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MistyLook at gets some welcome updates

Guest post by Richard

mistylook screenshotMistyLook, with its clean and pleasant design has always been a very popular theme around, but being a very old theme, it had limitations, especially when compared to all the new themes that have been released over the past year. MistyLook also suffered from some top navigation issues due to the placement of the built-in search box which was at the right end of the navigation area.

The Theme Team here at though, decided to breathe new life into this popular classic.

Custom Menu Support

Shortly after the implementation of custom menus into WordPress, staff updated MistyLook to support them. This was a welcome addition since the placement of the search box at the right end of the top navigation limited how many tabs you could have. With custom menu support, you could organize your menu items in dropdowns, and even include categories and custom links.

Hide the Search Box

There were a lot of forum posts asking how to hide or move the search box because the user needed the additional space for their navigation tabs. It used to be that if you wanted to hide the search box, you had to purchase the CSS upgrade and hide it via CSS. Now all you have to do is go to Appearance > Theme Options and simply check a box and the search box is gone.

Hide Single Post Navigation

Another thing that some were not fond of are the previous and next links that appeared at the top of the single-post pages. If you do not like those, you can now go to Appearance > Theme Options and turn them off.

Custom Background

Two other popular MistyLook requests were changing the background color and adding a background image. Now, instead of having to get the CSS upgrade, all you have to do is go to Appearance > Background and you can add a background image, or a custom background color.

8 thoughts on “MistyLook at gets some welcome updates

  1. Massive thanks to Sadish for his exceptional graphic design, typography and coding skills, and to WordPress for their input. Does anyone know how to get rid of the tab-style navigation boxes, and move the navigation to below the header image? I’ll be very grateful to anyone who can supply the code. Jack

  2. I’m always interested in how MistyLook template is used by other bloggers. I’m using it for 2 blogs plus a 3rd blog which is owned and managed by an organization where I’m just a team member writer.

    • Mistylook is sort of an ageless classic in my book. It has a comfortable feel to it and from a graphic design perspective, it is well done. I expect it will continue to be quite popular for a long time.

  3. Yeah, I’m not entirely sure when they added the new features. I was tipped off by a forum thread. The ability to turn off the search box is a great addition as is the ability to change the background color or add an image. Hopefully more of the older themes will get this treatment as well.

  4. Hmm… Didn’t realised it had changed. I wanted the search box gone some weeks ago because it was in the way, did exactly as you suggest, and replaced it with a search widget.

    Other than that, I’m as happy to leave the rest alone as I was originally, with minimum on-screen clutter to detract from my golden prose ;-)

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