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Windows Live Spaces bloggers on the move

The excited buzz appeared on the Windows Live Space blog and the blog about how “30 million” blogs which were to be shifted in a period of 6 months using the exporter newly created for the data transfer. However that number will be much smaller as  Internal Microsoft emails show that most ‘Live Spaces’ blogs were dead.

The news was announced at TechCrunch Disrupt by Dharmesh Mehta, Director of Product Management for Windows Live and Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic.

Windows Live and and Windows Live partnering together and providing an upgrade for 30 million Windows Live Spaces customers

As we looked at how we brought Windows Live and together, there were three big things we wanted to deliver:

  • Giving existing Windows Live Spaces customers an easy upgrade of their blogging experience to
  • Letting anyone connect their blog to Messenger so their Messenger friends are updated when they publish a new post on
  • Allowing Windows Live customers to easily create new blogs on

A sticky post was placed at the head of the support forum in anticipation of questions concerning the upgrade, differences in features, and  where to find resources,  and help and another sticky post has been added.

Did you just move here from Live Spaces? Welcome!

Live Spaces Upgraders – Retrieving Your Lists

Threads on the support forum:

  • How can I get out of WordPress and return to Live Spaces?
  • Reverting back to Windows Live Spaces
  • After I upgrade from windows live space to, I lost all my blogs
  • Just moved from Spaces
  • just migrated from windows live space. where are my photos??
  • Just Migrated – AND ALL MY POSTS ARE GONE!

Threads on the wildowslivespaces forum:

Is getting all those Windows Live Space users really that much of a coup?  Microsoft gives up on Live Spaces: blogs to be shifted to The software giant appears to have decided that hosting blogs isn’t the way to get ahead – and is passing its 7m users (and ad revenues) to the blogging company.

21 thoughts on “Windows Live Spaces bloggers on the move

  1. Thank you for the memories TimeThief, I was one of the people who moved my Windows Live Spaces blog to when Microsoft ended Windows Live Spaces; and I was one of the people who predicted this months before it happened. :)

      • Yeah, that was a long time ago. ;)

        Yes I have mostly/somewhat settled in here at over the years, and I hope to see it continue to improve. :)

  2. Ciao!Thank you for your support about the audio player. I found your blog very usefull. I am spending (wasting??) a lot of time in setting my blog after it was moved on wordpress form
    Have a nice day

  3. Hi there, I am another migrant from Windows Live Blogging.

    Must say WordPress is different, but better ;-).

    I lost some impetus in my blogging when Windows Live killed the reading/traffic statistics 6 months ago. So, moving somewhere with those statistics back again is a step forwards (in my book).

    I’m not going to be one of those griping about the move. Windows Live, without the reading traffic statistics was a bit of a “going nowhere” service (IMHO). The move (for me) worked fine, took some time, but it got there in the end. Being in Australia I guess I missed the peak US internet times.

    I’ve been playing with widgets, themes and the like, and think I have my blog looking OK now.

    There is a large degree of “finesse” I wish to master in this new environment, but that’s all part of the fun of blogging (and old IT professional learning some more new tricks). Getting source code to format acceptably in a blog post will be one of the next challenges.

    • @craig
      Posting source code >

      The very best time of day to use the Live Spaces to WordPress.COM importer is either before or after the peak hours of internet use in North America. Sadly, some Live Spacers used the importer during peak hours, their imports failed, and rather than listening to Volunteers and Staff and waiting patiently in the queue for Staff to complete the import for them, they deleted their blogs and left. Not only that but many of those I described clearly did not read the posts on the Live Spaces forum which told them exactly what would be exportable and what wasn’t.

      In these days of “instant” everything these people had ridiculously high expectations of receiving “instant gratification”. The loss is theirs because without a doubt software is superior to what they had on Spaces, it’s far more flexible, and it has many more features. Oh well, Ce livre.

      See: * Help and Tips for Windows Live Spaces Bloggers: Modules, Albums, Widgets, and Lists (
      * Lorelle on WP: Welcome Windows Live Spaces Bloggers to (
      Linked to in my post above.

      You will be able to master the use of software by becoming familiar with the contents of the support documentation and using the seachbox there. If you prefer the gradual step-by-step approach then the tutorial will be helpful. If you have issues simply post to the support forum and we Volunteers will help you sort them and/or provide workarounds to achieve what you want to accomplish. If the issues you have a technical in nature then only Staff have backend access to blogs and we Volunteers will send you to create a ticket for Support Staff so they can resolve your issue.

      When it comes to promoting your blog within the community this article will be helpful.

      Welcome to :)

  4. Hello, I just wanted to say that I am one of those imported Live Space blogs. I did not like the fact that we were not even warned from Windows Live that they were in the process of closing their Live Spaces. I was thrown with all the gadgets and everything that came along with this site, but I persevered and took time to do some trials and errors with my new blog. I was really thrown by a few things that seemed impossible for me to wrap my non technical brain around, but after spending a few days and several trials and errors I finally got it and I am feeling better about being here.
    I do believe that Windows Live should have given us a little more notice about what was happening. But most of the people did not take time to read what they did post about what would follow us and what would not. I did not realize that the pictures would not follow, but I fixed that little problem.
    And I want to thank you for helping me understand a few things. I really like your forums and all the helps you have here. :)
    It just takes a little getting use to when you are thrown into something you did not expect.
    Thanks again for helping me understand a few things. :)

  5. If Windows Live Spaces is similar to in terms of its functionality and what the software architecture allows a blogger to do, then it’s understandable why Microsoft giant let go of their product to another player.

