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Bloggers: Publish your book, ebook, or your blog

ebook stackBloggers are communicators and as the saying goes:  “Everyone has a book in them”.  So it’s not surprising that bloggers may want to publish their blogs,  an ebook, or even a book. For those bloggers who are exploring free and/or low cost methods of printing their blog posts, or creating ebooks, or publishing a book these may be of value:

1.    FastPencil has a free way to import and blogs into a high-quality PDF There are paid options too and there is a free option is for those of who want to publish and share books, but don’t want to sell them through Amazon, Kindle or iPad.

How to Write a Book Using FastPencil

How to Write a Memoir Using FastPencil

2.     printfriendly can be used free of charge to make a version of any webpage (Website, WordPress blogs, Blogger blogs). You can add the print friendly button to your website or blog and your readers can use Get PDF. There’s also a browser app.

Print Friendly

3.    Lulu lets you make, self-publish, print and sell print-on-demand books, e-books, photo books and calendars with free book publishing. Their team  is equipped with an array of first class editors, designers, writers and marketers with experience in the publishing industry.  They offer  a publishing package, marketing package or individual service like cover design.

4.     BlogBooker has better handle on the .xml formatting generated by the wordpress export feature. They also do Blogger and LiveJournal too and they request donations. A high quality PDF is provided without any restriction and thus can be submitted for printing to third-parties.

The quality of the PDF produced by BlogBooker enables you to get a hardcopy of your blog/journal. Most of the time, books can be binded with perfect bound. The front and back of your book have to be designed by you. However most of the services listed provide tools for making them easily.

Here are some general steps for creating your real book with BlogBooker:

  1. Generate a BlogBook with paper size A4 or US Letter (European or American)
  2. Print your PDF Book with a laser/ink printer
  3. Review this draft and correct errors in your journal/blog
  4. Generate another BlogBook with the paper size suitable for your hardcopy
  5. Review it
  6. Submit your BlogBook to one of the listed services

5.    Anthologize is a WordPress plugin that organizes this content and enables users to publish and distribute their work in additional ways – via print or e-readers.  See > Scholars Build Blog-to-eBook Tool in One Week

6.   More resources (not free of charge)

  • CafePress offers to make a book for you and help you to sell it too. You must provide a PDF with the following paper sizes: US Letter or 7.5in x 9.25in.
  • LightningSource is an US & UK based company. It is used by most POD publishers. It is recommended to have everything ready in order to quickly print your book. All required steps are described in the Resource for Book Designer Page. You can get your book in paper-back or e-book and added to many Ingram’s retailers’ catalogs.
  • An incomplete guide to POD Publishers might be useful if you want to start publishing and selling your book on major bookstores. Most of listed publishers will offer you services ranging from reviewing to getting an ISBN and pushing your book in stores. Some may be very expensive.

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51 thoughts on “Bloggers: Publish your book, ebook, or your blog

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  3. Just beginning to think about the possibility of producing an e-book. There’s lots of very useful information here, thank you timethief. :D

  4. Timethief, thank you for the information. I am interested in converting certain things into PDF so that they can be downloaded by visitors to my site, but didn’t know how to start.. I’m not a computer whiz, but I am learning step by step. I will definitely look into these options.


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  6. You can read my blog on Kindle, but the print is too small. It’s understandable they would not allow an easy automatic formatting. I wish there were an App or something that would enable an easy formatting. That’s all I want: that people can read my stories on novels on e-Readers.

  7. Hi TT,

    Thanks for the links – BlogBooker works brilliantly, and my blog is now a 1,789-page PDF document. Pretty fast, too but, then, my blog is mostly text.

    I might even get it printed one day (the idea of printing it myself – all those ink refills – is just a bit daunting). Still, I do have a searchable, off-line copy now, which should come in useful.

  8. Hi there! I find your post a very useful one. I will try this for publishing my own blog. Thanks a lot!

  9. Hi, TT!

    I already twitt this post .. :) I found it very interesting info and I must confess that I never read something so simple and yet complex at the same time expressed so that beginners like me could understand, too.

    I don’t use word press .. but I hope is not such a big deal.. with blogspot, too.:)
    So, until I get my courage to make an e-book wishing you the best of the best into your life!

    same Dy,

  10. Time,

    I have an OFF TOPIC question.

    I have currently uploaded two posts that are part of a larger story I am telling. It’s the “Escaping the Religious Bubble” I mentioned. I have a third part nearing the finishing touch and likely three more parts. If I had done it in one post, it would have been too much for the readers to digest and it’s not due to the current 5 page length.

    Would it be better to just combine the remaining three into one long post? Or, continue with breaking the actual stories into sections? It is this reason that the E-book story caught my attention. Love to hear your comments. Thanks and have a blessed day.

  11. I was actually thinking of something, entirely different when I saw the title. It’s probably because my new writing project may be in need of breaking up into smaller chunks. Escaping the Religious Bubble is nowhere near a book; however I did need to section it.

    As for thie actual content, I see there is a nice new way to write a memoir. If it gets there, I will have to look into how it can help with the research. Looks good though.

  12. Hi Timethief, as a first-time visitor, I just have to say that I think that you have a wonderful blog here. Even a cursory browse of your site reveals a lot of useful, easily accessible, and well written information. I don’t mean to gush, but this really is onecoolsitebloggingtips.

