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Learn Tutorial

There are as many different blogs as there are bloggers, and when it comes to kinds of blogs and their contents, bloggers are limited only by their imagination, and the types of blogs allowed and what’s not allowed on blogs, including some restricted code.

If you are a business blogger it’s important to note that blogs cannot be equiped for ecommerce transactions. bloggers selling their own creations  (not retailing or reselling the creations of others) may use contact forms, and Paypal donation buttons can be used on blogs. If you want to monetize a blog then your best bet is to hire a web host and get a free software install from

The Learn Tutorial

If you are new to or if you are interested in supplementing your knowledge  I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn  tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series:

  1. Get Started –  Get your own user account. Choose a unique username that will identify you in the community, and register your blog. Set up your Dashboard and your General Settings.
  2. Get Focused – Tips for deciding what type of blog you will create, and which niche your blog will be in by determining what subject matter you’re going to blog about.
  3. Get Customized – Guidance and advice about choosing a theme, adding widgets, a blogroll of links,  and creating a unique personal design for your blog.
  4. Get Published – Creating and publishing your first blog post, using the Visual editor, creating and publishing an About Me page and learning the differences between posts and pages.
  5. Get Flashy – How to upload photos and media to your blog including  creating an image gallery, adding videos, and slide shows too.
  6. Get Connected – Use to tips for using resources that the community has. assistance with locating  your own community of bloggers using the global tagging pages, and making your own content easy to locate by assigning relevant categories and tags to your posts, and promoting your blog in the community, as well as where  to locate help and support when you need it.
  7. Get Famous – All about  comments, links, social media, blog subscriptions, polls and stats.
  8. Get Mobile – How to use your mobile phone, to capture images,  record video, and either create and publish a post from your mobile’s app, or to email it into your blog via mobile blogging.
  9. Get Heroic – The conclusion of the series inviting feedback by email to

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18 thoughts on “Learn Tutorial

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    • I think that Staff did a good job on this step by step tutorial. It’s a great roadmap for getting started here at Best wishes with your blogging.

  2. Thanks again, this is a really good tutorial! I really appreciate you guiding me to it. :)

    • It is helpful and as you work through the tutorial you will find that the contents are linked to all the relevant support documentation entries.

      My membership predates the creation of the current support documentation. When I became a blogger there was a single thread on the support forum that contained the FAQs. There was a single Staff member and a handful of Volunteers myself included who answered questions posted to the support forum. Over the years grew, more Staff were hired, the FAQs grew and became the living document that’s continually updated by Staff called the support documentation.

      You will find that my blog contains many specific blog posts and workarounds and much, much more.

      P.S. See these articles I linked to in my post above:
      * Help and Tips for Windows Live Spaces Bloggers: Modules, Albums, Widgets, and Lists (
      * Lorelle on WP: Welcome Windows Live Spaces Bloggers to (

  3. Hi tt. This is great. I wish this was around when I got started with – I didn’t get any email notice about this so I’m really glad I stopped by your blog today. Hope all is well. Thanks!

    • Hi Ileane,
      I don’t believe there was an announcement. I stumbled into the tutorial and immediately decided to do a brief summary and share the link to it. I hope you had a great summer. I’m still spinning around trying to pick up all my blogging pieces and I have my last set of company arriving on Thursday evening. You’re welcome. :)

    • Hi Baxter,
      It’s always so nice to have a comment from you. I hope mobile blogging goes well for you. I have this blog set here > Appearance > Extras to display a mobile theme and thought I ought to share that with you in case you haven’t located it yet.
      Happy blogging. :)

  4. This will be very helpful for new users. I am always impressed with the new tweaks and changes WP.Com keeps rolling out. Being able to link my blog with my Facebook has dramatically increased readership and lead to increased commenting. Friends of mine are amazed at how much nicer the themes are then Blogger and are making the switch. has become a serious blogging hub.

    While it IS limited in DIY aesthetic, and I will probably use for my future personal site, it will always be a “backup” if all else fails.

    • I’m impressed too. IMHO rocks when it comes to free hosted blogging. I choose to get domains and domain mapping for my blogs. that way I can build a strong readership prior to choosing to move them off of free hosting, and the experience for readers is a seamless transfer. Best wishes. :)

  5. That’s a neat description. WordPress have made things a lot easier. I remember searching for how to make HTML tables earlier, now the present themes have neat options and Windows Live Writer has become a must for easy blogging.

    Nice tips..

  6. Time thief, you are psychic… a friend asked for help to get blogging and I came here to look again so I could tell her exactly which tabs to search for all the great archives and all… and here you have posted this! Excellent. You are the single best resource I know for blogging help, thank you!

    • Hello Cynthia,
      My holiday has come to and end and I have comments piled up to answer – yikes! I’m so sorry you had to wait. Thanks so much for the kind words. I appreciate them. It’s also excellent to hear my timing was right on for you and your friend.
      Happy blogging :)

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