    Heck, they have other much larger, complex products that could use improvement (Sharepoint, etc.). They would continue to aim for the enterprise-wide applications and licensing fees, not personal computing market.

    But for Live Spaces refugees hopefully they will grow with their migrated blogs after the initial shock.

    • @Jean
      It’s not that “similar”. I don’t believe Microsoft simply handed off these blogs to I could be wrong but I believe that there was a purchase involved here. As for the LIve Spaces people, they will blend in over time.

      The Live Spaces forum has some bloggers spinning about saying they hate and want to return. They are being told that isn’t possible and are being sent back to the support forum. Some had insanely unrealistic notions of having instant imports, despite the fact they were told there was a backlog due to their numbers, and some threw hissy fits and deleted their blogs, rather than waiting in the queue. Other failed to read the sticky posts on the top of the windows lives spaces forum telling them what would and would not be exportable,so they threw hissy fits over here at YAWN ….

  6. Have you ever seen Automattic’s own ads on a

    I never have.

    I seem to recall that the terms of service indicate that Automattic might place ads.

    If I recall that correctly, then I I wonder whether this uptake of Windows Live Spaces blogs signals a move by Automattic to start placing {more} ads on its hosted blogs?

    My favourite word from the Guardian article is from the Microsoft statement about WordPress where it states:

    “One company I’d like to highlight is Automattic, developer of WordPress. WordPress is one of the most successful and pervasive blogging systems in existence today, used by tens of millions of bloggers worldwide. WordPress is also a tremendous ISV who’s been working extensively with Windows Azure during the CTP….”

    In my dictionary, the word ‘pervasive is defined as:

    pervasive |pərˈvāsiv|
    (esp. of an unwelcome influence or physical effect) spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people : ageism is pervasive and entrenched in our society.

    ‘Unwelcome influence or physical effect’ – Hah!

  7. Let’s hope staff can cope with an influx of that size. And that Spacer problems don’t overwhelm the support forum, to the detriment of existing users (a dedicated WP-Live Spaces support forum might be a good idea, at least during the transitional period and a couple of months after.

    • I’m recalling that the vast and overwhelming majority of all blogs started in any given year are deleted or abandoned before the year is up. I’m assuming if there is a deluge that Staff will create a separate forum for livespaces rather than allowing the Live Spaces bloggers issues to dominate the support forum board. I’m also aware that those Volunteers answering questions on the forum can choose which threads to answer and which to leave for Staff to answer. As for me, I don’t intend to spend the next 6 months doing nothing but answering questions from unhappy Live Spaces bloggers who do not want to be at wordpress.COM. I intend to leave all unhappy Live Spaces threads for Staff to answer and answer other threads instead.

  8. Ohhh… so it’s not 30 million? Do they have a real number for us then? I remember wordpress used to give out the daily growth numbers of their blogs until they switched to something more realistic – ie how many had actually had any activity in the past month. So many had been created and just left to die.

    I did some housecleaning on Twitter the other day and noticed the same thing. Everyone talks about how important Twitter is and how it’s growing, but the phenomenon’s the same. Many I simply got rid of either as followers or following had created their accounts in April – June 2009, and then simply not updated. I also noticed a lot that had not been touched in the past three months.

    So, has Twitter peaked, too? What will be the next big thing, you think? Mini-twit, where you’re allowed to post only 10 character grunts and smileys? :-)

    • Nope that 30 million sounds like an exaggerated feature given the contents of the Guardian article. It seems most LiveSpaces blogs were dead. It will be interesting to see the real numbers once the exodus is over 6 months from now.

    • Twitter is padded with accounts that are robotically updated. The buying and selling of Twitter followers which I consider to be spammy is now something that Twitter itself will be into. Twitter has outlawed the practice of paying outside companies to help you add new followers, which sounds just and sensible, except now Peter Kafka of All Things D is reporting that Twitter will be selling followers. Advertisers will be allowed to purchase placement in lists of “who to follow” recommendations targeted to users with particular interests on Twitter – Google it! ;)

  9. Thankfully, integrating my (ten) old posts from my Live Space into my current blog was done without issues. It’s a great thing to have all my writings, old and new, in one place. I knew Live Spaces would go down eventually, but I was a bit lazy about manually transferring my old posts, one by one, so this was very convenient.

    • That’s great news. I’m glad your export/import succeeded without a hitch. I wonder why the Live Spaces people posting to the forum with support issues re: imports seem to all be attempting export/import in the prime hours for internet use in North America. I’m thinking if they tried either very early or very late in the day if they wouldn’t be more successful.

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