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10 Reasons and Cures for Writer’s Block

writers brain diagramNeurologist Alice W Flaherty, who argues  in her book The Midnight Disease: The Drive to Write, Writer’s Block And The Creative Brain, that literary creativity is a function of specific areas of the brain, and that block may be the result of brain activity being disrupted in those areas.

“By offering some powerful physiological theories for the creative process, Flaherty debunks the idea that creativity stems from psychological inspiration. A few impenetrable parts notwithstanding, she eloquently translates scientific information into layman’s terms, instilling her narrative with fascinating literary and personal anecdotes and practical advice for writers. Citing skimpy evidence, scientists might take issue with Flaherty’s claims. ” — Bookmarks Magazine

You may also find this How to Become a Professional Writer : How to Handle Writers’ Block by Rebecca Sato, who is a science and health researcher . Her goal is to teach people to live a long and healthy life.

How to Handle Writers’ Block

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17 thoughts on “10 Reasons and Cures for Writer’s Block

  1. Ok, now this shows up. :) Thankfully, I believe my own block is gone. I’ve already posted a few new stories. The most resent is my auasi politic story called “Digging Deeper”. Funny thing, it is really about doing the research and not just being passive.

    I think I’m starting to get a taste of what you go through with working on a new story, posting a finished one and commenting on a bunch of blogs. My eyes are tired and I need to chill with herbal tea.

  2. HI Gorgeous TT,
    So nice to come here and see you after so long. I have been taking your advice and have finally become ! :) And its finally live! Yippee! All thanks to your awesome blog, I had the info and the confidence to make the shift. Thank you so so much. Youa re the best!
    Plus, as for writers block…i will be checking out that link. I dont think I am writer…but i guess I fall into that category since well i write for the blog and other online publications.hmmm….This will be a good read, cause well whether i accept it or not, I can sometimes feel like i have run out of ideas :)
    Lots of love and good positive wishes for your break.

    • Dear Zeenat,
      You have certainly had some busy months with the move and all. I’m so happy to hear about your domain name change and domain mapping. It’s also terrific to read praise (blushing) and I thank you for your kind words. As for writer’s block I don’t experience it frequently and when I do it’s usually in this season of the year. I live in a tourist mecca and have summer visitors until labor Day. I’m so distracted and tired in the summer months that I find it hard to focus on a selecting a topic and researching, testing and publishing posts on any given topic. However, it is wonderful to see visit with family and friends and they are far more important to me than my blog is.
      May love and peace be with you always,

  3. Hey TT! Thanks for the information – like always, useful and informative. I have just been to Andrew’s blog and enjoyed it. Hope you have a grand time during your holiday. (hugs)

  4. “Writer’s block” has always struck me as an odd term. Why this compulsion to write? Why not just write when you’re in the mood? After all, there are so many other things one can do.

    • I think bloggers feel compelled to publish frequently because if they don’t they do not “hold” the readers they have or attract new readers. I know that if I do not publish on a regular basis, which is twice weekly in my case, I lose readers very quickly.

      Maybe having “writers block” is like being in the final stage of pregnancy and wanting it to be over already. lol :D

  5. Hey there,

    Haven’t seen you in awhile ;) So glad to find you again. Looks like things are going well for you here in blog world.

    Glad to see it.

    Have a great day! :)

    • Hey there,
      It’s so good to see your avatar. I have company – lots of company and I won’t be free of company until after Labor Day. Then I shall visit. Okay? Until then take good care and be happy. :)

  6. I say just leave the writing and take a break. Redecorate! Like your keyboard for instance! At least that’s what I did in order to avoid that final edit of my book.

    Love your site – I’ve learned so much – and I love your hair even more! Is that really you? Go silver!

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