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One of the ways to enhance the way you present information on your blog is by creative use of images. slideshows are simple and straightforward. Upload your photos as a gallery, then click the “Insert slideshow” button, or use the shortcode. The slideshow automatically adjusts its dimensions to fit your blog’s theme. You can create a quick and easy slideshow for your blog on either a post or page by following the illustrated instructions in the support documentation. Or you can by following instructions on How To – Using slidehows on blogs on WordPressTV

“I couldn’t find any instructions from WP Help on how to add photos to an existing slideshow, so thought I’d pass it along. Hope it helps someone out there, as others’ bread crumbs have helped me numerous times.” — Steve Eichenberger, Ceramic Sculptor Artist , Oregon.

How can I add more photos to a slideshow? If that’s your question, here’s the solution:

  1. Open the post where you want to add photos to a slideshow
  2. Select Edit
  3. Delete the slideshow from your post (highlight , hit delete on your keyboard)
  4. Now, with the post still open, upload additional photo(s) from your computer. They will automatically be added to the Gallery for that post.
  5. Click the Upload/Insert Add an Image icon
  6. Select Gallery tab
  7. Your newly uploaded photos should now be at the top of the list, un-numbered
  8. Drag them to where you want them in the slide sequence
  9. Be sure to hit Save All Changes to lock in the sequence
  10. Now click on Insert Slideshow

That should do it!

If your slides are in the wrong sequence, you probably forgot to Save All Changes in step 9, so delete again, and re-do steps 5 – 10. Source

Please note that if you are experiencing difficulty with the Gallery function this is the place to go to > gammagirl -Not the Official Gallery FAQ.

19 thoughts on “ How to add more photos to a slideshow

  1. Is the slideshow feature for the media library a Pro feature or is it avaialble only on ceertain themes? I’ve been looking at the various responses for adding a slideshow to my blog site and I don’t seem to have any way to add a plug in or choose slideshow in the picture library. Thanks.

  2. Great advice… Wondering if you can help. How can I insert a single photo to my blog, further down the post, without it being added to the slideshow I have entered earlier in the same blog pots? Very frustrating! Thanks

  3. Dear Ms. Timethief:

    I have a question. I like the slideshow feature in blog, but the problem is the image caption/title is not shown below the image in a slideshow. This is really annoying. Sometimes the title is shown below the images, but most of the time, the title is now shown. Is there any way to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi, I have just installed the gallery pugin. Is there anyway of adding images from old posts, or from the media library, or do I have to upload each image again. I have an image on each post and would like to add my previous images to the gallery. Thanks for any help.

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  6. Good Morning Timethief and thank you Steve! I love learning this way – I hadn’t realised that the Gallery was specific to each post written! You have supplied the missing link for me here for dealing with slideshows and galleries. I had always been puzzled at why the Gallery seemed to disappear once you wrote a new post, so obvious now. But I just hadn’t made the connection. I had noticed that if you have a captioned photograph and try to put it in more than one post, you can’t re-caption the photograph and have the same photo with a different caption – the solution I use is to have two copies of the same photo in the library. I also hadn’t thought of dragging the slides around to change the order, I thought you had to use the numbering method, which is slow and cumbersome for slide shows with more than half a dozen slides…. The slideshow is really useful for me sometimes, when I want to show a step-by-step post but the last time I did one I had exactly this problem, realising I needed to add more photos and I abandoned it as I couldn’t fathom out what to do. Brilliant!

  7. It’s not really even necessary to delete the slideshow shortcode from the post or page first before uploading any new photos. Just remember to save all your changes and then close the Image Uploader by hitting the X in the upper right hand corner.

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