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Google Update 2009 Reviewed

sad girl My transition into New Year blogging will be slower than I expected. I do have my own computer back but it has been completely rebuilt. The operating system has been updated and I have a new email program so I’m learning to use those.

The good news is that my research data for my contracted work was recovered and I did make the deadline. I will also have a post ready for publication on my personal blog later today. The bad news is that not all of my data was recovered and I have major reconstruction work I’m undertaking in the background.

Today I took a short break and read Chris Crum’s The Year in Google 4 part series and recommending it to my readers as well.
The Things Google Did in 2010 (The First Quarter)
The Things Google Did in 2010 (The Second Quarter)
The Things Google Did in 2010 (The Third Quarter)
The Things Google Did in 2010 (The Fourth Quarter)

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6 thoughts on “Google Update 2009 Reviewed

  1. Oh computers… can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. I’m so sorry you’ve been having to go through all this. I hope things ease soon. Losing data, urgh… horrid!

    • It isn’t any fun but I’m glad I have hardcopy I could reconstruct from. :) If I didn’t then I would be bawling my eyes out — not that doing so would do any good. :(

  2. Hope all comes well by the end of the week timethief. Have spent a semi guilty hour on your personal blog and links and done that myers briggs personality test on an old post of yours and wilfed happily for ages. Happy New Year INFJ @ Zeb Bakes :D

  3. I’m so sorry about your lost data and the reconstruction to come! I know that we all hope it goes well and that you have many more years of great blogging ahead. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks. I struggled to get my work done by the deadline and I made it. I will now focus on the reconstruction and work blogging in when I can. I hope to be caught up by the end of this week so cross your fingers for me. :) Have a great New Year!

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