Cantankerous computer

UPDATE: December 18th, 2010- Still without my computer and the shop is closed for the weekend. :(
UPDATE: December 13th, 2010 – A new C-drive is on order and hasn’t arrived yet. I’m hoping to have my own computer and all my data back by Thursday or Friday. Cantankerous computer! This is the fourth time in the last 2 weeks that my computer has broken and been taken in for repair. I have been reduced to “borrowing” time on my friend’s computers when they are out.

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  1. This is such an awful and frustrating issue to go through. My heart goes out to you. Last year in an attempt to ‘keep from going in debt’ and buying a new computer, I paid a PC doc for a house call. It was almost as expensive as buying a new computer. Hang in there, TT. We will all still be here, waiting for you and keeping our fingers crossed.

    1. Yes it’s frustrating but I’m so busy with work that I’m not dwelling on it right now. I got a loner computer so I hope to be able to create a post today. Too bad my data including research files aren’t available to me. Oh well … onward and upward.

  2. Poor Timethief! Huge sympathy – come to Portugal – it’s 18 C and sunny today and my computer is working fine, you’re more than welcome!! Good luck with it all.

  3. Hi Missy, I am so sorry to hear about the computer issues.. !! Also, sorry, I haven’t been around too much too.. :( Busy with a deadline at work, lets just put it that way.. Of course, that is not the only distraction to my writing.. Seems like you have your own share of them!!
    I have been working your LINKS page advice – I thought about it for a week, now I have been taking up too much time to execute it, but I have an action plan in place..
    Will be commenting on your appropriate posts in the near future..
    Hope your C drive gets formatted soon!! This must all be because of the excessive love of the hackers and the spammers.. for you and your site :D
    Stay warm!!

    1. @Heart
      It’s good to hear from you. I’m using my husband’s computer ie. one of the two I broke last week but I can’t be on it for long. I’m happy to hear you have thought about the Links Page alternative and have made your choice. The c drive is on order and won’t arrive until next week. Thanks for the encouraging words and best wishes to you. :)

  4. Best wishes, timethief. Crummy to get hit with all of this on top of winter! Hope you have a fireplace and a good book (or at least the book!) to keep you going!

    1. Hi Anne,
      We have an airtight stove so I am warm and well. This is a very busy time for our business so I have no shortage of work to do. It’s just different work. I hope you are well and happy too. :)

  5. Hope your computer gets well soon. :-)

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for hanging in. It’s already dark and I’m about to hike home now. Thankfully my flashlight has new batteries. :)

  6. Why not get a Mac? Since I’ve had one – no viruses, no breakdowns. Nada! Anyway, in the meantime – hang in there and good luck.

    1. Hi Anne,
      One day when I have enough money to buy a new computer I may get a Mac. The problem is not one that’s caused by viruses or malware. I won’t be going into debt if it can be repaired so that’s what I’m aiming for.

  7. Awfully sorry to hear about your travails, TT. If there are two more maddening things when they act up than computers and cars, I don’t know what they could be. Hang in there, all your fans are pulling for you! Cheers, Mark

  8. We will wait for you to return and keep our fingers crossed that the cc can be fixed :)

    1. Thanks for your kindness and patience too, Joanna.

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