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State of the Blogosphere Survey

survey formAre you participating in the State of the Blogosphere Study?   I completed the survey in response to this notice:

Since 2004, Technorati has been tracking the Blogosphere through our State of the Blogosphere study. The goal of the study is to create a complete snapshot of the activities and interactions that make up the Blogosphere by asking you, the bloggers, to share some information about your habits. The survey includes questions like how, when and why you blog. Is this a side business, full time job or something you do for fun?  Please feel free to send this link to other bloggers you know. And be sure to check back on in November for a summary of the results. The 2010 State of the Blogosphere Survey

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12 thoughts on “State of the Blogosphere Survey

  1. It is a long survey but with a real purpose to draw upon verifiable data. I’ve always wondered for people who don’t know anything about survey design, if they have enough patience for many questions that are intended to also cross-check for respondent inconsistencies in their responses. But that is one of the signs of a more scholarly/academically designed survey.

    Looking forward to their survey report results.

  2. Hi TT,
    My blog is listed at Technorati, but I hadn’t heard about this survey till reading your post. I’ll probably go take it –why not?

    PS -I really like your new theme. =)

  3. Thanks, tt! I used the link you provided and I’m in the process of claiming my blog with Technorati.

    I’m starting to lose track of how many useful blogging tips I have learned from you and implemented. Muchas gracias!


  4. I chose not to complete the survey when Technorati asked me to – but reading your post made me go back to it and do it.

    I can never understand my blogs’ rankings on Technorati – they go up and down like yo-yos.

    • Most bloggers tell me there is no advantage. I don’t know of any disadvantages and I’m frequently of the Technorati site, so when people ask me “why bother” I usually reply “why not”? Although other bloggers I know have had trouble with Technorati updates and didn’t get the support they needed when things went wrong for them, my experience has been a good one.

  5. That took so long to complete. I thought it would only take a few minutes. Also, I have been wondering what advantage would their be to joining up with Technorati, I’m only asking as you seem to mention them quite a bit.

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