate my slideshows.

    Thanks for this article and spending time researching out useful sources for us to pursue.

    • Hi Jean,
      Seth’s ebook is interesting. It’s focused on explaining how to build a blog as an asset that can further your career and promote your business or organization.

  7. Great list and I have only looked properly at one of them so far. Time thief, have you worked out how to steal time to get all this done and still do other things as well. Now that would be a tip worth knowing :) Thank you so much for this!

  8. I wanted to come back sooner and comment. I’ve been working at a neck breaking pace at the moment and a good portion of these ebooks apply a great deal to what I’m doing. Thank you for posting them. There is no such thing as too much advice.

    • Feel free to bookmark and come back and select whatever appeals. I’ll be interested to hear feedback. Best wishes with your new business and blog too. :)

    • Dear Bats,
      It’s good to hear from you. I hope you do have the time to read some of these and let me know what your experience of them was. Thanks for commenting. :)

  9. Is 4 by you Titi?? That Zen thing looks too good.. I will take a deep breath and start with an “OM!”.. :)
    Thank you, this blog post is particularly all good things at one place.. Invaluable!!!!

    • Hi Charlene,
      I thought this would be a useful list for my readers to bookmark and return to when they had the time to select an ebook to download and read. I will be interested to hear responses to my selections so don’t hesitate to return and share what you think.

  10. Thank you Timethief… sort of. I still have so much reading to do just here in your blog (and all the links in those articles), and I can easily spot two or three above that need to go on the “look at me!” list…. I agree with Anne above, your research and awareness of what’s out there, never ceases to amaze me. You save me so much time floundering about just looking for sources, it’s so nice to be able to count on you to do that first survey and then recommend only the most useful. Huge thank you. Take care.

    • Dear Cynthia,
      Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m so happy to hear some titles jumped out at you. I know exactly what you mean by thanks sort of …

      I find it hard to allocate my time so that I create a balance. Paid work must come first and when computer breakdowns an power outs happen I fall behind … way behind. When it comes to blogging, I tend to spend most of my time on research and content creation. That means I am always coming up short when it comes to time spent on commenting on my readers blogs.

      I love the fact that I do have regular commenters and subscribers and I do aim to do well by you all but sometimes I fall short. In 2011 I’m going to accept that whatever happens was meant to happen and move forward rather than looking back over my shoulder and feeling regret.

  11. TimeThief, as usual we benefit from your thorough research and generousity! This is an unusual list of resources for serious, aspiring and professional bloggers. Thanks!

    • @SBA
      It’s good to see you. You have summarized exactly what I aimed to do which was to locate read and review ebooks and choose an outstanding dozen that spanned all bloggers from beginners to professionals. I hope you will let me know if you locate any others. :)

  12. Some wonderful resources there, and I shall definitely be checking them out.

    One thing needs to be said, however: those and many other resources would never appear on my radar screen if it weren’t for the Most Valuable Blogging Resource of all: namely, the amazing and astoundingly generous TimeThief!!!

    Thanks, TT! Keep battling those winter storms, and a belated Happy New Year to you!

    • Hi Kathleen,
      I like every one I posted above but for different reasons. I’ll be interested to hear feedback from you readers. Please let me know what you think.

  13. I’d love to send you an autographed copy – I could never have gotten it done without the help of so many kind people willing to share their knowledge. Send me a note via email where to send it to.

    • I’ll send you my address by email. This is really exciting Anne. I’m so happy for you and will be delighted to get a signed copy (swoon). :)

  14. Hello TimeThief – I’m constantly amazed by your knowledge and willingness to share it. Thank you!!! I’m finished editing my book, its in the printer’s hands and hopefully within a week I have it back in mine. Then the marketing begins! I’ve done it all myself – writing, formatting,website, etc. Its been an amazing journey – and the success or failure will be all MINE! So thank you for that marvelous list of ebooks for bloggers – I’m looking forward to making my way though it.

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