    Okay, I’ll move on to this post now.

    Live Pencil is new to me, so thank you. I watched the videos and this looks like a very useful tool. Organizing a book in this way eliminates the need to go through the hurdles of outlining in Word. I would have liked to have seen an example of the output in their video, but I guess that I can see for myself when I go to their site and try it.

    I have Adobe Acrobat Professional. Do you know if the quality of the PDF generated by BlogBooker is on a par with that?


    • Thanks for the blog compliment I appreciate it. I’m sorry but I cannot answer your BlogBooker versus Adobe Acrobat Professional question. I suggest you do a trial comparison of the two and see which one suits you best.

  13. Hey TT – I probably should have looked at this stuff before making my first e-book.

    It is really an e-course, but all together a book. Anyhow, I just collected a lot of my posts and added some stuff not in my posts – and plugged it all into Word. Then I broke it back down into 18 “lessons. ” Some of them are too long IMO, but I have not tackled fixing that yet.

  14. Can I just add something here – always read the terms of service of these sites before using them because some of them have pretty horrible ‘small print’. I’ve researched quite a lot of them for something other than a blog-book and have been put off all the ones I’ve so far looked at.

  15. Timethief, as usual, I love your information. You are always thinking ahead. This is very informative and great information. As soon as I make some overdue changes to my blog, I plan on publishing my articles. You just gave me some great ideas. Love it!

  16. HI TiTi,
    Ohh this is some awesome info! I wish I had all this when I was drafting my ebook. I did months of research before i actually published my ebook.
    I did find a few freebies too…but didnt come across any you have mentioned. I have got to check them out.
    What i loved was Open Office. And I used it to draft my whole ebook in pdf. Its free, easy and yes its free ;)
    The designing etc, i had to do myself….but well worth it once the finished product is out na.
    Am already working on my second ebook…and now I have your treasure trove of info to work with. Thank you!You are a treasure :)
    Lots of love,

    • I’m so happy to hear you found these various options to be interesting. I do believe that many bloggers will be publishing ebooks and thank you for sharing your experience with openoffice with me and my readers. Best wishes with your second ebook. The first one is a gem and the second one is likewise bound to be a gift to your readers.
      Love and peace always,

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  18. One of these days, when I’m retired and living on a tropical island, I’ll reveal my identity and write a book. Thanks for showing me that this endeavor is closer to reach than I previously thought!

  19. Hey TiTi!

    I have read about online services that allow you to have your blog published or to be ready-for-publishing. However, those services required a lot of contracting and of course, huge payments. That’s why it’s a great relief to find a resource that introduces alternatives that are easy-to-use, are compatible with, and of course, free! :D

    Thanks very much, TiTi, for sharing!


  20. I always did want to write a book, but don’t know if I have the material. Great post!

  21. This is an excellent resource.

    Here’s another option if you are using an Apple Mac.

    You can use ‘Pages’ (one of the programs in iWork that comes bundled with a Mac) to write your book and output to a pdf to create an ebook. It’s very easy to import and position images, and to arrange the layout.

    I did that with a guide I made to digital capture, which I donated to an ebook library.

    • Thanks so much for sharing that resource for Mac users with us David. :) I don’t have a Mac and had no idea that this program existed.

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  23. You are such a help and your posts are so informative. Were all blogs this helpful, many of us would not remove ourselves away from our computers. Great post!!

    • I’m so happy to hear you are finding value in my blog. It’s not always easy to come up with a post containing “new” and useful information when it comes to blogging tips. Sometimes one feels like it’s all been said before by someone else. :)

  24. This is really informative.

    I’m not half a writer as most of bloggers I know but hubby had once asked me to be his ghost writer. He led quite an interesting life (he was a traveller) and he’s not much of a writer (so he says). I was thinking one day, I could “ghost-write” a blog for him. And publishing an ebook, on his behalf would be brilliant. I haven’t made any solid plans yet but it’s good to know that I can realise this!

    Valuable inofrmation! Thanks!

    • Do it! I’ll bet that you will do a great job of being a ghost writer, and once you start I’ll bet your husband will become your biggest fan. Well okay maybe just your first fan. ;) We all have stories to tell and these tools provide us with easy ways to publish and share our stories with folks located all over the world. :)

  25. TiTi

    I’m glad to know that I can export my blog to create a .pdf file. I’ve watched the instructional videos for FastPencil. In my excitement I just opened a FastPencil account. This opens up a whole new avenue to get my writing out there. I’ll be researching, and exploring this later this evening. Geez I feel like a kid in a candy store. :) Thanks for this article.
    Continued Success!

  26. timethief – You offer such a treasury of useful information and resources. While I’m not quite ready for an ebook, I’m glad to have this information for when I arrive there.

    Dare I “like” this post ala the new announcement from WordPress today? Or will you be turning off the like option?

    • Thanks for the praise. It’s always good to know when I publish a post whether or not it’s useful because that’s my aim ie. to share useful information with fellow bloggers. I have the “like” feature enabled for now to see how it works so go ahead. :) I’d rather see the post stumbled but MEH … shrug ;)

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