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Clicking with Caution videos for kids by kids

cautionClicking with Caution is a series of educational videos by kids and for kids, and aimed at to raising awareness of internet risks and teaching preventive measures. Topics included are : Maintaining Anonymity, Cyber Bullying, Online Sexual Predators and Online Gaming.

These days, many kids draw little distinction between real life and online life. They may use social Web sites designed for children such as Webkinz or Club Penguin, or social Web sites designed for adults such as Windows Live Spaces, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and others. Twitter is less secure than Facebook because by default all posts are public and will be broadcast in a publicly search-able time-line by anyone with a connection to the internet. Unfortunately, some of the information kids tweet and post on their pages can also make them vulnerable to a wide variety of security threats, malware attacks, phishing scams, cyberbullying, and internet predators. Many social networking sites children frequent do not have parental control tools that will help to keep your children safe. —
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The Clicking with Caution series was made in collaboration with the NYC Dept of Education’s Office of Instructional (now Educational) Technology and the Mayor’s office in partnership with Reel Works Teen Filmmaking and Microsoft. Watch Clicking with Caution here.

What’s your response to the video? Do you think this series of videos will be more effective because they are made by kids, rather than being made by adults?

Resources and references – The Cyberbullying Research Center is dedicated to providing up-to-date information about the nature, extent, causes, and consequences of cyberbullying among adolescents.

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2 thoughts on “Clicking with Caution videos for kids by kids

  1. Glad to see this subject is getting attention. I had big concerns during the 90’s about children being exposed to inappropriate content and using the Internet unsupervised and still do. There needs to be a real effort to inform parents who still seem to be pretty clueless about the Internet and the abundance of unrestricted content and bad characters out there.

    • Hello Steve,
      I do hope you pass the link along to other parents. It’s important for both them and their kids to be aware of the threats and to take preventative measures. Thanks for reading and commenting too. :)

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